A Mother's Day Surprise

June 22, 2018
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Hebrews 2:3 – How can we escape if we neglect so great a salvation? It was declared at first through the Lord, and it was attested to us by those who heard him. (NRSV)

I've been a mother for 70 years, and Mother's Day this year made me think of the years gone by. Now, all my children are retired and have their own families. There have been times to be proud and, yes, times of difficulty! Growing up was not that easy.

For example, it was quite a journey to be presented with a firstborn premature child with no instructions. One is helpless to understand all that it takes to care for the tiny premature bundle before you. There are times when the little person in your arms shows unhappiness, and your effectiveness fails to be of any help. One learns how and when and what to do when a more experienced person helps out. It is amazing how quickly things turn out for the best.

So, it was such a surprise to receive a Mother's Day card with a note: "I am sorry I was such a jerk when a teenager!" I did not see that coming!

I had to think about that! I must have been blind to miss that, thinking that it was a normal teen that I had under my roof! What did I know?

Now at my old age and after reading the Bible for education in God's own Word, I begin to see what "jerk" can mean. When I read about sin and salvation, eternal life and the judgment of hell, I now see myself as a jerk not to have received sooner God's love offer to save me from the turmoil of hell. I was raised in a Christian family, and even heard God speaking to me as a seven-year-old picking wild strawberries in a field. But it was not until I already had four children that I said "Yes!" to Jesus.

I thank God for sending to me believers in Jesus to remind me to think where I was with God. Then, as I continued to grow in Him, I had to learn to discern falsehood, errors, mistakes the world makes, and the errors of the religions that humans blindly follow.

Growing up in truth is not easy, but all who confess to be jerks about their sin are smiling the happy smile of a saved soul.

So as a former jerk among the smiling ones, today, I praise God the I AM for His enduring love and for the power and the glory of the cross of Christ! Praise God for the tomb that is empty! Jesus walked out alive, resurrected, and is now at the right hand of God the Father. He will come again as a judge of the unsaved sinners and a Saviour of all the jerks who have repented from all their sins, to be received to everlasting life in God's heaven! Oh! what joy that day will be!

Prayer: Thank You, God the I AM, for the unimaginable love that You have for us undeserving ones. In Your hands, we are in a safe place. Thank You for being the only name given by which we must be saved! No other name: only Jesus saves us! We pray in that name, Jesus! Amen!

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Kirsti Sipila <kirstiksipila@hotmail.com>
Brantford, Ontario, Canada

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1 Comment

  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Amen, Kirsti.

    From one former jerk to another, good word Kirsti. Blessings upon your day.

    Thank you for today’s devotional. I always appreciate your wise contributions.

    Thank you for your contribution and a good reminder. Really enjoy the devotionals.

    Praise God that you are still writing devotions! Thank you for this one today. It is never too late to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Blessings.

    Happy Mother’s Day for someone who raised her children to recognize their “jerk” times. May they also find God’s love in their lives.
    God Bless.

    Thank you, Kirsti, for sharing your reflections on a lifetime of experiences with us. Thank you for pointing to the One who is indeed the truth, and the only way to eternal life with our heavenly Father. Blessings.

    Kirsti, I had the same thing happen to me.
    God spoke to me in a field, except I was nine and was not in a church-going family. I was unable to go to church until my late teens. It seems that God reaches out even when there are no humans who can do so.
    Thanks for sharing.

    God knows, He knows! You gave me words of affirmation, delight, joy and encouragement this morning!
    Our minds tell us we are alone, alone in our walk, struggles, challenges. Liar.
    You, young lady have been used mightily today! Thank you for using your life, it’s lessons, the outcome, to encourage us soldiers along the road!

    When a husband brings home flowers for no reason in our home the REASON is he refuses to pay the higher prices around occasions like Mother’s day for example. So, if some nice flowers go on sale in the
    grocery store then he buys. And I know they are on sale but that is ok. So the reason is not always bad.

    Dear Kirsti:
    I think we must have been separated at birth!!
    Our stories are so similar (I only had one child who is a non-believer). I too, came to receive Jesus later in life even coming from a Christian home.
    Thank you for reminding me too what a JERK I was! And I was even more than that unfortunately.

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