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Tuesday, June 28, 2016
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As I write, I am typing this with one finger at a time, as my left arm is badly hurt and too painful to use. Yes, I was careless and fell down on my left side on my arm. Thank the Lord, the arm wasn't broken, just terribly sore. I have been finding out all week that the Lord helps me to cope with every situation that I find myself in and provides me with someone by my side when I am in need of a helping hand.

Psalm 34:17-19 – The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles. The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. A righteous man may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all. (NIV)

Lately, I surely have been crying out to the Lord, and every moment, I know that the Lord hears my cry and works on my arm, healing it. Each day, it is less sore, and yesterday — the Lord's Day — I even sang in the choir with a good friend holding my hymn book and the anthem.

Have you experienced this closeness with the Lord? I look to Him every day. All we need to do is ask the Lord for help and He is at our side comforting and strengthening us through all that we need to do. Never give up! The Lord is with us. Yes, there are days when I can cope well only with His help; I know that He is helping me. I can feel the gentle nudging to move my arm in a certain direction, strengthening the hurt ligament. He also is helping me to type this devotional — one keystroke at a time.

Thank the Lord, for He does deliver us from all our troubles. It is wonderful to have a loving arm waiting to help with our every needy turn. We can look to Him for everything.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for Your gracious, loving, helping hand. We commit all that happens today into Your loving embrace. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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Iris Ford

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    He is there to help you always.

    Thanks for patient encouragement!

    Bless you Iris for your faithfulness. May God continue to strengthen you.

    It truly is wonderful to know that God is always with us in every circumstance we have to deal with! I pray that your arm heals quickly.

    Iris, Oh dear, can’t like a sore arm, but I do rejoice with you for the help of friends. May the Lord continue healing you. Blessings.

    Your message today is truly inspiring. What a wonderful way to start my day! Thank you very much.

    Hi Iris,
    Thanks for sharing your story. Get well soon.

    Now THAT’S an ouwee!
    Great encouragement for us all. Keep it up!

    Thank you for your devotional today, Iris. I hope your arm is feeling better, and that you are continuing to heal.

    Thanks, Iris. I have a couple of difficult funerals today, and your words will be in my mind as I bring comfort to the families.

    Hi Iris
    Somehow the daily devotional picked up my spirit as I face a very challenging day. I thank you so much for your scripture and health situation. Blessings.

    Thank you Iris for this devotional under such trying circumstances. Such dedication and reliance on the Lord’s goodness. I pray that you are continuing to make progress and have a lot less pain in your arm. Blessings.

    Thank you for sharing.
    And may you feel the warmth and strength of God around you as you heal.

    Thanks for an encouraging word today Iris.
    My back slipped out on Monday, so I definitely KNOW what you mean!

    Greeting in the matchless name of the Lord!
    Thank you so much for your Newsletter we are receiving from you and enjoying receiving blessings. Praise the Lord God.

    Ah yes, I know very well of what you speak. I need to remember your prayer. I fell on my knee this morning and it is very painful to walk. I know I didn’t break anything, because I can still move and walk. It will take time to heal and I thank God that it wasn’t worse.

    Hello Iris! Yes, the Lord is a very present help in time of trouble, and indeed, in all situations. Sorry to learn of your mishap. Trust it won’t be too much longer before your arm is completely healed.
    Continued blessings on your day today.

    Dear Iris,
    Your devotional came at the right time for me. I fell and sprained my ankle yesterday. I thank the Lord He was with me and my injury wasn’t any worse!
    God Bless.

    Good morning and blessings,
    Unlike you, I am a single-finger typist all the time. But, like you, I am living in a time of recovery from an injured back. I thank you for your encouraging words, and Thank the Lord Jesus for His help and mercy to us both.

    Hello Iris.
    Your devotions are always very good, they are so easy to read and follow, don’t know how to explain but they just reach me, make me feel that the Lord is near. I save them to read again.
    Do take care and look after your injury.

