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Friday, September 23, 2016
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Psalm 121:8 – The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore. (NIV 2011)

Whaaaaat? One minute I was striding purposefully along the parking lot towards my vehicle, and then, my ankle went under, and I was falling. Strangely, I was not afraid, but my first thought was, "Have I broken my ankle?"

Slowly, I felt my limbs. Everything was fine, but what had happened? The palms of my hands had taken the brunt of the fall. They were scuffed, but no abrasions had pierced through the skin. The left knee of my capris was ripped. Ah! A little scratch was bleeding on the knee. I was very thankful that I had worn longer capris that contained some denim. The fabric had protected my knee. As I got to my feet, I was overcome by a sense that this incident was part of a message from God.

Normally, a fall in the parking lot of a busy shopping mall would be witnessed by some passer-by, but not this time. Had I been injured, I would have been there for awhile, but aside from needing a little Band-Aid® on my knee, I was fine. I was also struck by a strong sense of gratitude. I said a quiet prayer to thank God for cushioning my fall and protecting me from injury.

As I began to walk back to my vehicle, I regarded my stained and ripped white capris. I thought, Oh well, they will have be thrown away. No, wait! Maybe I can just shorten them. Again, I was very aware that there was a message from God in this incident. He is always watching over me, even though I am unaware of all the times that He keeps me safe from physical and mental accidents. This was a tangible reminder. Also, like the capris that are stained but repairable, we sinners are "repairable" through God's grace and forgiveness. In Him, we can be made new.

We are all familiar with the miraculous care stories in the Bible: Noah and the animals before the flood, God feeding the Israelites in the desert, Jesus healing the blind and the lame. How often, though, do we stop to think about the everyday care that God provides to us?

Matthew 10:29-30 – Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father's care. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. (NIV 2011)

Psalm 95:7a – For he is our God and we are the people of his pasture, the flock under his care. (NIV 2011)

What a wonderful God we serve! Today, may each of us remember to let Him know how much we appreciate His constant love, care, and provision.

Prayer: Thank You, Father, for reminding us of Your constant, protective presence in our lives. Thank You for the blessings of another day. Thank You for the shelter that You have provided us in which to live. Thank You for providing the necessities for daily life. Thank You for sending those who come beside us in difficulties. Help us, Lord, ever to seek Your will and Your presence in our lives. Amen.

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About the author:

Orlanda Drebit <orlandadrebit@hotmail.com>
Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan, Canada

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Thanks Orlanda for a good message.

    Good thought of how our God loves us!

    Thanks Orlanda for sharing this reminder of God’s caring. Blessings.

    AMEN, Orlanda.

    Thanks Orlanda, this is a really good devotion to me.

    Lovely devotional today. Thank you for such a good reminder too!
    May God continue to bless you as you share His love with others.

    Thank you, Orlanda, for writing and reminding us that we are constantly in Our God’s care. Hope you had no adverse effects from your fall and were able to save your outfit.

    Oh my dear Orlanda! Rejoicing with you how priceless God’s love and care was and is for you!
    I give thanks for the same enduring presence of God and His guardian angels who are busy with me.
    Amen to taking refuge in God! Blessing.

    Well said. I fell on stairs and wondered, God “what are you up to today?” Not really hurt, will just walk with a little pain, may have to take a cart when I play golf. The Upper Story is that I am in His care and that I should be looking for His Message.

    Thank you, Orlanda, for the devotional.
    I’m thankful your were not badly injured. God saves us physically — and spiritually now and for eternity.
    Keep writing.

    Orlanda, Thanks for the reminder that God is with us always and is watching over us; and that we need to say thank you much more frequently!
    It is so easy to forget that forget things could always be worse than they are. A great message. Blessings.

    A BIG Amen to that prayer.
    Thanks for sharing Orlanda. So glad your injury was less than first imagined.
    Enjoy this new day,

    Dear Orlanda:
    Thanks you so much for sharing your experience and your trust in our Lord God.
    Something similar happened to me a few years ago. My leg just broke, but thankfully, it happened when there were lots of people near and they were also there to help me. If this had happened in my home in the country, I would have been totally alone with no help in sight.
    God is amazing and I thank Him every day for His loving care.
    God bless you too Orlanda.

    Dear Orlanda,
    I have been thinking/dreaming about a man I am in contact with on FB who shared with me he suffers depression. His sharing this with me surprised me and humbled me. Like you, I know God is working in this. Your devotional reminded me of “the why did this happen”….
    God works in mysterious ways … His wonders to preform. Thanks again for your devotional. My heart is calmer. Blessings.

    Hello Orlanda,
    Thank you for your devotions today that I relate to in 2 ways. I parked in a big mall parking lot, got out, locked my car, and as I walked away I heard a motor running and knew someone would return to their car and couldn’t get in. I only had one stop in the mall, and when I returned to my car, OOPS, it was my own car I heard running. We kept hidden keys on our car but was in a difficult place to get it. As I struggled to get to it a very nice young man “happened” by and asked if he could help me. He found it immediately. Oh, how grateful I was, offered him a reward but only accepted my thanks. And oh, how I thanked the Lord.
    Recently I fell on the front porch. It all happened in a split second, no one was around, I could tell I hadn’t broken anything, but how do I get up? I’m 91 and not very agile anymore, but the Lord gave me direction and I got up. From that experience I learned one very important thing — wear that alert button all the time. I didn’t have it on. It’s very important to have that cell phone with me wherever I go too. It saves lives. But, most of all, our greatest protector and Savior Jesus Christ is with me wherever I am. I don’t understand how anyone can turn their back on Him.
    May the Lord bless you abundantly.

    Hi Orlanda,
    Thank you for your devotion, so true how God watches over us!!

    So, you think you were pushed??
    A friend is recovering from a back injury, when she fell in the night. She said it was just as if someone said “so, you think you’re getting better?”
    And gave her an almighty push! Still, it could’ve been worse… God is in control!
    Thanks for writing, Orlanda. Blessings.

    Thank you, Orlanda, for inspiring us by telling of your parking lot experience. It is so important to remember to thank our “great big wonderful God” for His blessings.

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