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Wednesday, September 6, 2017
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One evening before bedtime, I was watching a Christian program on television when the feed for it was cut off. After trying to fix it, things got worse, and I got only one channel to watch. I was sure that I had messed up the television by trying various things, and that I would need a technician to get my television back in order. I thought, How typical it is for a sinner to mess things up! I decided to figure out the problem in the morning and retired for the night. The next day, it took me awhile to discover that the batteries in the remote control were dead.

I walked to a nearby corner store with the remote control, and the store clerk installed new batteries in it. I was not completely sure that that was all that was needed, thinking how much I had messed up the system. To my amazement, the television came on like a charm, and things were back to normal. Moreover, I was able to watch my Christian programs again.

Dead spiritual batteries are a disaster at any age. I could have really messed up my life without God controlling my steps. From childhood, someone told me about Jesus and how He can walk us across the rocky paths as if with a remote control with good batteries. The earlier that we are guided to follow Jesus, the better we can get through life's rocky trials and temptations. When we are in a pit of mire, our only help is in the name of Jesus. It has been a saving name for me all my life. Each morning, I call upon His name to fill my batteries for the new day with its trials to come, and to give thanks for His help in the past when I messed up the system.

It is altogether a lovely walk with Jesus through whatever circumstances each day brings. Being a shut-in does not mean being a shut-out. It is amazing to live in Jesus daily. Even though I am visually impaired, I can read the Bible. It takes me longer to stop at each word, and, all of a sudden, each one seems to have a new meaning. I am glad that I found a way to fix the dead batteries that shut me off from the Word of God.

Acts 3:19-20a – Repent therefore, and turn to God so that your sins may be wiped out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord. (NRSV)

What would it take to recharge and refresh your spiritual batteries?

Prayer: Lord, thank You for abiding with Your children through life. Because of Jesus, we are made righteous for life here and for all eternity. Thank You for showering us with Your abiding love. "Happy are those whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered" (Psalm 32:1 NRSV). We pray with newfound gladness in the name of Jesus! Amen!

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Kirsti Sipila <kirstiksipila@hotmail.com>
Brantford, Ontario, Canada

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Very inspiring Kirsti.

    Thank you for your devotional. Keep writing.

    Good one Kirsti! Be well.

    “Being shut-in does not mean being shut-out.” Amen, Kirsti! What an encouraging word! Thanks for sharing. Blessings.

    K irsti,
    You just recharged my batteries!
    Thank you.

    Great story/analogy.
    I’ve ‘been there, done that’.

    We could all do with a Zap from God, every now and then. Carrying on carrying on is great but it would be nice to have a little extra blessing every now and then when we are not in need of something!

    Beautiful message Kirsti. Thank you for bringing focus back to the small everyday things that can have such enormous impact.
    Enjoy this beautiful day.

    Kirsti – another great devotional. A very apt analogy btw our refreshing with God and batteries for the tv remote. Also, a good reminder how much we can “mess things up” on our own – trying to fix things without asking for the help of the Father. God bless you Kirsti for your important contributions to this ministry.

    Dear Kirsti,
    Thank you for sharing your experience and the meaning that your faith impressed upon you. What a gracious blessing it is that, as you say, we can serve God in small as well as big ways, whatever our situation – no age or condition restrictions there! God bless and keep you!

    Dear Kirsti,
    How good to see your name once again! I was so glad to get your devotional this morning.
    God is with us at every stage of life and guides us through every difficulty. What an amazing God we have!! Isn’t Heaven going to be beyond our wildest imaginations!!
    God bless you, and keep writing!

    Your internet carrier can help when you have these problems. If things do not work and the battery is ok, shutting it off overnight is good for any device. If they still do not work I call Rogers and over they first attempt to help you over the phone, rarely do they have to come to you. One time they did make a service call and I told the man that I did not know if it meant anything but somebody on the floor above or below us had moved out. He checked the panel and sure enough we were unplugged. They had unplugged our connection accidentally so all he had to do was plug us back in.
    Sort of goes along with your batteries being dead. If you are unplugged even a new battery would not help. I enjoy your writings.

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