    First I am praying that your arm is coming along and healing daily.
    Thank you so much for this powerful devotion reading this morning. It has brought me so much comfort. I am sharing this right now with my goddaughter who is going through a very difficult time, and my friend also.
    May God bless and strengthen your arm that you can share these warn heartfelt devotions to all of us.

    Dear Iris:
    I know that God is with you and that He is healing you.
    I had surgery in January and I too couldn’t use my left arm for quite a while. God provided a friend who came and helped me with what I needed and slowly but surely I started doing things on my own with God’s guidance.
    May our Good Lord continue to hold you close and heal you.

    Thank you for the reminder of God’s help in times of distress.
    I had to have carpel tunnel surgery and was alone. At that time you were casted from just below the finger tips to almost the elbow, which stayed on for 10 days..
    I wore pull up slacks and blouses with big buttons, but was temporarily stumped when my neighbor brought me a loaf of fresh bread right out of the bread machine. Then I remembered there was an electric knife way back in the bottom of the cupboard. When I decided to peel carrots I ran into another snag. Finally I taped the peeler to my tap and dragged the carrots across it. Nothing seems impossible with divine help.
    Do hope you heal quickly.

    Our prayers go with you and hope you heal well.
    I damaged my rotator cuff earlier this year I was in great pain. I went to my chiropractor and she did massage and ART which stands for active release therapy. This has helped greatly. It is not entirely healed but much better.
    Both health care people say when as we say. “have had too many birthdays” things are slower to heal.
    Take care no more falling.

    Hello Iris, Once again taking one’s own experience and translating it into praying to our Lord for seeking help.
    Help comes to those who seek the Lord our God and abide in Him and they will be healed spiritually.
    If we all put our faith into the Lord, what a wonderful world this would be. We think of people who are in pain every day and can not shake off such pain and suffering, but sometimes our pain is a temporary thing and passes.
    It’s comforting to know the Lord our God is only a prayer away and listens to our crying.
    We don’t like seeing suffering of any kind as humans, but unfortunately it seems to be part and parcel to ones life cycle. If we put our faith in prayer it make life’s pains seem more comforting. It’s always nice when people come to ones aid to assist and we should except the help, as they do care for us. Just think… if we all cared for each other throughout the world, what a wonderful world this would be. Life gives us challenges and some small ones and some large ones, it’s how we deal with them and seeking help for them and God is Number One in listening to our cries for help.
    Thanks for this Daily Devotional.
    God Bless.

    My dear friend Iris,
    Believe it or not, 2 weeks ago today I fell on my left side while shaking out a very heavy door mat at the front door.
    Fortunately I had no broken or cracked bones, but some pain. Praise the Lord I didn’t hit my head. I am still wearing a larger size band aid on my left knee. Each injured area is healing at its own pace and I thank the Lord for what I need each day. And you have given something to pray about — your healing. The one thing I could share with folks about my fall is that it wasn’t and “older folk’s fall” since the mat pulled me off balance.
    Do you wear an alert button? I learned from my fall that I need to wear mine all the time as I didn’t have it on, and getting up was extremely difficult. It pays to be on the safe side. So good that we both still can sing.

    God is good.

    Thanks for sharing your experience about coping with God’s help. May He continue to heal your hand and may you continue to share your heart with all of us.

    I’m sorry that you fell Iris, and glad that you didn’t break anything. It will take some time to heal all the sore spots.
    It is wonderful to have our Lord who gets us through these difficult times.
    I do appreciate your devotionals.

    Hi Iris,
    Thank you for your devotional. You are to be commended for writing those good words with one finger. We know that with God’s help we can cope with almost everything.

    Hi Iris,
    It sounds like you and I are in the same boat, only my problem is with my side.
    Having to use a cane for balance has caused other problems. However, I am walking my dog twice a day for exercise, and while it hurts, He gives me the strength to do it.
    I can joyfully re-echo all that you wrote about in your devotional today, outlining our Great God’s mercy and faithfulness. He has supplied every need as it has come up, and has kept me going. Praise His Name!
    Thank you for sharing this testimony of His faithfulness in your life.

    Thank you Iris for another great lesson. And as I just read this today, I will pray for your quick and full healing. God bless you for all you do.

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