Quiet Down Before God

Wednesday, March 25, 2020
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What do we do in times of uncertainty? How do we react when anxious people look to us for stability and a road map — when we don't have one?

Times of uncertainty are certainly not new, but when they come, we are called upon to act in such a way that provides help and hope for those depending on us. To do that, however, we have to get our inside world put right.

For me, what has helped me to get my inside world right is the following verse and the promise found within:

Psalm 37:7a – Quiet down before God, be prayerful before him. (MSG)

These words are an anchor in the storm, a beacon in the fog, a rock amidst shifting sand, a place to lay down our weary lives.

We quiet down before God not just as an escape from our duty but as a place to go in order to fulfill our duty. Not unlike most of us, I have had to deal with cancelled events, lost opportunities, financial loss, health concerns, and wondering about what I should focus on now.

As I have walked a little more and quieted down before God in prayerfulness a little more intentionally, I have been able to see enough to take the next steps.

We are not alone.

Nehemiah saw the devastation of Jerusalem and responded by riding around the city at night in quietness before God, prayerful and with curious wonder.

Daniel, under pressure to conform to the culture, refused to stop his practice of being quiet before God with prayerful reflection.

Jesus, during His most intense time that led up to the cross, went into the garden where He quieted Himself down before God and was prayerful before His Father.

Paul and Silas, after some serious persecution, found themselves in prison, yet quieted down and had a hymn sing and found God meeting them in a powerful way.

What happens when we quiet down before God and are prayerful before Him?

  • We see who God is.
  • We feel God's reassuring presence.
  • We hear what God wants us to do next.
  • We breathe a little easier because we know that the solution is not all up to us.
  • We speak words of reassurance and wisdom instead of panic.
  • We walk forward knowing that we're not alone but have the Spirit walking with us.

What about you?

You may be afraid of getting sick and dealing with heightened levels of stress. You may be called upon to offer counsel and a listening ear to vulnerable people who are worried about their own risk of getting sick. You may be facing financial pressure from unemployment.

Regardless of your exact situation, make extra time to let these words sink deep into your soul and experience. Go for a walk right now. Memorize Psalm 37:7. Write the words in your journal or on a sticky note on your computer, on your mirror, or on your wall.

Prayer: Lord, may we experience Your reassuring presence, peace, and guidance for today and the days ahead. Amen.

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About the author:

Cam Taylor <cam@transitionalleadership.org>
Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

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1 Comment

  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Thank you.

    Amen Cam.

    Just what I needed. Thank you!

    Thanks, Cam. Good advice for this strange time.

    Words of wisdom, thank you and blessings Cam!

    Thanks. Wonderful words.

    Thanks, Cam for this inspired listing of helpfulness. Well done.

    Good words. Cam, and certainly easier to do in our time of social distancing.

    Thank you very much for today’s devotional. It is so well written, a straight arrow! We are comforted and encouraged by your ministering words.

    Dear Cam,
    Perfect advice for these difficult times…or any time!
    Blessings and Appreciation

    Thank you for these encouraging words this morning. Words we all need to hear. Words that will no doubt be a great encouragement to many. Blessings to you.

    Great inspiration during a difficult time. May those who need this message, find it.

    Thank you for your writing. It is exactly what I needed to send to my daughter and family living in the States. Keep up the good work. Poor BC needs plenty of prayer at the moment. We are isolated in the northern part of central Manitoba and that might just be a good thing right now.
    Stay well.

    This was so helpful, Cam, and I want to thank you. I have posted Ps. 37:7 on my computer to remind me each day. Also, Zeph. 3:17 (NIV), Your devotional reminded me of some great examples in Scripture of those who waited patiently for the Lord in stillness which is what I’m really trying to do these days more than ever. God bless you and keep you safe.

    Excellent advice.
    The Lord helps me with my own situation but l also need help in being patient and not judgmental, e.g. wild conspiracy theories.
    Fear warps judgment and is essentially the enemy.

    Great Stuff…thank you!

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