Sunday, April 14, 2019
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Luke 14:18-20 – But they all began making excuses. One said, "I have just bought a field and must inspect it. Please excuse me." Another said, "I have just bought five pairs of oxen, and I want to try them out. Please excuse me." Another said, "I just got married, so I can't come." (NLT)

I remember a favourite saying of a friend of ours: "Lord, I'll climb the highest mountain, I'll swim the deepest sea, I'll be over next Tuesday … if it don't rain."

Why is it that every good intention is so often accompanied by a greater excuse?

Excuses: Who is there among us who has never given the Lord an excuse as to why we can't serve Him?

When we take into account the suffering that Jesus went through on our behalf because of His love for us, we really shouldn't have any excuse why we can't be fully committed to Him.

I often ask myself where we would be if Jesus had succumbed to any one of the following seven excuses that I have so often given.

Excuse #1: "I Want To Do Something Else."
Jesus prayed, "If it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt." (Matthew 26:39b KJV)

Excuse #2: "I'm Too Tired."
Before Jesus went to be crucified, He had four trials: before Annas, Caiaphas, Herod, and Pilate.

Excuse #3: "I Might Be Persecuted."
Jesus was spit upon, struck, and slapped.

Excuse #4: "I Have A Headache."
Jesus wore a crown of thorns. Now that's a headache!

Excuse #5: "I Have A Backache."
Jesus' back was scourged with a leaded whip.

Excuse #6: "My Legs Ache."
Carrying the cross, Jesus fell beneath the weight of it.

Excuse #7: "I Have A Sore Throat."
On the cross, Jesus cried out, "I thirst", and was offered vinegar to drink.

How thankful to God we must be that Jesus did not succumb to excuses when it came to our salvation, but rather that He set His face like a flint and went to the cross so that our sin might be forgiven.

Prayer: Father, we pray that You would help us to be more committed in our service and dedication to You. In Jesus' precious name, we pray. Amen.

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About the author:

Cheryl Mariano (Cheremiah) <cherylmariano@gmail.com>
Chandler, Arizona, USA

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Super. Well done.

    A great word, Cheremiah.

    Thanks, Cheryl. This is thought-provoking and convicting!

    Timely advice, Cheremiah! Thank you and God bless you!

    Thanks for your devotional, and we tend to make excuses so easily.

    Perfect, Cheryl!

    Thanks for a good word Cheryl.

    Thanks for these good reminders today, Cheryl. Just the right time to hear them.

    WOW!! Powerful, loved it my friend.
    God bless.

    WOW, had to keep this one. Excellent overview on hedging. Thinking of hanging it up in the Youth room.

    Out of Chandler, Arizona, USA, comes the heartfelt devotionals of Cheryl Mariano.
    God bless, Arizona! God bless the USA!
    (Ontario, Canada)

    Dear Cheremiah,
    Many thanks for another special writing. Oh yes, it is so easy for us to come up with excuses but thankfully our loving Lord is ever with us and never finds an excuse to leave us.
    Many blessings to you.

    Hi Cheryl. What an excellent devotion! It has really made me think about Jesus, and what he would certainly have been entitled to complain about. Shame on me for the many excuses I make when it comes to going to church or even taking a position in the church! I shall now think upon this devotion. Blessings!
    (Ontario, Canada)

    Dear Cheremiah,
    I appreciate so much the “growth factor” that is embedded within your devotions. So gentle, yet so strong. I am encouraged to mature, even more.
    I know several areas that I need to stop making excuses. We are blessed to have Jesus as our Savior, and to have “Jesus” writers.

    Hi Cheryl:
    Thank you for your wonderful devotional. I am going to keep it close by and use it.
    Today I have the privilege of reading the Palm Sunday Gospel. My back hurts and my hip hurts. My pain is nothing compared to what Jesus went through!
    There is another excuse people use that breaks my heart; “I’ve already done my time in serving”.
    I thank our God that Jesus didn’t say that.
    Have a wonderful day and a blessed Easter Cheryl.

    I have not seen the excuses given in such an interesting way.

    Thank you, Cheryl, for sharing this devotional with us. It was just the right message. Am forwarding it to my minister. I think it’ll give him a chuckle. Blessings.

    Dear Cheryl Mariano,
    Thank you for the great devotional.
    Jesus was above and beyond making excuses. It was all reason with him. He gave his life for his holy reason of saving us for eternity.
    Praise Him for ever and ever,


    Hi Cheremiah,
    Thank you for your devotional.
    I hear excuses all the time as to why people don’t come to worship, too busy, the children are too small, it is too hard to get ready early on a Sunday morning, we always sleep in on Sunday, we have to do our grocery shopping, etc. etc.
    Thank you again for writing, keep up the good work.

    Very true Cheremiah. I am guilty of making excuses. A big one is being late. I need to make changes in my life. Asking for the Lord’s forgiveness, His Help and Self Control in these areas. Keep writing- I’m listening, learning and doing. God bless you!


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