God's Miracle In My Life

Monday, March 4, 2019
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Isaiah 41:10 – Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. (NIV)

This is my friend Esther's story:

    People say that there is no God, that there are many gods, or that our God is not all-powerful. I tell you that there is a perfect, Almighty God, and He is with us through all circumstances.

    On December 23, 2009, my husband, our sons, and I had a serious collision with a semi-trailer truck. The last word that my husband heard from me was "Jesus!" I had a skull fracture, a traumatic brain injury, back and pelvic fractures, and a right lung contusion. I was taken to the hospital, had brain surgery, and was in a coma for 21 days. I had a tracheotomy and gastric tube, and an intracranial pressure monitor to control brain compression. When I awoke, I was unable to follow simple commands or to form new memories. I suffered cognitive and balance deficits as well as spasticity, hypertension, and depression. I was in the intensive care unit for a long time.

    I spent months in hospitalized rehabilitation. This was followed by outpatient speech and physical therapy for many subsequent months. Although I continue to have balance and short-term memory problems, I am very happy, because God Almighty saved my life and the lives of my family.

    What do we do when we face life-altering challenges? What are you facing now that you cannot possibly control or handle by yourself? During my hospital stay, I had to remind myself that our lives and our times are in God's hands, and our hope is in Him alone. I am not afraid, because I believe that Jesus Christ is the Rock that we can stand upon. He is the reason that my family and I are alive today.

    Joshua 1:9b – Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. (NIV)

    Do you have the conviction that God is with you always?

    Psalm 34:17 – The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles. (NIV)

    You may or may not require a miracle, but in all circumstances, we need God's intervention in our lives. What situation are you going through now that requires God's help? I called upon the Lord in trouble, and He delivered me. I started by using a wheelchair, a walker, and then a cane. To this day, I continue to improve. I am now active in both my church and my community as a volunteer. God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good. He has given me a miracle. Do you believe that God can give you a miracle?

Prayer: Father, in the name of Jesus, protect and bless all of Your children. Open doors in our lives that appear closed. Give us a double portion of Your Spirit as we face challenges with emotional and physical health, finances, relationships, children, jobs, homes, and marriages. We thank You, Almighty God, for speaking life into dead situations. We thank You for walking beside us each minute of every day. We know that You will never forsake us. Amen.

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About the author:

Orlanda Drebit <orlandadrebit@hotmail.com>
Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan, Canada

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1 Comment

  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    A beautiful story, Orlanda.

    Thanks for this wonderful, encouraging story.

    My heart goes out to you and resounding AMEN.

    Thank you for sharing this story. God is indeed wonderful!

    Thank you, Orlanda and Esther, for this amazing and inspiring story.

    Amen Orlanda and thank you for sharing this story today.

    Thank you for sharing this amazing story of faith with us, Orlanda. God bless!

    God has truly given you a wonderful message. You are a blessing to me today as you tell it.

    Thanks for your encouraging message. God is with us in all things. Thanks be to God indeed!!!

    Dear Orlanda,
    Thank you for your story of hope and faith.
    May God continue to bless you in your healing.

    What a great way to start this coming week! Thanks for this devotion today, Orlanda. Very inspiring! Blessings on your week.

    Dear Orlanda,
    Thank you for sharing your gift of the miracle given you by God.
    Keep writing according to your gifts.

    Thank you for sharing your story of blessing and grace. We encourage each other when we care to share.
    Continued healing and strength.

    This is a lovely reminder of our loving Lord’s presence in all situations. Pleased to know you have recovered from that serious accident, and now able to help others in your community. Yes, “God is good all the time, all the time, God is so good”.

    Orlanda what a magnificent devotional today! Such a wonderful tribute to God’s love, protection, provision, healing, faithfulness, strength, power, might, and glory! So glad for all the progress you have made. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Orlanda thank you for sharing this powerful story.
    It is a good reminder that we need God’s presence in our lives all the time.
    And to be grateful for it.

