For Such A Time As This

Friday, September 30, 2016
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Esther 4:14b – Who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this? (NKJV)

There have been times in my life when I didn't know what to do next. Sometimes, it was because everything was new, never having faced such decisions before. Years ago, the Board of Missions sent me to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, to open a place to reach out to children off the street. Some of those children came from very poor surroundings. One such baby girl slept in the bottom drawer of the family dresser as they had no other bed to put her in. That was the first time that I had faced such terrible poverty. Another deaconess and I opened our house to the children off the street every afternoon. They piled into our living room, or did some handiwork on our dining room table. We shared all that we had with them and told them about Jesus. An Esther time had come in my life to face poverty and do something to help these needy children.

Like Esther, God may also have something special for you to do today. For me, that would be a scary thought until I take it as God's love doing something very good through me. What would it be? Perhaps we are facing a decision that is hard to make unless we can see God's hand in it. Maybe this is the moment that you have been created for. What a thought! "Who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?" What does God want you to do in His name today?

The urgent action now is to seize this moment! It takes courage and faith and trust in God's leadership to seize it. It also takes much prayer and God's Word to show us what Christians today should do. Is this God's time to prepare for change?

These days, we need to share the Christian faith with a not-too-interested society. How to do that is the question. How do we reach out during these modern days when few care about biblical truth? Yes, it is a scary time as churches close and many Christians are lost in the public domain. Are you thinking and praying about it? Perhaps this is the moment that you have been created for. God has prepared you and many others for this day.

If we believe, like Esther, that God made us for a moment in time such as this, we will reach out with inner strength, having prayed for God to direct us. With God's power, we can change the course of events for millions of believers. Yes, we may well have been created for such a time as this — today!

Prayer: Lord, we believe that with Your power, now is the time to act. Thank You for revealing Your will to us. We pray that Your Holy Spirit will work in the hearts of all of us, bringing about action that will urge others to follow You in these stressful days. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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Iris Ford

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Amen Iris.

    Ready for missionary work?

    Thank you, Iris, for giving us food for thought in today’s message.

    Iris, yes may we be ready to serve the Lord Jesus in this time of worldwide turmoil. Thanks for sharing. Blessings.

    Wonderful devotional. It reminds us that we are God’s creation and our purpose here is His, not ours.
    Thank you.

    Dear Iris:
    So beautifully said my dear sister in Christ. These thoughts are on my heart as well.
    Good bless you now and always.

    Enjoyed your devotional, especially about the dresser drawer. My aunt and uncle graduated from Chiropractic College in Toronto in 1928. While still students they had a baby but no money so he was put on a pillow in the dresser drawer. They said babies do not care where they are; they care if they are fed and changed and loved.

    Dear Iris,
    Thank you for your devotional today. As a senior citizen I continue to say to others that God is not finished with me yet.
    Only God knows what I can accomplish. Praying always.

    Thank you Iris. This is also my daily prayer, to be open to any way I can glorify the Lord.
    He has enabled me to write books, and speak in Seniors’ Homes and I find it such a privilege and joy every time He opens a door. All I can say is “to God be the glory”.
    May He continue to bless you.

    Yes, there have been many times in my life that are as you say. And this is no different. Our church had a booth at the local fair and I realized in myself how ill-equipped I am, and also many in our churches are, to actually talk about our faith and listen to others talk about what they believe and why. Now, I am on a mission, first, to learn myself and then to help others in the church. They didnt teach us that at Knox!

    Your bible reading and commentary made me remember what my dad had told me about his family in Northern Ireland!! When they were born they were rested in a pulled out dresser drawer beside Mother’s bed. This made it easy for breast feeding and care!! They were not really a poor family. In Ireland this was some of the Trying Times so Grandpa emigrated to Canada. The oldest son remained in Belfast since he had graduated from university and was employed!! Thanks again for commentary.

    My Dear Canadian Sister Iris,
    It’s amazing, but every time I start reading your devotions, I know it’s yours. They are always a blessing to me and sometimes hits an uncomfy spot like the one today. Or, as I may say, OOPS, am I guilty of not doing my part?
    Thank you ahead of time. The Lord’s will be done.
    God loves you, Iris, and so do I.

    Hi Iris,
    Yes, it is a scary time for our churches. It seems that you and I seem to be pre-occupied with this situation. It seems that there are more and more people of the faith who are dropping out as well, and frankly I don’t know what to do. I lead a Bible discussion at the local Long Term Care Facility, but only the ones who want to come do come, there are so many who are not interested or even curious and frankly we don’t know how to change their minds. My wife helps bring people to the room, they know why we are there, but they are just not interested. Mind you there are quite a few who are not able. But we do the best we can.
    Thank you for writing this devotional I can relate.

    Hello again, dear Iris,
    Thank you for your newest devotional today, urging us to watch for our Lord’s leading into new avenues of service and association. For me, these past few months have brought many new opportunities to link up with people of faith communities beyond our Presbyterian churches in hours of prayer, Bible study, and personal fellowship, too.
    God certainly works in marvellous ways to reach his children, doesn’t he? The need to spend more time in prayer is how I’m feeling God calling me most now, Iris, in our world which is experiencing such urgent concerns. I will be joining you, as you, too, watch for our Father’s leading.
    In deep appreciation for your guidance. Grace and peace to you.

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