A Bruised Reed

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
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Isaiah 42:3-6a – A bruised reed he will not break, and a faintly burning wick he will not quench; he will faithfully bring forth justice. He will not grow faint or be discouraged till he has established justice in the earth; and the coastlands wait for his law. Thus says God, the Lord, who created the heavens and stretched them out, who spread out the earth and what comes from it, who gives breath to the people on it and spirit to those who walk in it: "I am the Lord; I have called you in righteousness; I will take you by the hand and keep you." (ESV)

We have some daffodil flowers growing from bulbs that I planted last year. They are in small clumps of five bulbs each. They have been growing away quietly during the winter in the north-facing flowerbed at the bottom of our garden. I was rather saddened to see that they had been beaten down by the stormy weather that we had earlier in the year. They were lying flat, over the edge of the flowerbed, looking bedraggled and sorry for themselves.

As a result of all the business of recent events here chez nous, I have not been paying them much attention. Yet when I looked out of the kitchen window whilst doing my chores at the sink, to my amazement, I saw that they have all recovered in the sunshine and are standing tall again, as if nothing had happened.

Having lost my father recently, I have been feeling a bit battered myself, and seeing the flowers there standing tall, it was as if God were saying to me in my heart: It's okay, kid, you will get through this time of weathering. You will be able to shine in My presence again and be able to stand tall once more.

So, too, I have an amaryllis that has been sitting above the sink. I had to cut off the leaves at Christmas, because they had wilted with a red fungus. Well, knock me down with a feather, the bulb has just up and sprouted a tubular leaf with a massive four-flowered head on it. It was as if the plant were also saying, Listen, it isn't over just yet, kid. There is still life left to live.

These events have reminded me of today's verses. They tell us that God is gracious to the broken-hearted and downtrodden and will in due time raise us up, both in this life, to keep us close, and also to bring us safe home at the end of the day.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for Your comfort and the assurance that You are with us always. We pray for all those whom we know, as well as ourselves, that You would touch lives to bring encouragement. By the presence of Your Holy Spirit, imbue us all with faith and hope where there has been doubt, hardship, and sorrow. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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Rod Marshall <roderickhenrymarshall@gmail.com>
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England

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1 Comment

  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    And he will Rod. Keep keeping on.

    Thanks so much Rod. Amen and again amen.

    Thank you Rod for an encouraging devotional. Blessings.

    Good analogy along with a message for the times we spend in our sorrows.
    Time heals our sorrows and God gives us example so that we see how we can be lifted up in time! God bless.

    Hi Rod,
    Your message today is just what I needed. Praise the Lord!
    May you continue to know the “peace that passes all understanding” in all the days ahead.
    God bless you.

    Wonderfully timed encouragement for me. What a beautiful analogy! Thanks so much Rod for this very timely message. It’s all too easy to begin thinking there’s not much left for us to do or to live for! But who can seriously doubt that God has plans for our lives as long as we draw breath.? God bless.

    Good one, Rod.
    I had to laugh. I hadn’t heard the term ‘knock me down with a feather’ for years. It was, once familiar to me in conversation. It was a comforting start to my day.
    So, my young email/internet friend, you have a lot of life to live yet, and a lot of other lives to touch.
    Blessings to you and yours.

    Dear Rod,
    Thank you so much! I lost my father last year and I miss him very much. I know he is with the Lord but I miss him. I woke up today dreaming about him and how he never held anything against me, but always tried to lead me to the Lord through what ever it was I was going through. I was crying and telling God I wasn’t sure where He and I were right now, I am feeling very alone and a bit lost. I am also going through some very trying illnesses at this time so my emotions are down, I was wondering if I still belonged to Jesus or if I have given up because I can’t seem to even read my devotionals right now. I WAS going to just delete this one. Thank God I didn’t! This has blessed so much! I thought ok, I’ll just read the verse and that really got me….then I went on. Thank you.
    You blessed me today. Thank you.

    It was so good to read a DD from you. You’ve been missing for so long.
    I’m ‘borrowing’ your idea for use in praise and Prayer. I recycle where I can! I’m using my amaryllis and the shamrock plant I on at a church tea. Almost identical incident. It’s sad to say farewell to a parent but we know we’ll met again, one day.
    Keep it up. You keep writing for PresbyCan, too.

    Dear Rod,
    How wonderful that God gave us daffodils, amaryllis, tulips, etc. to lift us up in His creative glory!
    May God continue to lift you up in your bereavement, and in every way.


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