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Thursday, October 25, 2018
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2 Corinthians 2:14 – But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him. (NIV)

Life in a mill camp taught me as a child that the earth is filled with many odours. They ranged from mildly pleasant to putridly awful. For example, the fresh sap of freshly cut lumber appealed to me, while the smell of dust and the stale dankness of the log pond on a hot summer day could be oppressive.

On one of those sweltry days, my aunt and uncle drove in with a treat: my first strawberry soda. When I popped the lid off the bottle, the sweet strawberry fragrance misted into and delighted my senses. I closed my eyes and directed my focus to the refreshing smell and taste of the beverage. I took small sips with a break in between. Finally, the drink lost its bubbles, and left me with only the memory of strawberry essence.

I know that as believers, we are called to spread the fragrance of Christ's message to others, to share the plan of salvation. Essence of strawberry brings us momentary pleasure, but nothing has the power to change lives like Jesus Christ. A gift of believing in Christ is that we can fully envelope ourselves in His fragrance and be prepared to share it. When we move forward in the effervescence of the Holy Spirit, we keep the message of salvation strong, so that it permeates the souls and minds of people in a way that makes them want more of Jesus.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank You for Your precious Son and for the gift of His life, which He sacrificed to save the people of the world. Help us to keep the sweet aroma of Jesus Christ on our breath, in our hearts, and in our actions, so that our witness will leave the permanent and blessed fragrance of our Saviour on the lives of others. Amen.

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Karen Milam <karenbmilam@gmail.com>
Penn Valley, California, USA

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Thanks for the challenge, Karen.

    Thanks for a good word today Karen.

    Thank for this short, sweet and poignant message today Karen.

    Thank you, Karen, for sharing this uplifting devotional with us today. Blessings.

    Dear Karen:
    Beautiful analogy! My imagination took off while reading it and it showed a lovely picture of being immersed in the Holy Spirit of our God.
    May He bless you always and I look forward to reading you again.

    Hi Karen,
    Thanks for the writing of this morning’s devotional. Enjoyed the way you used the comparison of fragrance of strawberry soda to the beautiful fragrance of association with our Lord.

    Hi Karen,
    You certainly have a gift for descriptive writing. I could see the strawberry soda can, feel the fizz tickle my nose, and smell and taste the delightful beverage. I especially liked how you tied all that into the sweet fragrance of Christ we believers, have and can share with others.
    Good job!

    I lived in California most of my life until 2006, but I had never heard of Penn Valley so I looked it up to see where it is. When I did, I realized my husband and I were probably in your neighborhood when we used to wander northern California. It’s a beautiful area.
    I read about your childhood life with interest and wonder if you’ve ever written about it. It’s a unique experience and would make an interesting article or book. I certainly would enjoy reading it.

    Hi Karen,
    Very good devotional yesterday.
    Thank you for writing.

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