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Saturday, April 25, 2020
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1 Kings 3:7b – I am like a small child. I don't have the wisdom I need to do what I must do. (ERV)

James 1:5 – If you do not have wisdom, ask God for it. He is always ready to give it to you and will never say you are wrong for asking. (NLV)

We had just finally found a place to rent, a former karate studio over a downtown business with a beat-up wreck of a kitchen that looked unusable. Moving in that night, I fed the children and put them to bed before retiring ourselves. Far too early the next morning, I smelled something burning. The children, aged 7, 5, and 4, working as a team, had wakened hungry and decided to make banana bread from their Winnie The Pooh Cookbook. The brains of the outfit was always the 5-year-old, who, standing on a stool, had managed to turn on the complicated, ancient oven while the dreamy 7-year-old handled ingredients, and the 4-year-old heckled. I yanked open the smoking oven door. There was a frying pan containing an unpeeled banana, and next to it, a china cup full of milk, a melting clump of butter, and two tablespoons lying side-by-side, carefully filled with sugar. As adults, they would probably have gathered up all the wisdom missing that day, but right then, it was obvious that Winnie the Pooh hadn't been writing for children!

Yet, I, too, often lack wisdom in my life, bringing what often seems only the understanding of a child to meet the complex demands that technology and adulthood require. How can I be sure that what I choose is right? Old hymns come into my mind as I face the kinks and clunkers that confront all of us in today's perilous circumstances. Someone says, All in God's time, and God don't wear no Rolex. God is not in a hurry. I need not fear the future — God is already there. Learning requires only a humble heart asking God to show us the way. Patience always hitches a ride with understanding. Just because things aren't going the way that we want doesn't mean that they aren't going as they should. Today, let's ask for the courage to accept what God has given us, as we do the daily round of prayer, meditation, and waiting on Him.

Psalm 119:144b – Give me understanding [the ability to learn and a teachable heart] that I may live. (AMP)

Prayer: O God of our faith, how grateful we are to receive Your increasing wisdom in our lives as the night deepens and tempests are wild. You have redeemed all of us who accept Your salvation, and we are Your children. We pause today to gather strength from Your living waters and fill our empty cups with Your wisdom from on high. Your mercy and grace are our grand old story to share with all who faint on the journey. With grateful hearts made whole again, we pray in Jesus' name. Amen.

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Rose DeShaw <>
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    So did you help the children finish make banana bread, don’t leave us hanging. Cute story. All the best

    Hi Rose. This was a good one. Curious, did the banana bread get made? Yes, I pray the leaders of this world would ask for God’s wisdom and pray. We are asking. God is faithful. God bless.

    The rest of the story:

    I thought maybe you’d want to know the, ‘rest of the story,’ which I was asked for. I was also so amazed that such an admittedly ‘weird’ devotional was deemed acceptable for Presbycanning demonstrating the great depth of your understanding and charity towards the often offbeat into which I seem to be called to venture. From the response I’ve been receiving, it brought many smiles and some genuine laughs.

    According to my son, we made banana pancakes. But the rest of the story always makes me laugh too. In my anxiety I dropped the frying pan on my big toe. The nail turned black and eventually fell off whereupon the 5 year old pounced on it and insisted on taking it to her kindergarten show and tell, wrapped tidily in a matchbox with a note to her teacher apologizing and explaining it was the child’s idea. But it seems this was a bonanza Show and tell – great delight throughout the classroom. While my daughter basked in the envy of the rest of the room, one enterprising little fellow stole the toenail and triumphantly produced it when he went home for lunch. His disgusted mother threw it out. My dear little daughter was heartbroken when I went to pick her up. I thought I must’ve misread her teacher when I saw her sobbing. “Oh NO, Mommy! They LOVED your toenail! But somebody STOLE it….”

    Love that story, Rose. Great application.

    This is a hilarious illustration, Rose, with a clear application. My first smile of my day!

    Thanks for sharing, Rose! wisdom filled devotional.
    God’s blessings.

    Thank you, Rose! His will is worth the wait…love reading you, always.

    Rose, I love that story and what a great reminder of our need for wisdom. Someday, I want to come visit you and write your life story.

    Thanks Rose. May we be always seeking His wisdom and may we be especially wise in these trying times in our world. Blessings to you and those you love. Stay safe!

    So true, thank you, Rose! Although it could have been so serious, you must of found it hard not to laugh at your children’s baking scene. God bless!

    Oh Rosie, you’ve got the best stories! Your kids were brilliant! Thanks for sharing this delightful story.
    I hope you are well and keeping safe.

    Thank you for your devotional today. In this time of people distancing, and thus reduced human contact, I appreciate even more contributions like yours. Merci Rose!

    Amen! How often I feel like a little kid in my Father’s shoes!! I have a picture of my first born son at 2yrs old, with his dad’s boots on his feet, dad’s toque on his head, lugging dad’s lunch box. Oh yah. Need a little help here Lord!

    Thank you for so expertly showing us that, like children, we sometimes do not really know what we are doing and need guidance from God.
    Good thing you woke up to the smell of smoke, God was watching!

    Rose: it had to be you; as I read, you draw me into the treasure of the scripture by way of a Winnie the Pooh Cookbook (what, no honey!).
    Your devotional embraces the reader and allows its wisdom to linger.

    Thank you very much for this devotional – one that the Lord used in my life at the exact moment I needed it.
    May God bless you.

    Dear Rose,
    Thank you very much for a full and meaningful devotional. I especially appreciated your prayer.
    Keep writing.

    Oh Rose! I laughed at the story about your children and the cooking. You have revealed so much about your past in your devotionals, life hasn’t been easy for you.
    It is the struggles we have that help us grow isn’t it?
    Like the butterfly emerging from Chrysalis, or even live birth for us and animals.
    Blessings Rose.

    Good afternoon Rose,
    Read you devotional this morning. God is always with us for sure, even during the difficult times in our lives, the times when we are struggling and often feel so alone.
    Thank you for writing.

    Good Morning Rose,
    Thank you so much for your thoughts this morning. After a difficult week and a very frustrating experience this morning you reminded us that God’s ways are not our ways. You brought a smile to our faces when we read about your children and their baking experience. You are so right, if we lack wisdom we need only to ask God. Thanks again. Keep well, keep safe, and have a good day.

    Greetings Rose,
    Thank you for another very mindful devotional. Quite a morning you had seeing what your “little cooks” had decided to create and I would think brings chuckles to them now when reminded of the activity of their y ounger years. We are so fortunate that our loving Lord is ever there to dole out His grace and mercy upon us and guide us with His outstanding wisdom. He doesn’t give up on us when we get impatient waiting for His answer to our prayers and truly when we leave situations in His time the outcome is the right solution.
    Blessings for the devotional writings you submit.

    That’s a great story.
    I pray for wisdom A LOT!

    Thank you, Rose, for sharing this instructive, yet humorous devotional with us. May your day be blessed.


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