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Saturday, January 11, 2020
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Matthew 17:20b – Nothing shall be impossible unto you. (KJV)

"We should name him Nemo," I teased, as we lowered our little goldfish into the backyard pond. But then, there were those two cute dots on his tail.

"How about 'Deuce'?" my husband suggested.

"Perhaps 'Dos'?" I countered.

So, it was decided; his name would be Deucy-Dos. We were happy, and so was our goldfish. But that changed the day of the accident. While we were cleaning the pond, Deucy-Dos got into the tub enclosing the pump, exposing him to its suction. For weeks, I kept the tub lid off, hoping that he would swim out. I placed a net pondside, so that I'd be able to take decisive action. After three months, I re-positioned the lid.

"Don't give up so fast." my husband encouraged.

"He's not coming out of there!"

"But we prayed …"

My husband's words echoed within me like a soft hammer. Why hadn't I sighted our fish the first day that we prayed? Besides, I should have been more careful positioning the tub lid.

Then there was the lightning storm and subsequent power failure. When the pumps switched off, I raced to the edge of the pond to make sure they would start correctly when electricity was restored.

While listening to the thunder, I thought about Deucy-Dos. My husband's words echoed in my heart, along with the Scripture that nothing — absolutely nothing — is impossible for our holy God: "Nothing shall be impossible unto you."

The same sentiment is echoed in 1 Peter 2:9b. I should be able to "shew forth the praises of him who hath called [me] out of darkness into his marvellous light." (KJV) Deucy-Dos, if alive, was in the dark. But wasn't I, as well? I surrendered Deucy-Dos to God, and trusted Him to give or take him at His will. I was at peace even as the rain pelted me, drenching my clothing through to my skin.

To my utter amazement, when the pumps re-started, a gulp of water and air and algae spouted skyward, and Deucy-Dos landed splat into my hands, which by reflex I grasped tightly.

"Deucy-Dos!" I cried, examining him as if he were a newborn babe. We renamed our goldfish "Nemo" and thanked God for this unusual answer to prayer.

Friends, let us never give up on something that we've prayed about. God might surprise us by answering our unusual prayer. Let's surrender our concerns to the Lord, then praise Him even while we are experiencing the storms of life.

Prayer: Thank You, God, that with You, all things are possible through prayer. Amen.

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About the author:

Diane Virginia Cunio <diane@vinewords.net>
Germanton, North Carolina, USA

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1 Comment

  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Amen Diane!

    What a touching story, thank you Diane. Blessings!

    Thank you for writing. Your closing sentence says it all.

    Love it!

    That story is pretty wonderful and a very good illustration of God’s word.

    Diane, as usual your devotion is a delightful look into events in our life taking us back to our Creator’s Word and all His wonderful promises.

    Hi Diane. Thank you for giving me my first smile of the day. What a wonderful story. God is amazing. I hope Nemo is doing well.
    God bless you.

    What a wonderful story, wonderfully told! Like probably many other readers, I read it more than once, smiling and nodding and delighted with its truth and honesty. Thank you, Diane for following God’s inspiration today and blessing us all.

    Hello Diane
    I loved this devotional!!! how true and encouraging. It truly is amazing how God can come through with the answer in His time!!
    God bless.

    God works miracles – even with a tiny goldfish! How amazing that he cares about such seemingly insignificant things when compared to the world’s happenings – but oh, so important to us. Thank you for sharing your miracle and answer to prayer with us.

    Hello Diane,
    Thank you for writing this devotional and the remarkable story of your little fish. It surely reflects the power of prayer and our Lord’s ever readiness to hear and respond to our prayers in a way He knows is the most appropriate for us.
    Blessings to you,

    What a great story and a wonderful example of the reason to not give up on prayer.

    Diane, thanks for sharing how God returned Nemo to you…alongside the reminder of God’s love. Blessings.

    Dear Diane,
    Your Devotion was like medicine to my soul. I was hurt and suffering. I even wondered if I might be dying.
    I didn’t want to go to the Doctor, I wanted to rely on the Lord for healing. Many weeks went by. I was feeling worse. As I read your Devotion, I was very touched, wept, falling to the floor pouring my heart out to God. Then I began worshipping Him. That same day I noticed such improvement of my condition! I feel alive again!
    I know God hears prayer.
    With God All Things Are Possible!
    Praise The Lord!

    Dear Diane,
    Thank you for the victorious life of Docey-Dos.
    You offer us a real second birth through the good news of Jesus Christ, and we praise God that THAT LIFE is not just an extension of our present life but ETERNAL –i.e. forever.
    Thank you for arousing such thoughts within me. Keep writing.

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