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Friday, July 7, 2017
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Revelation 14:13 – And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them. (KJV)

A Presbyterian church is located midway between our community of Nanaimo, in central Vancouver Island, and the community of Qualicum Beach, a 45-minute drive north of us.

Behind the church, a cross is carefully outlined in a sacred plot of ground, wherein lies the final resting place for several people's cremains. One of those people was a much-loved retired Presbyterian minister, whose wife is a friend of mine, here in Nanaimo.

In early March of this year, I'd been up to Qualicum Beach, and on the way home, prior to passing the church where the minister is interred, I had a very strong impression to take the time just to stop by and pay my respects, but I kept on driving. However, the impression continued so strongly that a little further down, I turned around and drove back to the church, thinking that perhaps my friend might even like a photo of the cross.

As the several cremains interred there are identified only by numbers, I wasn't sure exactly which one was the minister's, so I took several photos, especially of one near the top of the cross that contained a small plant which was blooming — the only flowers in the cross.

Upon getting home, I emailed my friend, told her of my story, and asked if she'd care for the photos. Not only did she welcome them, but also it turned out to be of significance, as that day was the exact anniversary of his celebration of life two years before. Moreover, the flowers marked the exact spot of his interment, having been placed there by his daughter a couple of days prior. I'd attended his service, but I hadn't remembered the exact date. My friend, his wife, doesn't drive, and so, in this small gesture, she was able to "visit" his resting place on the exact anniversary of his burial. Thankfully, I'd paid attention to those "nudges from above".

This devotional has been running around in my head since that time, and as well, I've been searching for the perfect Scripture. Today's verse was given to me on a morning in May in my daily Bible reading. I believe that it was yet another of those nudges from above, for none could be more fitting.

Though my association with this minister was on a friendly basis, having never attended his services, it was evident from his celebration of life that he was much loved, respected, and remembered by the several congregations that he'd served. While he is now resting from his labours, I believe that his works must surely follow him in those who profited from his sermons through the years.

God is constantly sending us nudges from above. It may be in something so small as remembering an item that we need at a grocery store but didn't write down, or in bigger ways, such as knowing that someone needs our help, or recognizing an opportunity to share His Word. In order to hear His Spirit whispering to us, we need to be open and ready to listen.

Prayer: Thank You, Father, for whispering in our ear, nudging us to hear Your voice and to take the time to do things of significance for others. Grant us the wisdom to recognize Your voice and to follow through with what You are saying. In Jesus' name, we pray and give thanks this day. Amen.

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Mary Daniel <>
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Very encouraging words Mary.

    Love your story, Mary. Thank you for sharing it.

    Mary what a lovely nudge that benefited so many!

    Lovely to ‘hear’ your voice again – another ‘nudge’ to you to bring us all a reminder to wait on the Lord and listen to His guidance. Thank you

    Oh those nudges from above. Isn’t God Awesome! Thanks for writing this devotion, Mary. Good to see your name when I got to the end. Hope all is well with you and yours. Blessings.

    Great to see Mary still writing. Nudges from above happen to me every day. Often God tells me to NOT say something which I am about to tell. Thank you for your devotion today.

    It’s good when we listen to those nudges.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

    Thanks so much for reminding us of the nudges from above that we need to act upon. I had such a nudging just yesterday and was delighted to be able to share with someone I had just met.

    Amen Mary – I am thankful I listened to one of his nudges last week. It was the last time I saw my friend’s mom before she passed away. Thank you for reminding us that the Holy Spirit is with us and “nudging” us along. God Bless you.

    Hi Mary,
    Lovely devotional, wonderful when we recognize God’s nudging us, even if it’s after we obey!

    Hi Mary,
    I read your devotional with interest this morning. You are right. So often we get nudges from above to do or say certain things, as was the case with you in this instance I’m sure.
    Thank you for writing.

    Hi MARY
    So good to hear a message from you. Just to see your name and take in the words that you expressed in your devotional gave me something to think about.
    I will look forward to your next one!

