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Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Luke 6:28-29 – Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them. (NIV 2011)

In the late winter of 2020, a new virus appeared on the scene, shutting down businesses, public buildings, churches, and schools. We are in the grips of this pandemic whether we like it or not.

With all the hype over the virus, people went into panic mode. There were fights over packages of toilet paper. People were pushed away by some who wanted goods on a store shelf. They then emptied the entire shelf into their cart.

I am reminded of some dialogue from a movie, Road House, starring Patrick Swayze, who plays Dalton, a supervisor of bouncers in a very rough club that he, the Cooler, was hired to clean up. In one scene, Dalton gives instructions to his bouncers:

    If somebody gets in your face and calls you a [name], I want you to be nice. Ask him to walk. Be nice. If he won't walk, walk him. But be nice. If you can't walk him, one of the others will help you, and you'll both be nice.

There is a lot of truth in that scenario. If someone grabs those packages of toilet paper, volunteer to help him load them in his car. Be nice. If someone needs goods on a shelf so badly that they push you out of the way, be nice. Help them put the groceries in their cart. As Christians, remember who we represent. Be nice!

The Scripture reads that if someone takes your coat, offer him your shirt — give him the shirt off your back! Or if someone robbed you and took your wallet, you would remind him that he forgot your watch. Being human, that would be hard to do. But remember, Jesus gave everything He had, to pay the ultimate price for you and me. So in these situations, ask yourself, what would Jesus do?

Remember that God takes care of the lilies of the field and He will take care of you. Put your trust in the One who never fails.

Prayer: Father, give us the strength and the courage to let Jesus shine through us. May people see Him and not us with all our human frailties. Amen.

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Ken Bakewell <>
Russell, Pennsylvania, USA

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Thank you.

    Wise words, Ken.

    Thanks, Ken. An interesting prescription in these difficult times.

    Thank you for your email devotional. I finally understand that Bible verse.

    Dear Ken: AMEN! Thank you for your wonderful message. Please stay safe and healthy.

    I read your devotional today, Ken, with a believer’s heart. Look forward to reading more of yours.

    Jesus tells us to show love where there is no love. His love is the difference between the world and us. Thank you for your great message.

    Great reminder to ‘be nice’! Sounds like the Golden Rule, right! Jesus sure set the example as He suffered in our place, so we surely ought to also ‘be nice’ no matter the circumstances. Thanks for reminding me (and all those who read your devotional!).

    Good morning Ken,
    Thank you for your good devotional this morning, we personally don’t get involved in getting mad, but is a good reminder for all of us. We know that God will care for all of those who believe in Him.

    So well put, Ken. We in Texas often pride ourselves on our friendliness and good manners. Alas, thoughtlessness showed up around here as well. I could say something cute like, “It must have been all those people moving here from out of state…” but since we live in a small rural town, I doubt that is true.
    We are grounded in the Lord and know from whom comes our calm and our peace.

    A TV show host, now working from home minding his kids, said the store shelves are empty because people who used to eat out all the time want to eat but do not know how to cook so he has a website of recipes he found on line and if you key in what you have this program makes a recipe with it. It is so crazy the food things the stores are out of. You are right they are panicking so just empty and do not really know why. So sad.

    Greetings Ken,
    Thank you for this devotional. Very good advice. It is especially important during this unsettled time we are experiencing that we be patient and show kindness to one another and really show the heart of Jesus. He is ever present to take care of each of us and we need show that same care to others each and every day.
    Blessings for your thoughtful writing.

    Thanks Ken! I once had a young man “shame me” by taking a video. Our dog had done a walking poo and I didn’t have eyes behind my head to see it. A much nicer approach could have been taken and he would have walked away happier. A poster happened to have been behind him as I scooped up the poop, I memorized it so I wouldn’t emulate this young man’s actions and to instill that my actions of apology was “nice”.
    Be beautiful if you can,
    Be witty if you must,
    But be kind if it kills you.

    Wow! What a reminder to be nice! I would not fight for toilet paper and stuff on the shelf, but you stopped me short when it came to my wallet and all the information, I carry in it.
    I had my wallet stolen once and was grateful to have it returned. Money was gone, but that did not bother me because I was so thankful that personal info was not compromised.
    I know I haven’t achieved that state where I would give my wallet and more back to the thief.

    I print these devotions off every day and read later in the day.

    Love it.
    And when you give, a blessing comes in some form.

    Be nice when I read these words, I could hear Patrick saying when you used them as example, I laughed such a good example.
    Thank for you spending the time to write this devotional.

    Very nicely put.

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