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Wednesday, February 24, 2016
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Psalm 119:125 – Give discernment to me, your servant; then I will understand your laws. (NLT)

Five senses are great, but it's wonderful when the sixth works as well. I enjoy all of my senses. Recently, my eye doctor told me that I was a candidate for glaucoma. Fortunately, the cornea specialist said that it wasn't as bad as it initially appeared. With a regimen of daily drops, I can see fine, and the nerve damage has been limited. I also enjoy tasting almost anything, and an abundance of it. Hearing is also pleasurable. Listening to the birds sing as the first rays of light appear is exhilarating. Smell is pleasant, too. It's perhaps the most powerful sense and can resurrect memories that we thought were long buried. And of course, it's nice to actually be able to feel what I touch. This, along with smell, clues me in to important matters — such as when my dog needs a bath.

With my five senses, I discern colours, distance, pleasant aromas, faint noises, and a warm, fuzzy blanket. But what about the first impression about someone that I've just been introduced to? I get a feeling that I can't explain. Or I'm in an area, and suddenly, I get an inexplicable sense of dread. Everything appears safe, but all I can think about is getting away. Perhaps it's the 30-year mortgage that I'm thinking of assuming, and I get a feeling inside telling me not to sign the papers even though the interest rate is low and the house is just what I've always wanted.

I attribute my sixth sense to God. It's the sense scientists can't identify, because the workings of this sense aren't repeatable. I know that I have it, but I can't prove it to anyone other than by giving them my word. When I program my mind with God's Word, I can trust these unexplainable warnings. I can also proceed with confidence in directions that appear senseless to me and others. All that God requires of us to receive this sense is a faith relationship with His Son. Having it means that I can live every day with confidence. My sixth sense will be my trusted guide.

Do you have a sixth sense guiding you in the right direction and to the best decisions?

Prayer: Father, thank You for giving us the spiritual sense that's beyond our physical senses. Amen.

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Martin Wiles <>
Greenwood, South Carolina, USA

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1 Comment

  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Thank you Martin for your thoughts which I have so enjoyed reading tonight.

    Got it. Love when it ‘kicks in’ and recognizes things beyond our understanding.
    God bless.

    Thank you Martin for writing about the senses, especially the SIXTH.
    Blessings to you and yours.

    Liked your descriptions of the senses and there is another sense which is most uncommom — common sense!!

    Great message Martin! Having spiritual discernment based on God’s Word can save us from a lot of troubles.

    Bravo Martin,
    A very interesting explanation of one of the gifts God has given us; thoughtful and insightful.
    God bless your writing ministry.

    Martin: Thank you for your timely devotional. Our study group is focusing on the Colours of Prayer and our senses play a very import part in this study. We shared your devotional with all the members of the group. Blessings.

    Sorry to hear you are a candidate for glaucoma as it is in my family I know if you do not use this drops as directly your vision can be seriously affected.
    Take care and follow direction this will give you new insight into what others are having to deal with.

    I really enjoyed your sixth sense. Oh, Now I know what I have. I always really disliked that feeling, it made me uneasy. Then a grandson by marriage told me, “It was the leading of the spirit”. I now have come to accept and listen to it.
    I didn’t like it when I would meet someone and it felt like I was being told to stay away. It made me feel evil. Thank you so much.

    Good morning Martin.
    Yes, our senses ARE wonderful, and trustworthy. As an artist the sense of sight is crucial to what I do!
    But, you are also very perceptive regarding the sixth sense – the “God Sense”. One speaker said that there are two senses, God Sense and nonsense, and each one of us must make our own choice! How very true!

    Dear Martin Wiles,
    Your “sixth sense” devotional is interesting:
    You must keep reading your Bible in depth — especially all the passages that your concordance can assist you in finding concerning God’s Holy Spirit.
    If your “sixth sense” is the working within yourself (within your inner Christian Spirit and Soul and mind) according to the Father and The Son and the Holy Spirit, then thank God for His Gift.
    Never take pride in “second sense.” If it is the truth according to the scriptures, it is the working of God’s Holy Spirit within you.
    Always believe the unction and direction of the direction and urge, whenever it agrees with any Word of God in the scriptures, for then it is of the HOLY SPIRIT.
    Never trust it if it speaks even a hint of meaning contrary to any Word of God’s Word, the Bible, and of all the meanings of the Bible. If contrary, it is of Satan and must be rejected.
    I am glad you program your mind in accord with God’s Word: “When I program my mind with God’s Word, I can trust these unexplainable warnings.” I pray that you will continue to program your mind with God’s Word, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

    Thanks Martin. I understand perfectly what you are sharing. It sort of ties in with the scripture that warns us to ‘Try the spirit, whether it be of God.”
    How great is our God who guides and protects us every day.

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