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The Formidable Wings Of A Gander

February 28, 2015

The wings of a bird readily suggest the gentle, protective qualities of God. In His "wings", we find security and safety. Yet these wings can convey a different image of God, which I realized one day while watching some Canada geese. It …( read more )

Little Ol' Me

February 27, 2015

An outstanding memory from my youth stems from when I was only ten years old. I was sitting alone in the third pew on the left-hand side of the church in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada, of which my dad was the minister and my mom was the …( read more )

God Moves In A Mysterious Way

February 26, 2015

Far out in the Pacific Ocean, away to the north of Papua New Guinea's mainland, just before 9:30 a.m. on the beautiful morning of February 26, 2014, six persons, John and Marjo Brownie (Wycliffe Bible Translators), one of their …( read more )


February 25, 2015

Is life getting you down? Are you feeling like Atlas, carrying the world on your shoulders? Sad, blue, depressed, restless? I know that I have felt like that, and often, I don't know what brought it on. Then, when I come to my senses and …( read more )

The Edge

February 24, 2015

The driveway at the place where I work is flanked by two deep ditches, one on each side. We have stakes marking the edge of the ditches for people coming and going from the driveway to navigate. A few days ago, though, as I backed into my …( read more )

So What?

February 23, 2015

It was -20 degrees, with a wind chill factor of -30. I definitely did not want to go out into that deepfreeze. So what? a little voice in my head seemed to ask. Your dog has to go out. Would you rather not have this dog? That thought …( read more )

After The Blizzard

February 22, 2015

In the aftermath of the blizzard, weak rays of sunshine peeked through breaks in gunmetal skies. The grumble of snowplows scraping along roadways in a valiant attempt to free ribbons of asphalt from mounds of blizzard-laid snow blended …( read more )

Blizzard Speak

February 21, 2015

Psalm 19 beautifully reminds us of how God speaks to us daily and nightly through His creation, in the heavens and the firmament. There really is something wonderfully peaceful, serene, soothing, and faith-building for many of us, in …( read more )

Don't Complain; Trust

February 20, 2015

"It's somebody else's fault." This is one of the lies that I'm often tempted to tell myself — a psychological defence mechanism that prevents me from accepting responsibility for my actions or thoughts. I don't relish the oncoming …( read more )

Wonders Of His Love

February 19, 2015

Late one night recently as I was taking the weekly garbage out, I looked up at the night sky. It was full of bright stars. I love this time of year because the skies at night are generally cloudless, so there is a vast array of planets, …( read more )


February 18, 2015

While searching the Internet, I came across a fascinating discovery located near the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem. The spot is the traditional site of the Antonia Fortress where many believe that Jesus was tried and condemned to death. …( read more )

Keep Your Eyes Fixed

February 17, 2015

When I took the course for a private pilot's license many years ago, I remember our instructor warning us to be very careful about pushing it in poor weather. Because we were not trained to fly on instruments only, we needed decent …( read more )

Family Day

February 16, 2015

Since Family Day was introduced in our province as a public holiday on the third Monday of February, I have taken a walk to the organized fun fair in the city. Streets closed for other traffic allow vendors to set up their tents, and many …( read more )


February 15, 2015

I became fascinated while watching a commercial about a waterproofing agent contained in a spray can that was able to repair leakages on almost anything. The salesman even demonstrated a rowboat with a screened hole in the bottom that had …( read more )

Valentine's Chocolates

February 14, 2015

I was a Valentine's Day baby. Thus, every year, my father brought home two boxes of chocolates in heart-shaped boxes, one for my mother, and one for me. How my child's heart loved him for that heart filled with sweets! Fast forward to the …( read more )

Do We Doubt When We Pray?

February 13, 2015

I often think of the story about the farmer who went to borrow a shovel. My children and I refer to this story often, when we see a similar situation building and we or others are taking on a negative attitude. The story goes that a …( read more )

An Ancient Custom

February 12, 2015

While standing by my mother's hospital bed. I found myself attempting to understand what was really going on. I was familiar with the bed; mother had been in that bed at home. The oxygen tent was the added component; *Does it mean that my …( read more )


February 11, 2015

Most people in my Bible class at the Meaford Long Term Care Centre have worries. Some are unable to get around without help; others are having trouble remembering. There are those who worry about their families and, in some cases, their …( read more )

The Story

February 10, 2015

What do we do when God answers our prayers? The story of Abraham's chief servant finding a wife for Isaac has spoken deeply to my heart, as I also hope it will to yours. When he came to Abraham's country, he prayed: God answered his …( read more )

Tell Me A Story

February 9, 2015

From the youngest age, all children love to be told stories. We enjoy hearing them, whether they are the invention of our talented parents or they're read from the ever-popular children's books. There are still many children around the …( read more )

My Songs In The Night

February 8, 2015

As I write this, we are gripped in the fourth day of winter storms — with yet more snow days expected. We're stuck at home. But that's okay. We're enjoying the preparations made earlier: the stored food, stacked wood, and countless other …( read more )


February 7, 2015

It was one of those absolutely gorgeous winter days: bitterly cold, but with a brilliant sun shining out of a cloudless, powder blue sky that went up forever. It made me smile as I heard the hymn "Immortal, invisible, God only wise" by …( read more )


February 6, 2015

Jesus taught that obedience and answered prayer are related: Obedience is a word that is known to everyone, whether they are Christian or not. It is a word that we learn from an early age. Parents teach obedience to their small children; …( read more )


February 5, 2015

As I walked through my office, dusting every shelf, I realized that life had become too busy. Pictures of deceased and living relatives sit idly on my book shelves. Rocks from places I've visited on mission trips and vacations nestle …( read more )

Fear Factor

February 4, 2015

When I was very young, we lived in a small cabin out on the family homestead some miles beyond the small village of Forest Grove here in the Cariboo region of British Columbia, Canada. There was no electricity or such utilities back then. …( read more )

Trusting God With An Unfinished Story

February 3, 2015

A good friend of mine — a published author of both fiction and non-fiction — is writing a new suspense novel, and she sent me her manuscript. I'm caught up in the story. Full of tension and expectation, the book has me on the edge of my …( read more )

In The Morning

February 2, 2015

The birds beneath my feeders are busy. Several times a day, they dart back and forth between their home in my neighbour's rhododendron bush and my feeders. Yet, as busy as they are feeding themselves during this cold weather, they always …( read more )

God's Super Bowl Commercial

February 1, 2015

In the news, commentators announced that this year's fee for a thirty-second commercial during Super Bowl XLIX (49) will be four and a half million dollars. I thought to myself, *What if I, as an emissary for God, were awarded the …( read more )


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