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Sunday, September 30, 2018
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Psalm 27:1 – The Lord is my light and my salvation — whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life — of whom shall I be afraid? (NIV)

We all go through some dark and fearful times in our lives. A serious illness or injury to ourselves or a loved one may create some anxious moments. Domestic strife or a conflict at work may distress us and cause us to despair. Trying to meet a crucial deadline or struggling with important homework can put us under a lot of pressure. Losing a job or being disappointed by a friend can make us feel worthless or abandoned. Whatever the circumstance or situation, we can feel vulnerable and weak, as well as scared and anxious, causing us to struggle with life and to think about giving up on our dreams.

Whenever I experience something like that, I frequently turn to the book of Psalms for consolation, support, and wisdom. There's usually a verse from those ancient, sacred poems that resonates with my current situation, which makes me feel as though God is speaking directly to me. One of those incredible verses is highlighted today. In the midst of my darkness and despair, to know that God is my light and salvation greatly helps me. To feel that the Lord is the stronghold of my life makes me feel protected, embraced, and loved.

Perhaps you need a message or a sign or a biblical verse to get you through today. Maybe you have more going on in your life than you can handle. Whatever your circumstance, please take today's verse as something from God that you can both lean on and rely upon. Let God lead you with His light; let God shield you from all that stresses you.

Points to ponder: What is currently stressing me? Am I willing to let God help me?

Prayer: Lord God, You know our lives completely and are perfectly aware of all that is presently happening to us. In the midst of our trouble, be the light that leads us to better times. In our fearful moments, grant us Your strength and loving support. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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John Stuart <>
Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Thanks, John, for these encouraging words. Blessings.

    Nothing quite like the Psalms. Thanks for the word, John.

    Thank you, John, a great reminder of God’s ever-present love. God bless!

    Thank you. I’ve forwarded your good words to my three loved ones all facing changes.

    Thank you for this encouraging devotional today, John.

    This was very comforting and inspirational for me this morning. Thank you.
    (California. USA)

    Your devotional today was a most comforting and fitting reminder of God’s presence, protection, and loving care. Thank you, John!

    Thank you, John,
    I’ve been needing to be reminded of that wisdom!

    On target today, John.
    Doing a very stressful election today.
    Great verse.
    Thank you.

    Greetings John,
    Many thanks for your devotional this morning. An excellent reminder how the Lord is there to take care of us and how turning to Him and believing in His love and care brings satisfying results.

    A beautiful prayer to begin the day. Thank you, John.
    It is especially relevant – and appreciated – as my husband and I deal with recovering from a flood through our home. We had to vacate for a week and have just returned to our ‘precious’ space. Now begins the renovations…
    I thank God for the strength He has given us throughout the past three weeks.
    Blessings to you and yours,
    (ON. Canada)

    Hello John:
    Just had to thank you for this devotional and your comments on the words of this Psalm in particular. This word from God spoke to me very powerfully many years ago when I was faced with a serious diagnosis and it saw me through many of my darker, anxious moments. I couldn’t agree with you more about the Psalms which speak so clearly to so many of the circumstances and emotions we human beings experience. I was brought up on the Psalms in Scotland and, though my church in Canada doesn’t sing them very often anymore, I still turn to them when I want God to speak to my soul.
    Thanks so much, John, for all the helpful insights you share on the PresbyCan devotional.

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