Take A Breath, And Allow God To Make A Change

October 2, 2019
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Romans 8:28 – We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose. (NRSV)

This past month, I have known little peace. It feels like one thing after another is changing in the lives of me and my husband. Each day brings something new to deal with, and I feel like my head is spinning uncontrollably in an effort to keep up.

I understand that God is leading us through a series of transitions in order to bring us into a higher understanding of Him, as well as to bring us closer to fulfilling the dreams that He has put in our hearts.

However, this month, I have been too pre-occupied with the here and now, with the challenges that are confronting us. I have not been able to think about the future benefits that our transitional period will make possible for us.

Yesterday afternoon, I went out to my garden with my little one-eared pussycat to catch the last rays of sun for the day. The wind was blowing gently in my face and I drank in the tranquility and stillness that my green oasis always gives me.

I watched my pussycat stretch out on the grass and close his eyes contentedly; above him, a few doves had landed on the neighbour's roof and were drinking from a rain pipe. People across the road were laughing as they hugged each other goodbye. Everyone in my direct vicinity was at peace and allowing things to happen as they came, except for me. How could this be?

Then, I felt like God told me to take a breath — just take a breath and allow Him to make the changes in our lives that He wanted to make. He loves us and will make all things work together for His good. I need not be afraid, for we are safe with Him.

So, I did what God asked me to do — I took a breath, breathed out, and gave Him permission to do what He needed to do in our lives.

When I woke up this morning, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my chest. I had been holding on so tightly to what God wants to change, that I had failed to see that He had been holding tightly on to me this entire time. By handing my insecurities and anxiety over to Him, He had given me peace and renewed my faith.

Are you resisting changes that God is making in your life? Do you crave peace during this period of transition? Spend time with God in prayer and ask Him to help you to let go of what you're holding tightly on to. Trust that all things will work together for God's good, because He loves you.

Prayer: Loving Father, thank You that You always meet us in the midst of our insecurities. Forgive us when a lack of faith makes us hold on to things that You want to change in us. Teach us to let go and trust in You, for You make all things come together for Your good. Amen.

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About the author:

Madeline Kalu <madelinetwooney@gmail.com>
Bochum, Germany

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Great message and reminder! Thanks Madeline!

    Great words of comfort and challenge, Madeline.

    Renewed my faith. So easy not to count one’s blessings!

    Amen Madeline. I pray things go well for you and Solomon.

    Thank you! A very timely reminder to me to yet again “Let go and let God”.

    Lovely before and after picture you painted today, Madeline. Blessings on your one-eared cat and your life in Christ today.

    Thank you for this. It really encouraged me, and I have shared it with two friends who really need to hear this message. Thank you.

    Thank you, Madeline, for sharing your experience and God’s blessing. It is a wonderful reminder of the practical truth of that scripture.
    God bless and keep you, through this transition and always.

    Dear Madeline,
    Thank you for the heartfelt reminder that we all need from time to time. Your honest sharing helps us also to remember to turn out worries over to God. May you continue to take a deep breath and let it go.

    Oh, my dear friend thank you!
    This devotional brought me right in at the very beginning, I hung onto every word, you captivated me. I honestly have not enjoyed word for word devotional in some time. Thank you and so thankful you listened and just breathed in God’s goodness!!!

    Hi Madeline,
    What a great devotional!
    Thanks for being so honest with your struggles. God always comes through even though we sometimes get sidetracked for awhile.
    Have an awesome day with Him.

    Madeline, Thank you for your excellent devotional. You do it so well and share from your heart. I love that text and sometimes have trouble remembering and believing it. Last evening, I finished a book written at age 92, and he made a summary paragraph about his life. He concluded in his last sentence: “I just try to be a practicing Christian at all times.” I copied it as it is classic.

    Madeline, the Word of God says in Romans 8:28 ” And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” God forgoes His good in that out love for humanity He allows us to have our own way in order to learn from the experience and then come barreling back to Him for His forgiveness and protection. To my knowledge, nowhere does Scripture say it’s for God’s own good. Thanks for sharing your own thoughts on this. Blessings.

    Madeline – amen indeed.
    I sometimes find that passage in Romans very difficult to stomach. For me, it is important to distinguish that God doesn’t say that cancer is good, that death is easy, that trials are easy. What He does promise is to somehow make “good” out of very difficult situations. As you point out, when you are in the midst of trials, it is difficult to see how this will be. Whenever I am in crisis, I find it important to be good to myself – like you were – sitting, taking in the sun, breathing and spending time with your cat. When we do this, it is often easier to feel God’s presence. Praying for you.

    Dear Madeline, your devotional today was exactly how my life seem right now! You could have been speaking about me!
    Yes. I know well to let go and let God, but my problems right now just seem too heavy for me to carry. I have sat before our Lord. He has been near me all through these days.
    I am all alone with nobody close to confide in.
    Right now, I am not feeling very well, and my age is 90.
    No. I am not asking for sympathy. Only thanking you for touching me with so much faith.
    Our God is still in control, that I am very sure of.
    Your writing simply made me smile as it could have been my life you were speaking about.
    Bless you for bringing a sense of Joy and peace into me day.

    Good morning dear Madeline, God does find ways to draw us closer to Him in situations we would rather not be in the middle of. Recently, my husband passed suddenly, unexpectedly, sadly, and my life changed. It changed from the comfort and love he gave, to clinging to our Father who now comforts my husband in heaven. He is free and at peace, I am quite opposite, even financially. I am learning to adjust, to be on my own, to find a job, to get by till things are rearranged. Mostly, I am learning to be thankful for what is left, over 40 years of cherished memories, and children that are my pillars in life. I didn’t expect these huge changes.
    Enjoy your changes and be glad they are somewhat superficial compared to losing a spouse. Be thankful that God, sovereign, is in control. Hugs to you and your family.
    Bless you greatly.

    Hi, so timely. Yes, I must remember to keep on surrendering over and over to God.

    My Dear Madeline, so far away, how I wish I could pray with you, and love you just as our loving Heavenly Father would do.
    As you know, He is always with us, each step we take. How can anyone not know what they can have too? I am so sorry you have gone through some difficult times but found the help you needed. He never promised they wouldn’t come but is always there to pick us up after what I call the testing periods, He loves us more as we love Him deeper. Know I will be praying for you and your needs.
    Remember, God loves you and so do I.

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