    Oh, I know that my Redeemer lives! He has healed me of heart failure! There is no doctor that could have done what He did.
    He is the great Physician, that’s for sure.
    So good to hear your testimony. Thank you for sharing!

    I had a stroke a couple of months ago. I went into a therapy hospital here. I was there for several weeks. I use a walker and a wheelchair. I should not have any memory short or long but God is Good. Right away I told my daughter my information and she paid my bills. I have been able from the start to tell the family where everything is. God is Good.

    Dear Orlanda,
    So sorry to hear of the horrific medical issues you were faced with but how wonderful that our God was with you through it all and that today you are able to be a blessing to so many in your church and community. God is truly ever ready to respond if we but call upon Him and trust in His love and care.
    Blessings upon you and thank you for this devotional.

    Thank you for sharing this miracle of over 9 years ago. Your text from Isaiah 41:10 has been a favorite of mine since for many years when a lady shared it with me in a Retirement Village. Later, the mother of Catherine Marshall also taught me Isaiah 41:13 which assures us that He will help us. I have loved Joshua 1:9 was a favorite of my Aunt, and Psalm 34 was a favorite of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. I praise the Lord for your miracle and the miracles that God keeps on doing in your life.

    Dear Orlanda,
    Thank you so much for writing your devotional. I’m encouraged that you’ve come so far! My husband fainted and fell just over 5 years ago. He too suffered a TBI, and was in the hospital several months with all those life saving measures you experienced. What a scary time!
    My husband’s major deficit is communication and some reasoning ability. He can’t be left alone, yet. He has come a long way and understands more and speaks better too. He can’t write, like you, but copies a Psalm and the alphabet every morning.
    I’d love to know more about your recovery.
    Blessings to you.

    Orlanda, what a wonderful story of trust in God to carry us through difficult, at some times, almost impossible situations. Many thanks to you.
    A couple of years ago I had a kidney transplant. My wife was my donor. Definitely divine intervention.
    Due to the side effects of the drugs I slipped into a state of deep depression. At times I wanted to die, but I kept telling myself, God did not give me this kidney for me to die.
    In my readings I found Joshua1:9: Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.
    This verse gave me so much strength. My come back took months, but today I am healthier than I have been in over 30 years. Praise be to God.

    God bless you for this message of hope, Orlanda. My son has been on life support for several days after a throat infection.
    I know you know the devastating affect this is having on my entire family. He is my ‘baby’ and there is nothing I can do to help him, apart from being beside him and talking to him… above all, praying for him.
    We are all exhausted and hope each day for a sign of movement; to look into his eyes and know he sees us and recognizes us. All that and so much more.
    So thank you. Your message has renewed hope in my heart.
    He is in God’s hands and His healing care.
    Be blessed my dear,

    What a wonderful story.
    And just what I needed today.

    Thanks for your testimony. May God’s mercy continue to be poured over you.

    Thank you for answering and helping me to get the focus on Esther’s story. It is always good to communicate and keep on praying. Blessings.

    Orlando! What a beautiful testimony for a miracle in and through your life! Praise Him for your life being such a blessed remembrance of His faithfulness.

    Thank you Orlanda. I am totally with you in everything you have written, aside from the cause of your need for a miracle, which God wonderfully provided.
    I have been in and out of hospital more times than I can count in the past several months.
    Today I have yet two more surgeries to face very soon, but I know the Lord is with me as he has been every step of the way right up to this present moment.
    Up until this time I had wonderful health for an 82-year-old.
    I’m a quite sure this has been the enemy at work given my total life commitment is to share Jesus with everyone I know and with those I have never met(yet), as the Lord opens doors.
    I have been housebound for almost a year, yet I have never experienced any depression or discouragement.
    I praise Him for His love and faithfulness.
    Bless you as you continue in His love and care.

    Thank You!

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