    Thank you for sharing this devotional with us today. Just this morning I was wondering if any service done during my years in ministry had mattered at all. I heard God’s answer to my question through your devotional. My heart was stirred with the memory that God’s Word never returns void. Thank you for listening to God’s stirrings to pen this devotional.

    Dear Mary D.,
    It was very good to read of your “nudges from above,” in other words, URGES FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD.
    Keep writing for God’s sake.

    Good morning Mary Daniel! Your name came to my mind when I started reading the first paragraph of your devotional this morning. So glad to read and hear from you. Nudges From Above – Thank you, Mary and Thank you to all the PresbyCan Daily Devotional Staff and Contributors! The devotionals make my day!

    Hi Mary
    I often experience these kind of nudges and sometimes I say “I am too busy right now.”
    When I do I always regret it.
    Thanks for sharing it is an encouragement not to ignore them.

    Thanks Mary:
    Your devotional was most helpful and I agree.
    I always appreciate your devotionals and thankful I read it today.
    God bless.

    Good morning, what a great devotional. Enjoy how you call it a nudge. I call it a poke. Try to explain it to a non-believer and they don’t understand, have watched people at our church you know have got a nudge/poke and then try to find every excuse not to do it, spent more time trying not to do then what it would have taken to do it time wise or financially, sadly, usually the later. Keep up the great writing, blessings.

    Thank you for your article on “God nudges”.
    Yes, he certainly gave me a big nudge, two weeks ago, when we have been looking everywhere for over a month for the some records.
    He came to me one night, and I got the idea where to look, and there it was.
    Just keep listening to where He is leading you.
    God bless.

    Hi Mary
    Thank you so much for your message in today’s devotional…it resonated! Years ago, I ignored a divine nudge to visit an old lady because I was busy…and she died soon after. Ever since, I have tried to respond to ‘the Divine nudge’ and have been left thanking God for prompting me to do things that have made a difference, even in small ways.
    These events have helped to deepen my faith and have encouraged me to listen and respond to the ‘still small voice’ which I call the ‘Almighty’s boot in the backside’ because it can be so hard to ignore!
    May God Bless you in your writing and all that you do.

    Dear Mary: Thank you for this passage in Revelation. I wasn’t aware of it. However, I am certainly aware of God’s nudging. So many times when I was in the very worst part of hearing voices he nudged me. One day I was sitting with pen and paper and I asked God “what is it you want me to do?”, the answer came through in a soft voice saying, “what is in your hand”, I look down and see the pen. Wow did I have a revelation “God wanted me to write”, since then I have written devotionals and a great deal of poetry (certainly God inspired). This has been much comfort to me during the tough times. Hopefully the words He has given me will help others along the way, just as your devotional today does.

    Dear Mary:
    Good Morning, and welcome to my wonderful day! My heart truly “jumped with joy” when I read “Nanaimo”, and knew that you were writing to me (and of course, others). You are indeed a ray of sunshine whenever I hear from you!
    Your welcome message is always a blessing, and most certainly today! Yes, I too have often “heard” a voice which I believe is that of the Holy Spirit, the Messenger of God! I wish the “Though for Today” was your last sentence, “In Order to hear His Spirit whispering to us, we need to be open and ready to LISTEN.” Yes. Be still and hear the wee small voice of God.
    My, the lord God Jehovah richly bless His servant Mary, this day and always!

    Thank you Mary for reminding me to wait and recognize God’s nudges. I need this right now as we are looking for a house. All the houses are soo expensive and or too old for the expensive price tags. I know our Lord has in his control the thousands of homes here. I know that He can hold or release any house He wants for us to buy but I have to wait for His nudge. It’s so hard to find anything that it would take a true miracle on our budget to get a home here but you reminded me that nothing is impossible with God and that I must wait for His nudge as we are searching. I now have a new found energy to keep looking.

    Hi Mary,
    So glad to a see a devotional from you and I do hope that you are doing well.

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