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Saturday, December 29, 2018
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John 13:34 – A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. (RSV)

Matthew 5:44 – But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. (RSV)

           Through Your Eyes

    Lord, help me to see others as diamonds in the rough
    With today's society, that can be tough.
    Like the ocean tide that goes in and out
    Take out what's not You and leave what You're all about.
    Before the world can change
    I have to do my part, so…
    Lord, let me see the world through Your eyes
    Open my ears so I can hear their cries
    And then, no matter what they have done
    Because of You, my heart they have won
    Since I try to see others as diamonds in the rough
    Through Your eyes, it really isn't tough.
           – Brenda Vargas

I must admit that I do sometimes have trouble loving everyone the way Jesus loved. The more that I read the Bible and pray that God would open my eyes and let me see others the way that He does, it seems to help. Do I have a way to go? You betcha! … and I am sure that we all do. We need to keep on trying to love them and taking advantage of the ones that God purposely puts on our path to see our reaction, even if it may be only a smile or a pleasant hello. Seize the moment! If not, God can bless someone else with the privilege of showing His love to that person. But let's get out of our comfort zones and let God help us to show His love to others as He loves us.

Is there someone who has hurt you? Or maybe, you left things with a sour ending. What about the new neighbours who moved in and do not look quite like you? God has put diamonds all around us. Can we take the time and get to know who they are? Can we love them with Jesus' love?

Prayer: O heavenly Father, forgive us when we turn our backs on some who may be different from us, who may in fact be enemies. With the help of the Holy Spirit, may we break those barriers and just love. So many do not yet realize that they could become Your children, but hopefully, as we show the love of Jesus, they, too, will join us. Help us, Lord, to love others the way that You love us. In Your precious name, we pray. Amen.

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Brenda Vargas <>
Pico, Azores

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1 Comment

  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Thank you, Brenda for this good reminder.

    May we do just that, Brenda. Happy New Year.

    Thank you for your devotional and meaningful poem and prayer.

    Thank you. Brenda. for your devotional.
    May we learn to love as Jesus loved.
    Thanks for writing.

    Brenda, Very inspirational and a lovely poem to help us see “Through God’s Eyes” when we look at others. Thank you and best wishes on your journey.

    We always need reminders, don’t we Brenda. Your poem spoke right at the heart.
    Thank you,

    Dear Brenda,
    Such a wonderful way to start the day with the reminder of loving others “Through God’s Eyes”. The poem you wrote went Very nicely with the message. Great job, thank you and God bless!

    Dear Brenda,
    I am going to print out your poem and place a copy by my computer, and one on my refrigerator. Thank you for the blessing you sent to each reader.

    Hi Brenda,
    Good devotional this morning, good advice, but it is indeed hard to “Love” everybody and I am not talking about people who are “Different”.
    How often don’t we say, ‘I just don’t like that person” In many cases we just tolerate them. At least that is how I feel, not right, but true!
    I wish you and yours a Happy New Year.

    Dear Brenda,
    Thank you for a refreshing devotional: poetry, prayer, love, and much more.
    Keep writing for Jesus’ sake.

    What a beautiful poem!
    Your honesty touches our hearts.

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