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Wednesday, May 25, 2016
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In years past, I have chronicled the development of the PresbyCan Daily Devotional in devotionals like "Bread On The Waters“, “Death Of A Vision“, and “What God Has Prepared", but each of them has focused on what happened in my life. On this twentieth anniversary of Daily, I want to draw attention to the fact that Daily depends on a lot more than me: writers, readers, prayer warriors, and staff.

1 Corinthians 12:12 – For as the body is one and has many members, but all the members of that one body, being many, are one body, so also is Christ. (NKJV)

Without our dedicated writers, we would have nothing to publish. One of the things that I notice regularly when I am preparing devotionals for publication, in line with today's Scripture, is that more than one set of eyes is essential for the editing of a good devotional — each person sees things that others have missed. Writers send in their submissions; some run without any changes; others go through several revisions. Then, off they go to James T. Hurd, our discerning Devotional Editor, the final set of eyes. Sometimes, he flags issues that I had never considered — a real life-saver!

Then, there are our faithful readers — 6,200 or more of them, by e-mail, website, and Facebook. Without them, there would be no point in writing. By sending encouraging notes, they, in turn, inspire and motivate the volunteer writers and staff to continue. These notes are collected at the end of every day by Jane Anne Waller, our dependable Feedback Editor, who posts them on the website for all to read. She also looks after subscription inquiries. A subset of our readers has developed a community around the PrayerLine, which is looked after by its committed moderator, Garnet Schenk. The server that runs the website and sends out the daily e-mails is provided by The Presbyterian Church in Canada and its staff, James Laurenson and Michelle Kortinen. Together, all of us are necessary to make this work.

Most important of all, however, is the undergirding of God Almighty. We see His hand regularly when, without anyone but Him knowing the needs of our readers, particular devotionals run at the exact time when a reader needs to hear a certain message from God. Readers also report wonderful "Yes" answers to their PrayerLine requests. There are also times when many prayers have gone up for wisdom in solving the problem when a computer glitch interrupts our schedule!

The bottom line is that, like any ministry, Daily needs many voices, many eyes, to do its task. All of us together are the body of Christ, doing His work here on earth. God provides exactly the people who will be able to accomplish the purpose that He has, to develop Christ-like character in each one of us. We can certainly celebrate what God has done through Daily!

Prayer: Today, Lord, we give You thanks for Your wisdom in making us part of the body of Christ. We rejoice in the volunteers that You have placed in the Daily family: writers, readers, prayer warriors, and staff. May our lives together give You the glory that You deserve above all others. In Christ's name, we pray. Amen.

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Robin Ross <>
Mission, British Columbia, Canada

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Amen. Blessings, Ross.

    Thanks for your hard work Robin.

    Well done, Robin and team!

    Thanks Robin!
    Blessings to you and staff.

    Thank you for reminding us that it takes all to work together. May God bless you richly for all your diligent work!

    Thanks, Robin, for noting all of God’s children who are necessary for publish the “Daily.” The efforts of all are appreciated.

    Thank you Robin.
    God is good.
    Blessings to all.

    Dear Robin:
    Congratulations on this wonderful anniversary of service to our Lord and our God to Him be all the praise and glory.

    Thank you for the reminder that it takes so many hands and eyes to create this special devotional space. Thank you to all of you and to God Almighty! Happy Anniversary.

    I had no idea so many people are involved to bring me (often) a much needed and timely word from the Word.
    Sincere thanks and God’s blessings.

    It certainly is wonderful that we have so many people who diligently work to get out the Daily. I know I have been blessed by it and have shared it with many of my friends. Thank you and God bless all of you richly.

    May God bless you for listening to His Voice and running with this mission for the last twenty years! My, has it really been that long! Seems like the blink of an eye since you called me to submit a devotional. Thank you for challenging me to step out in faith and write for Him. Blessings.

    Hi Robin and Ann!
    What joy we have to belong in Christ and share in His life through Daily and other parts of the church. Congratulations on 20 years of excellence with this ministry.

    Dear Robin,
    This devotional has been so insightful! You have always said we are a team. As a contributing writer of PresbyCan devotionals I have grown immensely, both spiritually and with my writing skills; thank you for your support. My prayer is that our readers will be blessed as they experience His love, caring and instruction as they faithfully read the Daily.

    Robin, I have been receiving your devotionals for at least 15 years and have forwarded to many friends and family. I truly appreciate this great service and the many faithful writers. When someone does not contribute for a period of time I miss them and become concerned for their health.
    I lift this ministry in thankful prayer and look forward to many more “answers” to my prayers.

    I have been much blessed since you first sent me an invitation a few years ago to join the Presbycan family as I have read the various devotionals and prayed with and for those who have written the devotionals and those who have made this all possible.
    I came out of retirement and now am leading a team where they are prayerfully searching for a new Pastor so I can retire once more and take up writing some devotionals. When this transpires I will seek the Lord’s direction to see if I should be submitting them to PresbyCan.
    May God bless you and all the team for all you do in making PresbyCan available to so many people.

    Hi, Robin and Jane Anne;
    Just wanted to take a moment to personally thank you both for your faithfulness in keeping PresbyCan Daily going for all these years. At one time I knew the whole team. It certainly is a testimony to your perseverance thru all the ups and downs over the years. Way to go! Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to James T., also.
    I really can’t recall when I started following Daily, In the early days we used to print it up! No emails on my tablet or cell phone then – it only did phone calls!
    I enjoy celebrating every time we’ve passed another milestone – 6K most recently. Have you been able to count how many countries your readers are from?
    Please also pass on my thanks to Garnet and the rest of the Team. I pray through the PrayerLine each day.
    I pray our Lord blesses you with continued faithfulness, perseverance, energy, and wisdom that you may continue to bless us daily.
    Keep up the good work!

    How wonderful when the body of Christ dwells in unity. Bless big and small jobs to make this daily spiritual FOOD come to us!!!!

    Thank you Robin for your devotional which stresses the role that staff, writers, and readers all play in this shared ministry.
    Congratulations to everyone on this 20th anniversary of the “Daily”. Best wishes for continued success of the ministry.

    Dear Robin,
    Thank you for the comprehensive summary of what all of us do together in the DAILY part of the kingdom of Jesus Christ, and for the culmination in your prayer. Amen.
    “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Continue in the wise guidance of our Lord.

    Hi Robin,
    Twenty Years speaks volumes about this ministry.
    I thank and praise the Lord Jesus Christ for everyone’s commitment, dedication and loyalty in edifying and strengthening the lives of many in advancing His Kingdom. To God be the glory!

    Thank you so much for the continuing delivery of Daily Devotionals. They are a true blessing to me – and to many of my friends – and I’m sure to others with whom I am not acquainted. May you continue to provide these to the many who are blessed by them.

    Dear Robin,
    I’ve been blessed to be a part of the daily family for the past several years. You’ve helped me to improve my writing skills and to appreciate that our devotionals are a team effort in working together for the glory of God. May the Lord continue to use the PresbyCan Daily devotionals and Prayer line to encourage others in their walk with Christ.
    Thank you for all you’ve done throughout the years to make this ministry possible.
    Happy Anniversary!

    Thanks Robin for your devotion and hard work in Christ’s service.

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