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Psalm 10:14 – But you do see; you take notice of trouble and suffering and are always ready to help. The helpless commits themselves to you; you have always helped the needy. (GNT)

In 2016, my deceased parents left me a very valuable family property back in Mangalore, India. A friend, who had previously been completely trustworthy and beyond reproach, had me sign a property development agreement with his developer friend, which, on subsequent examination back in Canada, turned out to be very unfavourable to me. It all seemed a lost cause, but our dear heavenly Father would have none of it.

After much negotiation, the developers consented to cancel the whole agreement and give me back my property. However, they were now claiming reimbursement of all their legal fees, municipal fees, permits, licences, engineering fees, architect fees, and taxes, amounting to CDN$255,000. In August 2016, I lost my job of 18 years due to downsizing, and I was unable to afford this, plus the cost of return airfare from Toronto, Canada, to Mangalore, a month's hotel expenses, and security to protect the property from squatters until we found an alternate developer whom we could trust to give us a true and fair deal. From the nasty and threatening tone in a couple of emails from the developer's son, it looked like the deal was too far gone to be salvaged.

My sister and brother-in-law kindly offered to put up the money, and my sister was to accompany me on the trip. I suggested to my brother-in-law that he remit the money after we spoke with the developers. However, he said that he had already sent the money in Indian currency to my sister's bank account in India, so that the funds would be available when the deal was signed.

Before we left, the Lord miraculously allowed me to locate a person I had lost track of, who would clear any snow that fell while I was away for me and my neighbours. And on the flight, there was an empty seat between me and my sister — another miracle!

After we reached Mangalore, the father-and-son developer team came over to the hotel to meet with us. They were both very calm and polite, and offered to cancel the old deal and negotiate a new agreement that would be fair to us and them according to the prevailing market value. What a miracle! However, I didn't think that it was right for them to pay the cost of converting my brother-in-law's money back into Canadian dollars as they had offered.

The next day, my sister and I went to the bank to see if the Indian government regulations would allow us to send the money back to Canada. The bank manager confirmed that the funds had arrived, but they had been forced to hold them in a "suspense account" because my sister's account had become dormant. According to their regulations, if the money could not be credited to the intended account within a week, it had to be sent back to the bank of origin. All we had to do was nothing — another miracle! Praise God!

Many people think that God is not concerned about our financial problems because they see God and money as deeply opposed to each other. However, Jesus indicated that when we worship God alone and commit our finances to Him, we can count on Him to look after the money problems.

Prayer: Dear heavenly Father, thank You that our troubles and financial burdens are within Your sight and that You have a solution to provide if we ask Your help in the name of Your most holy Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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Kenneth Lobo <>
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Thanks for sharing, Kenneth.

    Thank you for blessing us with your devotional today.

    Thank you, Kenneth, for sharing these miracles. God is faithful.

    Thank you for reminding us that God keeps charge of everything!

    Thank you for your email devotional. I do worry about money from time to time. God always provides.

    What a wonderful story!
    It will encourage many people.
    Thanks for sharing it

    Amen Kenneth. I believe that God is concerned about everything that concerns us, large or small.

    Praising God with you, Kenneth, for a good, God directed outcome to your difficulties. Thanks for sharing this encouraging devotional with us. Blessings.

    Amen! A good reminder to me. I can often lose sleep over financial matters and only by turning it over to God do I find rest, and yes, He does know how to resolve my issues! Thank you.

    Good morning, Kenneth-
    Thank you for sharing your experience and your faith in God’s mercies. It is encouraging to hear what God has done in your time of need.

    OH, how this helps me, today! And the clarity (and necessity) of all these complex transactions that buoy up your writing, Kenneth. AND the lack of judgment for those who were devious and untrustworthy. This must’ve been hard to share, what with all the parts but every single one was needed! What a blessing you are.

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