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August 27, 2016
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As I sit down to write this devotional, I am wondering where my soul will lead me today, as I am sure that the Holy Spirit flows through my fingers as my hands dash over the computer keyboard.

The apostle Paul never had a computer, but the Lord was just as much with him back in the early years as He is with us now. In many ways, Paul seems to be a weakling, facing great dangers, yet just look at what he wrote! How did Paul function? What did he mean?

1 Corinthians 14:37-40 – If anyone thinks they are a prophet or otherwise gifted by the Spirit, let them acknowledge that what I am writing to you is the Lord's command. But if anyone ignores this, they will themselves be ignored. Therefore, my brothers and sisters, be eager to prophesy, and do not forbid speaking in tongues. But everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way. (NIV 2011)

Yes, as Christians, everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way, but we wonder, if our services were livelier, would more people come? What does the Holy Spirit say to us? What would Paul say to us? Who will help us today as the church suffers with so few attending? Why, the same One Who helped Paul so long ago, the One Jesus called the Counsellor, the Holy Spirit. So let us commit ourselves to pray that the Word of the Holy Spirit would be evident through God's people worshipping before His throne. Let us embrace the fact that the Holy Spirit can guide us along the path to new life, for He is able to lead us into a suitable situation where He can reach the modern generation, when so many don't attend church. Yes, the Holy Spirit will speak to us and through us to this present generation if our hearts are open to Him.

Therefore, let us pray for the future of the Christian church. It has come far around the world since Paul's day. The Holy Spirit is just as active today as when He grew the church back then, and He still desires to do the same today by guiding us into new ways of being the people of God. The Lord has many ways of speaking through us, and He knows the expressions of faith in Christ that will reach people's hearts. Let's keep praying for His power to fill all of us with strength, love, and gladness. May the Lord lead us along the path to new life in His Spirit.

    Holy Spirit, Truth Divine,
    Dawn upon this soul of mine;
    Word of God and inward Light
    Wake my spirit, clear my sight.
           – Samuel Longfellow, 1819-1892

Prayer: Lord, fill us today with Your Holy Spirit, that we may have the power to share with strangers the love of Christ, and welcome them into Christ's church. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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Iris Ford

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:


    May it be so Iris.

    Holy Spirit ministers to you.

    Thank you for your thoughtful devotion.

    Thanks for giving us some real food for thought today, Iris.

    Come, Holy Spirit, come. Thanks for another inspiring message, Iris. Hope all is well with you. God bless.

    Good afternoon, Iris. Thank you for your spirit filled message today. There are some important challenges. Have a blessed day tomorrow.

    Thanks, Iris. The Holy Spirit was certainly guiding you as you wrote His message for us today. May the Lord bless you for responding to the LORD’S will.

    Good Morning, I, too, pray that the Holy Spirit will show us the way. Thank you for your continued writings, as they do motivate, uplift, and encourage the rest of us around the world.

    Amen. Amen to a blessed and blessing devotional, Iris.
    With you, I am in prayer that the Holy Spirit will awaken the church and guide us all for Jesus sake and his glory in the churches, and outside of the doors, so that many will be drawn to knowledge of our Lord and his Word.
    May all Christians everywhere awaken to live the LIFE.
    Keep writing.

    Dear Iris,
    Greetings on this beautiful Saturday afternoon!
    It is so lovely to open up to your amazing devotion today. “I use the word amazing” because your devotional writings are always awesome and “yes” “Amazing” thank you very much.
    I can tell from your writings that you are feeling much better, let us give thanks to the dear Lord.
    I wish you continued healing and good health.
    And look forward to your next devotion.

    Thank you Iris for your devotional.
    I agree with you whole-heartedly and do hope people will not stop attending church as it is important to meet together for prayer and to encourage one another in the Lord. Something to be said about physically being around other people worshipping together and breaking bread together. The specialness is lost if people think they can just watch a service online or on TV. I know that for shut-ins and missionaries away from church, watching a service on TV or the internet may be their only option, but for the vast majority of people, I think it important to keep gathering together.

    Iris – Thank you for this insightful word today.

    Dear Iris,
    Thank you for your devotional and your beautiful prayer.

    Hi Iris,
    I see we both begin our devotionals in the same manner. I believe that he Holy Spirit dictates as He whispers His words to my mind, and I record them. What an awesome privilege is ours.
    You have once again challenged my thinking with your devotional. Thank you.

    Iris, Be encouraged as I’ve been. I was at a Conference and the sheer number of hundreds of Christian writers testifies that the Holy Spirit still inspires the sharing of God’s Word from pulpit and printed page. The Holy Spirit is still among us. Thanks for sharing. Blessings.

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