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Saturday, October 13, 2018
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2 Corinthians 7:6 – Then God who cheers those who are discouraged refreshed us by the arrival of Titus. (TLB)

I was having a difficult day. Living in a small, remote town has both its joys and its challenges. For me, one of the challenges is a lack of opportunities to experience new and different things. As in any tiny community, there is a lot of the same old same old, which can become a little wearing from time to time.

In light of my discouragement, I decided to keep busy and get my mind off the issue. So, I cleaned the house with vigour and did some baking, but it all seemed futile. Even my afternoon walk with the dogs along our favourite trail did nothing to alleviate my glum attitude. As we headed back home along the path, however, I noticed a friend of mine out in her yard. She hollered at me, and of course, the dogs ran down to meet her and her canine companions. Following along behind, I greeted my friend and accepted her offer to come in for a cup of tea, which for me became a cup of cheer.

As we sat and chatted and discussed everything from the weather to baking to the latest happenings in town, my discouragement was transformed into encouragement. Everything became right with my world once again. The dark cloud lifted, and the sun shone through.

Wow! I thought, as I headed home with tail-wagging dogs in tow. That was great! I once again felt refreshed and content to be living exactly where I had been placed by the God who cheers those who are discouraged.

How about you? Are you feeling discouraged today? If so, then I heartily encourage you to keep your heart and eyes open for the way in which the God who cheers those who are discouraged wants to refresh you, for God is faithful not only to who He is but also to those who are His. So be prepared, for His cheer is on the way, and the form in which it appears may take you as completely by surprise as it took me.

Prayer: Father God, thank You that You are the One who can be counted on to cheer those who are discouraged. Today, refresh each one whose heart is heavy, in such a way that they will be open and able to see and receive the blessings that You have prepared for them. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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Lynne Phipps <>
Tawatinaw, Alberta, Canada

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Oh, Lynne, How I love your Devotionals.

    Thank you, Lynn. I had a similar blessing recently.

    This one is really a keeper. Up and down weather changes causing achy light-headed.

    Been there, done that Lynne – but not in such a remote place as you are. Your devotions are always inspirational.

    Thanks for sharing this encouraging devotional with us. Yes! God’s got a great way of surprising us with just what we need when it’s needed! Blessings.

    I appreciate the reminder that the change of heart from the glooms to the blooms of encouragement can be as near as a prayer and a cup of tea away.
    Blessings to your day.

    I just love the notion of having a cup of tea with God.
    Thank you for writing such a heartwarming and practical devotional. I think I’ll put it into practice this very day.
    Blessings to you!

    Lynne, thanks for this devotional. It is reassuring to know that other Christians become glum and discouraged by times. Also, it is refreshing to be reminded that God cares for us in all of our states that He sends surprising sources to assist and cheer us. God Bless you.

    Hi Lynne,
    I just finished looking up your town on the internet…indeed it is small than our town which has lost population from 3500 to 3200, mainly, we think, because of employment opportunities or lack thereof. Doesn’t matter where we live, we all need a connection and a “cup of tea” at just the right time. Your devotionals always resonate with me.

    Hi Lynn.
    As soon as I started to read the devotional I guessed it was you.
    Thank you for writing. There are, indeed, times when we are discouraged. I often quote several Bible texts quite often, but it is so hard at times to practice what we preach.
    Thanks for writing.

    What a delightful devotional! Something like that happened to me yesterday. I wasn’t down or anything like that but in the back of my mind I guess I put ideas of painting away because I just feel I cannot put on canvas what I am seeing. I enjoy painting but frustrated that I do not have anyone here to teach me and show how things are done.
    I had a choice to either go for a tea before going to the store or get tea on way back. it felt like a little debate going on in my head for a second or two, but decided to have it before.
    Sitting there I see 2 ladies looking in and they too decided to come in. The older lady said some things and then asked if they could join me. Lovely!!! they are from England. They leave end of the month, but daughter is back to live, and she is an ART TEACHER!! and the amazing thing is the mom told me, I don’t know why I was craving a coffee today I never drink coffee!!! I said I know why, because God was bringing me an art teacher!!!
    I am beside myself how God does things out of the blue!! God bless and have a great day!

    As George Macdonald Frazier noted, Tea is the British Army’s universal antidote for everything except a stomach wound. A good “cuppa” tea will definitely brighten up the most dismal of situations. It is truly one God’s great “little blessings”.

    Dear Precious Lynn, Your devotional brought to mind the words in this great hymn. Isn’t it Just like Jesus to roll the clouds away Just like Jesus to keep me day by day Just like Jesus all along the way It’s just like His great love.
    Thank you for encouraging us with this great devotional.

    Thank you, Lynne.


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