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Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Hebrews 13:5b – He hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. (KJV)

While sitting in my lounge chair for the past several days recuperating from recent surgery, I have been filling in part of my time watching the world go by, gazing out of my large picture window.

During this these days, I have been entertained by the antics of a little black squirrel racing around the yard across the street, searching for bits and pieces. Then he would scoot up a tall tree that he had chosen for his home to store them in his nest. He seemed to have boundless energy, and I often wished that I could have some of it.

Then one day, he disappeared. I found that a bit disconcerting since I had come to look for him every morning. As the days went by with no sign of him, I began to wonder, "Where is he?"

Finally, after several days had passed by with no sight of my furry friend, I came to the unhappy conclusion that he must have become some animal's dinner.

One morning during my prayer time, I found myself wondering, not for the first time, why God didn't seem to be answering some of my urgent requests for guidance in what I considered to be important matters in my life. It seemed as if He had turned a deaf ear to my pleas. I heard what sounded like a familiar question running through my thoughts, "Where is He in this situation?"

Then it dawned on me that I had asked that very same question when my little black squirrel had disappeared.

It seemed like a rather silly comparison, but it caused me to take a quick glance through the window, and much to my amazement, there he was. But this time he wasn't alone. A second little squirrel was there with him dashing about, collecting bits and pieces, then racing up the tall tree to deposit them in its nest.

Obviously, God was using this rather humorous situation to teach me a very important lesson. My little black entertainer had not been lost. He was there all the time, doing what he was designed to do, simply out looking for a mate. It seemed that God was saying that He was also there all the time, carrying out His divine plan for my life. There was never any need for me to anxiously wonder, "Where is He?", for He is there all the time.

It simply involved my learning to trust Him with all the affairs in my life. In that moment, a verse from a familiar song by Barbara C. Ryberg fluttered through my mind like a gentle feather:

    What need to worry then, or fret?
    That God, who gave His Son,
    Holds all my moments in His hand,
    And gives them one by one.

All of this wonderful revelation began with a little black squirrel! What a wonderful lesson! What a wonderful God!

Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, in times of anxiety and uncertainty, when we tend to become fearful, we need Your reassurance so much. We ask You to teach us to slow down our noisy, anxious thoughts so that we can hear the gentle words of reassurance that the Holy Spirit is longing to whisper into our minds and spirits. Forgive our trembling faith, strengthen our weak hands, and make firm our feeble knees. We know that You are always with us. Amen.

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About the author:

Sharon Y. Greer <sygreer11@gmail.com>
Sandycove Acres, Innisfil, Ontario, Canada

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Amen, Sharon.

    Great story, Sharon! Blessings!

    Amen. Thank you, Sharon., blessings.

    Thanks, Sharon. A good lesson for all of us.

    Amen and Amen! Yes, all is in God’s hands. Thanks for writing. Blessings.

    Good one Sharon. I hope your recovery is now complete.

    I really liked the story about the “missing” squirrel, and also the today’s prayer. Thank you.

    Prayers for the aftermath of your surgery as you heal and return to strength. Grateful for your writing of your hope and faith today.

    Lovely message to begin the day, Sharon.
    Hope for a complete recovery for you.
    Stay safe.

    Thank you for your devotion today. We each need that gentle reminder. The virus cloud is ever present. You have encouraged us to not let it get us down. Well written too.

    Good morning Sharon. Your message is so timely. I needed to hear that this morning after spending a sleepless night. Many thanks for the reminder.
    Many thanks.

    Sharon: may your recovery be complete, and may God continue to provide the little treasures in each day that inspire your devotionals. I can see your bushy-tailed friends in my mind’s eye.

    Thanks Sharon,
    A friend of mine, although very close to God, like many of us, still struggles as to ‘where is God’ in all that is happening, and also has an issue with a squirrel who is eating all her fruit off her tree.
    I forwarded it to her.
    Thanks for your writings.

    Hello Sharon,
    A very mindful devotional you have written. We sure can get anxious for our Lord to answer our prayers at times. I think it is part of our human nature that we get impatient, but our Lord’s timing is always the right decision in the end and for that He really deserves our gratitude.
    Blessings for sharing your thoughts through this devotional and I hope the little squirrels keep appearing for you.

    Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for the great devotional! God so often uses those little things in life to teach us His great lessons! Thanks for sharing it.
    When I read your song, it made me think of another one I learned years ago
    up north in Kirkland Lake.
    Why worry when you can pray?
    Trust Jesus, He’ll show you the way.
    Don’t be a doubting Thomas,
    Rest fully on His promise.
    Why worry, worry, worry, worry,
    When you can pray.
    God bless you today and keep writing.

    Dear Sharon,
    Thank you for the good analogy to help us remember that God is always there for us whether we are conscious of it or not. Once I learned that God always answers my prayers, but it is not always the way I want, I became less anxious and accept that he knows best. I am glad the return of the black squirrel reminded you of God’s faithfulness if we accept that the answer can be no as well as yes. Many times, I have found out that waiting is the best answer because most circumstances resolve themselves or just disappear and that if I remember that God never leaves me, I can patiently wait. I have many things in my life that I would like to be different but understand that God knows what is best for me and if I quietly wait, I do figure that out.
    I love your devotionals because they are so honest and human with your sharing. May your recovery from your surgery and I am thankful that you have a large picture window to enjoy what is going on while you recover. Blessings.

    What a delightful story!
    The next time I wonder where God is, I am sure I will think about your delightful squirrel!

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