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Thursday, November 10, 2016
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It was approximately two years after our two denominational churches came together and worshipped as one congregation that our pastor/priest retired, and our new church was looking for another minister to take her place.

After almost a year, the selection committee finally found the right person to come and be our shepherd. This past Sunday, our congregation celebrated our new ministry and held a service of induction for our new pastor. The bishop from the Anglican Church and the assistant to the bishop of the Lutheran Church attended the service.

The building was full. But the highlight of the entire service was during the singing of "Christ Be Our Light". The day was sunny and cloudy, but God, in His infinite wisdom, decided to bestow a special gift as the congregation began to sing the last part of the hymn.

    Many the gifts, many the people,
    Many the hearts that yearn to belong.
    Let us be servants to one another,
    Making your kingdom come.
    Christ be our light! Shine in our hearts.
    Shine through the darkness.
    Christ, be our light!
    Shine in your church gathered today.
           – Bernadette Farrell

Just then, a beam of light pierced through the top back window, and shone onto the faces of two people who were in the front of the altar. Apparently the beam of light was so bright that both were blinded by it for a few seconds. It disappeared when the song came to an end. It was as if God were blessing this entire event — a miracle!

John 8:12 – When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." (NIV 2011)

Some said that it was a coincidence, that it was bound to happen, because the day was sunny and cloudy. But to me and others, it was a special sign from our heavenly Father reminding us that Christ is our light in this world of confusion, doubt, and discord.

Today, let us share His light!

Philippians 2:14-16a – Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, "children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation." Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life. (NIV 2011)

Prayer: Lord, God, every day, You bestow little gifts for us to behold. Help us to see and enjoy them and learn from them. We thank You for loving us so much that You sent Your Son to be our light in this world of darkness. May our light so shine that others may see our good deeds and give praise to You. Amen.

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Rosemary Hagedorn <>
Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Thank you Martha.

    Love it! God is good!

    A wonderful word Rosemary.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely story, Rosemary.

    Special love … special blessing … special people! Thanks Rosy!

    Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.

    Like you, I often feel His presence here with us most powerfully when unexpected light illuminates the scene ~ what a blessing

    Rosemary, what an amazing and delightful affirmation from our Lord God! There are no coincidences with our Lord, only God-incidences. Thanks for sharing and many blessings.

    Hello Rosemary – thank you for your beautiful message today. I was feeling like I was in a very dark place yesterday and also this am when I got up and then I read your devotional on Presbycan. It truly brought light into my thoughts/feelings.

    Thank you for you’re devotional today. It is inspirational to hear about 2 “different” denominations working closely together. The same God the same hopes! God bless all of you. Keep writing.

    Dear Rosemary thank you for today’s beautiful and heartening devotional. I found it so bright and uplifting. What a wonderful thing for God to acknowledge the installation of your new minister how I wish I had been there. I always look forward to writings from you. Thank you so much and may God bless you and your family.
    (Northern Ireland)

    Dear Rosemary,
    Thank you for telling us of the light that shone on the special day, in a special place, at a special moment. The timing alone could be called a miracle of God’s designing.
    May God continue to bless the church people there in that they will be lights reaching out to all in need of the saving words of our Lord Jesus.
    Keep writing.

    I have always enjoyed your devotional submissions, but I am especially touched by your devotion of Jesus the Light of the world.
    God is building His Church, regardless of what “we” call them, and I feel so blessed to be part of it.
    I trust that God is blessing the people as much as He has blessed me.
    Enjoy your new pastor. Let God’s light shine on you, and also through you. God bless you today.

    Wow this so much reminds me of the day my sister died.
    The day of her funeral it rained all morning gloomy in the afternoon. A cousin sang but just stand wherever she was sitting and sing from there she sang “Jesus led me all the way” when she stood a sunbeam came through the window and lit her up and when she finished the sunbeam went out too. To this day she says that if you think that did not affect her faith she said it was like a thunderbolt and like my sister and Jesus were saying here she is the Lord Led her all the Way to Heaven.
    I think it affected the whole congregation.
    Thanks for that reminder

    I had a different experience but liked to hear about yours.

    Hi Rosy
    Glad to see that things are going well at your church. I remember when you wrote about the joining of the two congregations.

    Your devotional reminded me of an experience that occurred many years ago when my dear mother passed away. It was a cloudy day, yet just a few hours before her death the sun flashed through the window and her entire body glowed with light. It’s a memory that still comforts me till this day. Blessings.

    Awesome devotional Rosemary. Your message couldn’t be more clear. Praise God for the way He spreads the light.

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