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Friday, October 5, 2018
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Philippians 4:13 – I can do everything through him who gives me strength. (NIV)

As my granddaughter and I sat in our seat awaiting lift-off as the plane roared down the runway, I was once again amazed that planes can fly.

As we soared into the clouds, I thought of all those, so many years ago, who believed in their hearts that man could invent a flying machine. How many times they failed and continued to fail. But one day, they finally got it right, and the first tiny plane soared off the ground. Once the initial problem of being land-bound had been solved, the building of bigger and better planes literally took off.

Perseverance and hope go hand in hand for the Christian, for if God has put a desire within our hearts that lines up with His will, we can rest assured that it is possible and will become a reality if we do not abandon hope but continue to persevere.

David was anointed to become king when he was just a lad, but it took at least fifteen years and tremendous hardship before his kingship became a reality.

When Noah is first mentioned in Genesis 5:32, he was five hundred years old, but when he entered the ark, he was six hundred years old. Obviously, the building of the ark from start to finish took a very long time.

It took poor Moses forty years to lead the stubborn and rebellious Israelites from Egypt to the entrance to the Promised Land. I bet he often wondered if the journey would ever end.

All of these people had a hope — a hope that they knew in their hearts was from God — a hope that, at least at times, really must have felt hopeless and impossible. Yet, as they trusted God as their helper and strength, each one of them persevered and saw their hope soar into the flight of fulfillment.

Do you have a God-given hope in your heart today? If so, then fly with it. Even if you wonder how on earth it can ever become a reality, persevere with God as your helper, and never ever give up, for with Him, all things are possible, including the soaring fulfillment of your hope.

Prayer: Father God, thank You that nothing is impossible when You have called us to it. Bless each of us with the strength and perseverance that we need to see the hopes that You have placed within our hearts take flight and soar into fulfillment. In Christ's name, we ask. Amen.

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Lynne Phipps <>
Atlin, British Columbia, Canada

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Great reminder, thanks Lynne!

    Definitely a devotional of encouragement! Thank you.

    I have a vision. Thanks for the encouragement, Lynne!

    Another good one, Lynne. Have a great weekend … wherever you are.

    Again Lynne, thanks, a nice start to the morning. How nice you have a granddaughter.

    Thank you, Lynne, for sharing this devotional with us today. Your words gave me hope. Blessings.

    Hi Lynn,
    Enjoyed your devotional this morning, good words indeed.
    Thank you.

    Thanks Lynne for all your inspiring and encouraging Devotionals. I enjoy them immensely and God has blessed you with a wonderful talent in your writing skills. God bless.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

    I have a picture from, I think 1905, with my grandfather after my one uncle got back from Boer War. The plane is one of those open wing planes my grandfather had his flight he is sitting beside the plane and somebody wrote on the back that he is contemplating his flight. I sure do not want to fly in one of those open wing planes I feel much safer but somebody had to test that other type

    Hi Lynne,
    Great devotional this morning. The opening ten point prayer from Philippians is precious to me as it was my mantra several years ago when, from an accident, was told I likely would not walk again. Many thanks to the Lord and therapists that helped me. I did regain mobility. So true that we ever need to express gratitude at all times.
    Blessings to you and many thanks for your wonderful devotionals.

    Good Morning, Lynne,
    I was flying with our granddaughter on a trip with me. When I invited her, our daughters said, “You can’t think of going without us.” Those are wonderful memories about which I thought as I read your devotional.
    Thanks once more for sharing. While my thoughts varied a bit from the emphasis of your writing, I did thank God for my many blessings including looking beyond just what is right in our vision right now.

    Very inspiring as your devotionals always are. Thanks for persevering with writing them so we can be filled with hope.

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