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Saturday, November 24, 2018
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Psalm 145:18 – The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. (NIV)

Like everyone else, I experience loneliness from time to time. It's an odd feeling, especially when it occurs in a crowded room or when I'm with a small company of friends. I get lost in my own thoughts and feel isolated from everything or everyone around me. I know that I can be a distant introvert at times, but loneliness goes beyond that. I feel as though I'm missing something or someone in my life and that there is some sort of primeval emptiness or existential gap.

Some theologians would say that I'm actually missing God and that the loneliness in my life exists because I'm really longing to be reconnected to my Creator. The chasm that exists between us makes me feel isolated and vulnerable, unprotected and all alone. I can't do anything to mend the breach or bridge the gap, so I'm stuck on this side of eternity, missing my Maker and feeling forsaken.

And then, something amazing happens. As I call out to God in prayer, His presence fills my heart. As I reach out to God, like a child holding out hands to a parent, I am suddenly lifted up spiritually and embraced by God. The loneliness lifts, and my isolation ends. I am restored to God's favour and reconnected to His love. What the psalmist wrote all of those centuries ago turns out to be true: God comes near to all who call on Him.

Perhaps you're feeling lonely, too. Maybe you've lost your confidence or purpose and end up feeling isolated, misunderstood, or even unloved. Whatever the case, please call on the Lord, even as you are reading this short message. If you do, then I firmly believe that God will draw near to you and allow His presence to touch your mind, heart, and soul with His love.

Points to ponder: When I feel lonely, do I talk to God? When I talk to God, does my loneliness lift?

Prayer: Lord God, when we experience loneliness or isolation, allow us the comfort of Your presence. Keep us from feeling forsaken, and bring us closer to Yourself. In Christ's name, we pray. Amen.

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John Stuart <>
Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Good word, John.

    Beautiful, Rev. Stuart. Thank you.

    So true, thank you John. Blessings.

    Just what I needed today. Thank you.

    Thank you, John. A great solution for this problem.

    Thanks, John, for writing this devotional. Praying for you. Blessings.

    God bless,

    Dear John Stuart,
    Thank you for the devotional. It is good.
    Keep writing.

    Dear Pastor John,
    Thank you very much for today’s message which reminded me of God’s grace.
    Have a blessed weekend and keep me in your prayers.
    Thank you

    So true. Sometimes the love feels like water pouring over me and other times, it’s a warmth spreading from inside. But when I need comfort most, it always is offered in answer to my worded or wordless prayers. Thank you.

    Hi John,
    I was in this exact moment only yesterday and I called on God and He answered immediately. This led me to have a very nice evening with a group of friends last night.
    Thank you, John, for your inspiring words and may He continue to bless you.

    Thank you for this message at holiday time. So many people feel desperately lonely during holidays or special celebration times. To know that we can go to our Savior in prayer, to have the consolation of His presence is a blessed way to overcome loneliness.’
    (California, USA)

    Yes. My mother took her life when I was very young and left a void that nothing could fill. But even as a child, God was there, my constant Companion. Though I would tell Him “I need love with skin on” He was my salvation. I might not have made it without that. I would imagine Jesus sitting on the end of my bed, listening and understanding. There was no counselling or support group in those days, especially for kids but the Lord has always been close. The more I realized the depth of His love, the freer and happier I became to live and love others. I have not been lonely for a very long time now. Glory to the Lord Most high!

    Thank you, John, for your devotional today. Loneliness, oh yes, I know that feeling, especially since becoming a widow several years ago. Seems to me loneliness and old age seem to go hand in hand. Family members are either too far away or too pre-occupied with earning a living to even pay a half hour visit. It is during these lonely times that I start to withdraw, and I think aging may be part of the loneliness as well. I even start thinking I want to be with God, and the lonely days will be over. Then suddenly I look out the window and the sun is shining, I am with God, he has sent the sunshine which lifts my spirits, and I quietly say thank you God, I needed that today, just as I needed your devotional today. God Bless.

    What a beautiful piece of writing; almost poetic.
    I have experienced this too. I believe the mystics called it, “the dark night pf the soul.”
    But then the light returns and the darkness recedes…

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