Summer Sandal Feet

Wednesday, August 1, 2018
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Proverbs 3:6 – In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. (NIV)

My feet are the key to my ability to walk, to go where I want to go, even to hold me upright. They work hard — arguably harder than most other parts of my body. On a good day, I barely even notice them. When all is going well, I don't pay them a lot of attention.

My feet have been feeling tight lately — not sore, but I notice them at the end of the day and when I first get out of bed in the morning. The skin is getting thick and rough, cracking at the heels — summer sandal feet. I notice this when I'm drying my feet. But when I walk out of the bathroom, already distracted by my day ahead, I have already forgotten about my feet again.

I sometimes treat God like I treat my feet. On a good day, or even an ordinary day, I take Him for granted. He'll be there; He always is. He'll carry me through; He always does. Most mornings and most evenings, I notice Him, maybe even spend a little time with Him. But often, I am not aware of Him in the day until something draws my attention to Him. God is the foundation of my life; without Him, I could not stand. Even as I know this, I neglect to do what would make my relationship with Him stronger. I let myself get distracted by life, pulled away from giving attention and worship to Him, just as I neglect to care for my feet, the foundation of my physical body, the essential elements in letting me walk, quite literally, in this world.

It is easy to take for granted what is dependable, and nothing in life is as dependable as our God. Let us spend some time today noticing God, where He is faithful and present — and under-recognized — and thank Him for His constancy.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we are quick to turn to You when we are hurt or in need. But when all is going well, we take the firm foundation of Your faithfulness for granted. We love You, Lord, and we thank You for being dependable, for never failing, and for always being present. Help us to remember what a gift that is, even on ordinary days. Amen.

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Katherine Bell <>
Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia, Canada

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Thank you, great analogy.

    A great reminder, Katherine.

    Thanks for that lovely reminder.

    Very well done…thank you Katherine.

    Good job! I’ll remember this. Thank you.

    Great post, Katherine, so true and inspiring!

    This is beautiful – thank you for the encouragement!

    Well said Katherine. I like your analogy of the summer sandal feet. Blessings.

    An awesome and powerful devotional. Thanks for giving your time to remind us of our God.

    Good words, you nailed it.

    Thanks for a good word today Katherine.

    This is a great devotion Katherine. Thanks for sharing.
    Peace to you on this warm day.

    AMEN, Katherine…thank you for a perfect devotional.

    Katherine, thanks for the vivid reminder! You have expressed it so well…very easy to identify!!! Thanks for writing this!

    Loved your analogy Katherine. This devotional really spoke to me. May God continue to bless your writing to reach others.

    Thank you Katherine, don’t we all do this at time? Your devotion made me take a look at what a wonderful day God has given us.

    Dear Katherine,
    Thank you for reminding us of God being ever-present. It’s like when I say the “Lord’s Prayer” in the morning: I just assume he is right with me hearing me even though I might not speak audibly.”
    He is the dependable Savior and helper.

    Dear Katherine,
    What a wonderful message today. It is, as if you were writing personally to me.
    Thanks for the wake up call.

    Good morning Katherine!
    Thank you for this devotional…I totally can relate. Your text is an old favourite and now with my feet looking and feeling like yours lately, I will remember your wise words and with God’s help, heed them.
    God bless you from head to toe!

    Dear Karen,
    Thank you for today’s devotional. Summer Sandals Feet. That was a wonderful analogy you used. How true, like our feet we often do take our Wonderful God for granted, and that ought not to be.
    Thank you for reminding us.
    God bless you.

    A very loud AMEN to that. How is it possible, I sometimes ask the Lord, that I don’t think about Him all day long? It’s no wonder that Daniel was closer to Him than most people – he stepped off the conveyor belt of daily routine 7 times every day. I decided to try to do that – but it didn’t last!! I wonder what’s so wrong about our ‘believing’ that we are not willing to make such a simple commitment. I think I’ll try again – with a little more willpower! Thank you for the image of the feet!!

    Amen to your prayer.

    Thank you, Katharine, for such a true-to-life example of our human condition! It is a good reminder of our own weakness, and especially of God’s “constancy” as you say.
    Blessings on your day!

    I was very impressed with your powerful latest analogy of dealing with God and remembering our feet only when they are hurt. If we remember God at good times, He’ll certainly take care of us at difficult ones. Wishing you the best in your writing.

    Dear Katherine, A great reminder that we should thank God for all the good things we get including those times when He rescues us from pain and harm.

    Thanks Katherine. Always good to ‘hear’ from you

    Hi Kathy,
    Thank you. Very well written and appropriate at any time.
    I wish you well wherever you go.
    May God bless you.

    Hi Katherine,
    This is lovely and so true!
    Last year I led a Retreat on Women and Shoes relating to our spiritual habits.

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