A Good Medicine

Thursday, April 30, 2020
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This present year is like none that we've ever known. When we pay attention to the news, we are informed of all the families who have lost someone they love — a hard and harsh reality. We hear about doctors, nurses, long-term care workers, and others who are on the front lines of this war and who are daily facing incredible hardships and risks. Those of us who are at home know the effects of social distancing and being directed to stay at home except for essentials.

It is good to find something that gives our spirits a lift and helps us through the days. The ancient Proverb reminds us that laughter is healthy for us.

Proverbs 17:22a – A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. (KJV)

Health authorities bear out this wisdom. We are told that hearty laughter relieves stress, helps us to relax, and improves our immune system. It distracts us from pain that we may be experiencing and generally makes us feel better. When we are going through a time of tension and stress, jovial laughter will lighten our mood.

Not long ago, a friend forwarded a piece called A little humour in desperate times. In this piece were numerous statements that evoked chuckles and even laughter as I read. Here are some of the statements:

    Every few hours, try on your jeans to make sure they fit.

    Pyjamas will have you believe all is well in the kingdom.

    I need to practice social distancing from the refrigerator.

    I'm so excited — it's time to take out the garbage. What should I wear?

    Day 6 of homeschooling: My child just said, "I hope I don't have the same teacher next year."

A current hymn book includes a piece written by Walter Farquharson and set to lilting, upbeat music. We are reminded that laughter is a gift from God:

    Give to us laughter, O Source of our life.
    Laughter can banish so much of our strife.
    Laughter and love give us wholeness and health.
    Laughter and love are the coin of true wealth.

In sober days such as these, we can bring a lighter air into the lives of family, friends, and the folks that we encounter, albeit at a distance via telephone and the Internet, through sharing funny tales that we know. We can confront the scary headlines of today's news with humour, to diminish the dark thoughts that may threaten to overwhelm. Through our faith that God will sustain us and carry us through to the end, He enables us to share His light and love as we allow ourselves to be bearers of humour, for merry hearts do good like medicine.

Prayer: God of good gifts, we are going through a tough time just now. We need all the tools at our disposal to come safely through. Help us to be cheerful, hope-bearing witnesses to Your love. Place within us Your thoughts and ideas to enable us to lift others up with life-giving words and messages as we travel together into the future with You as our Helper and Hope. Enable us to know when and how to use the gift of humour along the way to lighten the loads of others and ourselves. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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Joan Adams

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Thank you.

    Thanks for the laughter. Well done!

    Thanks, Joan, for the encouragement.

    Thanks, Joan, for bringing joy to our day.

    Lovely thoughts, Joan. Bless you and yours.

    Very timely Joan. My dad is having a serious surgery this morning. Your message was really uplifting. God bless!

    Thank you for your message. It was so fitting for all of us at this time.
    Living alone is so hard these days and something to chuckle about really helps.

    Thank you, Joan, for the reminder to laugh even in trying times. My husband has found some good Christian stand-up comedians that we often watch. It definitely helps to laugh out loud! Blessings and stay safe.

    Dear Joan,
    Greetings! Thank you for your email devotion today. It means a lot in this trying time.
    It has made my day and put a smile on my face.
    God bless you richly.
    Stay safe and keep well.

    Good morning Joan,
    Good devotional this morning, even though I am considered, by others, to be a person with a good sense of humour, it is at times difficult to stay upbeat during these trying times. Your words are words of comfort for sure.

    Dear Joan, I really loved your devotional today. During these difficult times we need laughter and most of all we need Jesus to lift us up when we feel down and stressed. You devotional sure lifted my spirits. Thanks so much for all your devotionals.
    Take care and God Bless.

    A Good Medicine. Thanks, Joan for your lovely message of hope and strength.
    This attitude is what makes us Christians distinct in society from those who do not believe, who are not holding God’s hand. Which enables us to laugh with a merry heart. Because of this attitude, we often have the opportunity to explain why we are not frightened of the future. Because, of course, our God is already there. You are a blessing to many today.

    Hello Joan,
    Thank you for writing and reminding us that even in times of strife our loving God will supply times of joy and provide little incidents to occur, that cause us to chuckle and that laughter is truly good medicine to our souls. Our Lord is always watching out for us and ever ready to supply our needs, therefore in turn, we need be faithful to abide by His teachings. He truly is an awesome God!
    Blessings to you,

    Dear Joan,
    I couldn’t agree with you more! Just about everything is better with laughter. I have been blessed with the wonderful gift of joy. I get to talking about the Lord and it just bubbles up and I get this grin on my face and grateful laughter comes with the grin and praising the Lord is right there too.
    I appreciate the one-liners that we are receiving now too like the ones you wrote about. They can be quite funny.
    I pray the Lord blesses you and your loved ones with joy, peace, laughter, safety and good health.

    Hello Joan
    thank you for this devotional. A few weeks ago, I was feeling the weight of the world, so it seemed. A family at our church lost a son/brother and I could not go and comfort or go to a funeral etc. No hugging for a person who is a hugger is frustrating at best, but health is more important.
    I asked God this one morning to please give me some humor, I would cry for nothing it seemed, please Lord some humor. Well instead of doing what I thought I was going to do, He put me in front of the computer and my sister was online. I thought I would give her a quick hello etc. and get on with my plan. God knew better, and He answered my prayer. We were on for over 2 hrs. she would make me laugh and Laugh. I told her I really needed this and had just asked God for humor. Wow, when all is said and done, I felt empowered, a lot lighter and so thankful I had asked and received from God.
    So thank you for this devotional, It is ok to have humor even at a time like this, I was feeling a bit guilty asking for humor, so this is comforting.
    God bless.

    Thanks for this uplifting devotional and the chuckles. Blessings.

    It was nice to hear from you.
    Our In-Touch Committee is still going strong. During this pandemic, phone calls are our visits for now. Thank you.
    God Bless You and Be Safe.

    Dear Joani,
    I have never responded to a daily devotional before but this devotional was so uplifting I had to tell you that it made me laugh and laughter has been missing lately so thank you.

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