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Romans 1:20 – For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. (NASB)

Have you ever examined the seed head of a dandelion before you puckered your lips together, blew, and watched its seeds scatter and rise into the air to fly away?

Have you ever seen a double rainbow? Or have you ever examined a snowflake that landed on your window sill? How intricate and perfect its design is, and yet each one is distinct from the others.

Have you ever looked at a sunset and felt content and at peace? Or have you ever listened to the waves as they caressed the shore in the moonlight? It's almost like a crescendo of voices praising their Creator.

Have you ever gone outside into your backyard at night, looked up and beheld the trillions upon trillions of stars that light up the night sky? Or have you ever been fortunate enough to see the northern lights? Living and moving brush strokes of red, green, blue, and violet colours dance across the night sky. No one really understands how these auroras are produced. They are just another work of God, sharing His handiwork with His children.

Psalm 19:1 – The heavens are telling of the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands. (NASB)

God's handiwork and His footprints are all around us. But His goodness, love, and mercy are best seen in the revelation contained in His Word, the Bible. There we see the intricate preparations laid for the greatest revelation of His love in His Son. Jesus said:

John 15:13 – Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. (NASB)

The best part is that through thick and thin, we can count on God's love revealed and declared in Jesus always being with all of us who are His beloved brothers and sisters:

Hebrews 13:5b – He Himself has said, "I will never desert you, nor will I ever forsake you." (NASB)

Prayer: Father, everywhere we go, we see Your handiwork: in the sunrise, in the sunset, and the art work on the seashore created by the rolling waves. We see Your handiwork in the tiny snowflakes and the ice formations on a window pane. Thank You for showing us in Your Word that You are with us always. Amen.

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Rosemary Hagedorn <>
Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Amen Rosemary.

    Such a beautiful reminder! Thank you.

    Thanks for the rendition that God gives to us all in His own way.

    Thank you, Rosemary, for such a beautiful devotional portraying God’s many blessings.

    I love thinking of all those things. I enjoyed your words.

    Good word today Rosemary, well done.

    What a beautiful start to my day; being reminded of the beauty of God’s creations all around me.
    Thank you Rosemary,
    He is indeed a great God.

    Thanks Rosemary for reminding us to look up and praise God for His truly beautiful Creation. Yes, I’ve been blessed to see the things you’ve mentioned. I believe I loved the northern lights best. So gorgeous. Blessings.

    Once again, my heart has been thrilled and blessed by your devotional this morning. I well remember seeing the frost patterns on the window pane when I was a preschooler. I really needed just what the Lord gave me when I read this devotional.
    Thank you, Rosemary. Keep writing!

    That was a magnificent Devotional, Rosemary!
    I live in the country and I see Almighty God’s handiwork around and above me every day.
    Thank you very much… Danke schön…muchas gracias.

    Dear Rosemary,
    Thank you for reminding us of many of the wonders of God’s creation, and of the greatest wonder of his Son whom he gave us as the Savior of mankind.
    May we ever bear witness to him.
    For Jesus’ sake, keep writing.

    When I read your devotion for today it took me on a long memory journey, that started more than 80 yrs. ago.
    I was born in a log house and raised on a northern Alberta “homestead” with no Dr. present.
    In my growing up years I spent a lot of time looking after a cattle herd, transportation a saddle horse.
    When Northern lights were visible we would often ride to the top of a large hill less than a mile from our house.
    When there we would tie or horses up and walk a short distance from them to get as close to complete silence as possible. And with that silence we would be able to hear the swishing sound of the movement of the northern lights. We were taught about God and His love for us, and His presence with us.
    We always felt so near to Him on these evening journeys to watch and enjoy the beauty of it all.
    Thank you for your reminder. God bless you abundantly today.

    You have me singing ‘And the trees of the fields will clap their hands, And the trees of the fields will clap their hands, And the trees of the fields will clap their hands, While you go out with joy’. Thanks Rosie.

    Thank you, Rosemary, for reminding us of the beauty which our God has scattered around us for our pleasure and our joy.
    Every blessing on your day.

    Hi Rosy,
    Thank you for your devotional about all the wonderful things in the world and our ability to see and appreciate them.

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