Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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As I opened the front curtains one morning, I noticed a woman walking by with her large dog. I live in the "no pet" area; I was not happy. Then he decided to use my flower bed for his bathroom. That did it. I threw open the front door.

"Excuse me! This is not the pet area, and you're not allowed to walk them here. You need to go to the dog park."

"Where am I supposed to walk him? He needs to go to the bathroom." She was not happy either.

She'd arrived late and evidently wasn't informed that our recreational vehicle park doesn't allow pets just anywhere. She protested that it was a service dog; I insisted that didn't matter — she still couldn't walk it in my neighbourhood. It was not a happy encounter. I was not kind, and she responded with anger.

I teach a Bible study on Tuesdays. Two weeks later, an unfamiliar car pulled up in front of my house a few minutes before the study started. And guess who got out of the car? Yes, it was that same woman. You can imagine the thoughts running through my head. I'm the Bible study leader, and this is the lady I angrily scolded for walking her dog by my house. How should I handle this situation?

She walked into the house, seemingly unaware that we'd met before. Soon, she revealed that she'd had brain injury: she has no short-term memory and forgets the day's events as soon as she goes to sleep! She had no memory of being in front of my house or meeting me.

2 Peter 1:2 – Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. (NIV)

I received grace that day, undeserved grace. She was in the wrong, but didn't know it. I was in the right, but was confrontational and unforgiving.

Hebrews 4:16 – Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. (NIV)

I didn't deserve grace that day, and sometimes, I don't handle those situations well, so I was doubly blessed. By definition, grace is getting what we don't deserve. We deserve death, but Christ took care of that for us when He died on the cross and rose again to reign in heaven as our intercessor.

Grace is the foundation and the power for everything in a Christian's life. It should govern our attitudes about and behaviour towards others and compel us to serve Him faithfully and well. Hopefully, next time you or I get in a situation like this, we'll remember this lesson and respond with grace!

Prayer: Father, help us to understand the magnitude of Your grace, of the sacrifice that You made so that we could live forever. Help us to serve You in the light of this wonderful gift that You gave us. Amen.

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Sharon Cook <>
Apache Junction, Arizona, USA

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    What a lesson, Sharon. Thanks for sharing.

    Oh how God answers prayer!! Loved the devotional.

    Ah yes, undeserved grace. Amen and thanks be to God for loving us so much.

    Nice story, thanks for writing and sharing it.

    Been there, Sharon. Thanks for sharing your experience and strength today in this devotional on such a relevant topic.

    SHALOM Sharon and BLESSINGS,
    Thank you for your Devotional which I found interesting, and with great meaning.

    Good Morning, Sharon,
    Your devotional touched a chord. I imagine that everyone reading it has acted similarly. Thank you for your reminder of grace given and how grace should be received.

    Oh boy I wish I could escape some of the stupid things I have done that easily but not for that reason!
    A great example.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Hi Sharon,
    Good to read another one of your devotionals. It is by Grace alone that we are saved indeed, and it was good to be reminded of that again.

    I disagree with you. My understanding is that service dogs can go anywhere. She certainly shouldn’t have let her dog use your flowerbed as a bathroom. That was very inconsiderate but I think you were wrong.

    Hi Sharon,
    After reading your devotional today which, by the way was very good, I couldn’t help but pray for that woman’s health, safety, and wellbeing, and I’m happy to hear how God’s grace covered you.

    Dear Sharon,
    I think these unexpected twists of grace teach us to be kinder, gentler people. These lessons stay with us. Thank you for your sharing in such a forthright way.

    Dear Sharon,
    I needed to hear your “Grace” Devotion.
    Thank you.
    I have to keep reminding myself…The Lord’s mercy and grace covers it all.
    He is Faithful.

    Hi Sharon
    Thank you for this devotional. I am sure we have all been there at least once. It is unreal the feeling that comes over us when this kind of thing happens. Grace is amazing and so happy for you that God worked this situation out for you.
    God bless.

    Good morning Sharon. Well you certainly dodged a bullet didn’t you?! Indeed, God’s grace is wonderful, so much more than we could ever deserve.
    We moved to a new town many years ago and a woman at the town office was very unkind to me for no apparent reason. It was very hurtful and I was leaving in tears. The town administrator had overheard the women’s unkindness and came out to speak to me and apologize for the clerks rude behaviour. I was thankful for his kindness.
    My daughter and I were later invited by a neighbour to attend a function in the neighbourhood. We decided to go and guess whose house it was at? You got it! She was very embarrassed and did not know what to say or do!!!!!!!! My daughter and I held our peace and with God’s grace got through the evening. I am glad that your incident turned out the way it did and that God in His graciousness has used this lesson to glorify Himself.

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