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Monday, March 27, 2017
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This spring has brought many days of snow. Almost daily it continues to accumulate. And now the deeps have come. The white fluff has risen to the point of making it difficult to manoeuver the driveway, the paths, the corral. And for my small dog, Sienna, the deeps literally mean being overwhelmed by snow. As I turn around to see where she is, the snow is crowding around her chest and neck. The only way that she can continue is for me to bend down and pluck her out of the depth.

Psalm 30:1 – I will exalt you, O Lord, for you lifted me out of the depths and did not let my enemies gloat over me. (NIV)

Like Sienna in the snow, I have often felt overwhelmed by the deep places and circumstances in life.

When we first purchased our present home, the owner had been untruthful concerning repairs done to the roof, and within our first two months, as residents, it required $30,000 in repairs. We did not have $30,000.

I also worked at a job where for three years I was bullied constantly. I fought despair daily, but there were no other employment opportunities, and I needed to work.

A family member betrayed us, and we lost our home. We wondered where we would go or what we would do with the limited funds that remained.

Yes, I am familiar with the deeps, as I'm sure you are, too. In fact, you may be in the deeps right now. You may be wondering how you will go on, how you will get out of or through the situation. If this is true, then I encourage you to do what the Lord encouraged me to do amidst the deeps: thank Him in all things, for He is aware of your situation and He is able to help you.

Psalm 28:7 – The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song. (NIV)

Dwell on the hope which is yours in Christ Jesus, not on the deeps which surround you. By so doing, your heart will, one beat at a time, indeed begin to leap for joy and thanksgiving as you place your faith anew in God's goodness and mercy. His answer may not come immediately, but wait for Him, and it will come. The situation may be a long and slow journey to overcome, but don't give up. Keep going, and you will be an overcomer. In the end, your song will be like the psalmist's:

Psalm 30:11-12 – You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, that my heart may sing to you and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give you thanks for ever. (NIV)

Prayer: Lord God, how good it is to praise and thank You amidst any and all situations. We may not always understand the why of what is happening, but we can always know and trust in the truth of Your Word and the promise of Your helping and saving presence to be with us always. In Christ's name, we pray. Amen.

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Lynne Phipps <>
Tawatinaw, Alberta, Canada

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    A strong and timely message Lynne, Thank you.

    Thank you, Lynne for this encouraging word. Blessings.

    Another good one Lynne. I’ve been in quite a few deeps myself. Not snow of course.

    Thank you, Lynn.

    I knew as I started reading this had to be from you.
    Bless you for the wisdom you share with others.

    Talked to someone yesterday in “the deeps” so forwarded this to them. Thanks. Good for me too.

    Thanks for your encouraging words today. May they be a blessing to many as they have been to me.

    Thank you Lynne for your “daily”. The Lord is good and greatly to be praised, always here in times of trouble. I will trust in the Lord for he is my strength and song.

    Thank you Lynne, for today’s devotion and inspiring message. May the good Lord give you the strength and courage to continue so readers like me can be thankful.

    Oh Lynne! Not you too!
    Thank you for your testimony how God takes care of us in the deep places!
    To lean upon Him – He will provide us through it all. Amen!

    Lynne, I hope by now the snow is melting and spring is in the air! At any rate,” the deeps” inspired some good thoughts for today’s devotional. Nice job.

    Well said Lynne. Personally I have relied on God during many difficult times and he has never disappointed me. It’s the knowledge that if I allow him control of my life all will be well, that has sustained me many times.

    Thanks, Lynne, for your message on “the deeps”. Don’t know that I ever thought of calling those overwhelming situations “the deeps” but it is very descriptive and I can relate to the circumstances you wrote about. There was a storm here last spring which damaged my home to the tune of more than the figure you quoted. It is good to have a new perspective.

    Dear Lynn,
    I really needed to hear the message you wrote about today. Somehow we forget, when a crisis comes along, how God preserved us in the last one.
    And the one before that and the one before that…
    Thank you for your encouragement.

    Hi Lynn
    Thanks for sharing
    I always feel that it is in the hard times of life that God has an opportunity to mould us, that our character is built.
    It has also been my experience that God will never dessert us, and will restore us, as God did with Job.

    Dear Lynne,
    heartfelt Amen. Been there done that. Had the cloud over me for years, and then one day Jesus just took it away. Amazing.
    Praise God that in this world, with all its foibles, added to our weaknesses, we will have opposition and ill fortune but eventually all will be removed and every tear wiped away. Meanwhile Praise God for still being here and for the ability to praise His name because He will never let us down.

    ‎I befriended an older lady a couple of weeks ago. She is highly intelligent, educated and courageous. She is stranded in our little town with no resources or friends and worried about her health, relying now on social agencies. This lady was sitting by herself and sobbing at our local diner when I approached her. After listening at length to her story, I realized she was fathoms deep in pain. I gave her my number, told her she was not alone and that I would remember her in prayer. She said she had been raised in a church but given up on that. I will send your writing with a prayer that she will trust the Lord to help her. Thank you from all of us out there who need such encouraging words.

    Good morning, Lynne.
    What a magnificent testimony to your faith in the Lord and your ability to live within that faith. My husband and I have commented often on our blessings. In spite of the divorces among our children (and we have been married a LONG time), we have been able to say with meaning how blessed our lives have been. AND, I have pondered how much faith would I have if there were very difficult times. Growing old together may be the most challenging.
    I appreciate always your thoughts.

    Thanks for today’s devotion, Lynne.
    I always enjoyed your contributions.
    Today helped me remember my past. I’m from a poor family, my father struggled to bring home money to feed the family. At that time we were eight children. Then he was hit by a car and couldn’t work for a time. My two oldest sisters went out to work to keep the family.
    Today I am retired and on half a pension, but we manage.
    God has provided for my family and we all managed to keep our heads up, above the deep.
    Thanks again.

    HI Lynne,
    Thanks so much for the poignant devotion. The Psalms are such an amazing resource in the midst of the ebbs and flows of our lives.
    Blessings and Peace.

    Dear Lynne,
    I enjoyed this devotional.
    I felt for you (and your doggie) in all that snow.
    God is always with us to sustain and encourage.
    Keep writing.

    Dear Lynne,
    Thanks so much for this meditation. It is a real keeper! Your illustration of what it is like to be in the deeps resonated with me. I know how little dogs can get into trouble. My dog didn’t let her small size keep her from running away and getting into lots of deeps including our harsh Saskatchewan snow banks. Many (most?) of us humans are the same. It is our strength and our downfall to risk the deeps, but we can always be thankful for what we have. Yes, I have gone through lots of deeps, and the best part is, that I learned early in life to sing, “Count your blessings, name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.”
    Thanks again for sharing about how to handle deeps. We all have to keep working on that and remembering to trust our Divine guide to be with us.

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