To The Church In The West

November 3, 2014
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Revelation 1:10-11a – On the Lord's Day I was in the Spirit, and I heard behind me a loud voice like a trumpet, which said: "Write on a scroll what you see and send it to the seven churches. (NIV)

Recently, my Bible study group began studying the book of Revelation. Contemplating our discussions in regards to the seven churches, I was inspired to write what I felt Jesus may be saying to the Church in the West today. From a Christian perspective, the following letter expresses my view of the rapidly changing world in which we live, a critical period in church history. Now is the time for believers to stand up for the faith.

    To the angel of the Church in the West:

    I blessed you because you established and based yourselves in My holy name — a church that would continue to spread the gospel news. By keeping the Word and continually denying yourselves with sacrifice, you have assisted many, both at home and abroad. Even to the least of these, you've done it to Me.

    But due to sheer complacency and refutation, your heart has been changed. Satan has deceived you and you have accepted it. My name has been removed from your schools, meeting places, institutions, and government; atrociously, my helpless ones are being slaughtered by the millions. Because of your lukewarm hearts and backsliding, My patience will cease. Time is of the essence.

Concerning the above message, what do you believe the angel of God would say to your church? Will there be praise, tidings of gladness, and fruitful sayings, or will there be harsh words and demands of repentance? How blameless will it be? Ask these questions. My prayer and hope is that it will be the former.

Prayer: O heavenly Father, we pray that people will contemplate and come to the realization of the ultimate sacrifice that Your beloved Son made for the sins of mankind. We know that it is not too late for us to receive total salvation through Your grace, if we simply come to Him and accept Him as our one and only Lord and Saviour, for You are a forgiving and loving God. In Jesus' holy name, we pray. Amen.

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Larry Delia <>
Ocean View, Delaware, USA

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1 Comment

  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Well said Larry.

    You hit the Nail on the head. This is right on.

    Great message Larry. I would like to share this.

    Hi Brother
    This was very good.

    A good word this morning Larry!

    THANK YOU LARRY!!!! We all need the reminder.

    Thank very much for the message. I strongly need these devotional in my Christian life and my education as well to read and share with my friends. I am looking forward to receiving them.

    Dear Larry:
    You have written a direly needed warning. We must pray for our countries.

    Great idea Larry,
    Certainly different.
    This tells the truth of what is happening in our churches today and should serve as a wake up call.

    You have just put into words what I’ve been feeling about our nation.
    I’m a senior citizen who sees that more and more we are leaving God out of our lives, and I’m concerned about the future generations. Thanks for your comments today.

    Dear Larry,
    You have shown great insights in your letter to us in the West. God will expect more from us than any other region in the world, for we have been given much as stated in Luke 12:48b.
    Thank you for writing this timely message. Let’s pray that the West will return to our Christian heritage.

    How true your words are.
    Thank you for sharing and being one of FATHER’S vessels to share his word to my self & your readers.
    I ask FATHER in JESUS name to rain down health happiness & prosperity all of your days until your last earthly blessing when you are taken by the hand to your new eternal home. Your reward for being faithful and a job well done!
    AMEN & AMEN.

    Dear Larry,
    Your letter uniquely captures the essence of God’s prophetic Word at a time when many choose political correctness over the teaching of the Bible. I agree the Western church, in particular, should wake up to Jesus’ call for repentance and stand firm in the truth.
    Thank you for sharing this insightful and thought-provoking devotional. You did an excellent job applying the message in Revelation to the significance of present day events which will ultimately culminate in Christ’s return.
    Please keep writing!

    You are so right. God must be so heartbroken how we have pushed out our founding faith (I am a Brit. born and in Canada for many years.)
    I have always said when discussing this topic If my place of residence were say Israel I should expect that the faith in their schools and synagogues would continue and would not embrace mine. I would expect that.
    In the school I attended we had prayer Bible reading and hymns first things each morning. All children of other faiths were excused this time of worship and announcements.
    We are in sad times.
    Thank you.

    Dear Larry,
    I read and listened to the letter to the church in the west. It is very well written and thought provoking. I think that God definitely grieves what he sees! The actions and reactions of his people is not a surprise to him as he already knew that we’d become. I too hope that his church and all others will surrender their lives to him, confess our sins and admit that we CAN NOT do it without him. We need him and his sacrifice to go to heaven and live with him FOREVER. So may think that they will go to heaven because they are “good people” or have not committed a mortal sin but we can’t earn our way in. We will NEVER be “good enough” and THAT’S PRECISELY WHY WE NEED HIM.

    Dear Uncle Larry, you did an awesome job making the scripture relevant for our day. I think you have a gift for creative writing. Keep up the good work!

    Larry great job of delivering a message that has been need for a long time. We Christians need to be aware or our future, our government will only let us worship in the walls of our church and homes. We will no longer be able to testimony to the people in need of His grace of salvation.
    Thanks for speaking up for the Word (Revelations). Continue your messaging.

    Really good devotional Larry. I hope the people who read it really do think about where their church is heading and have the courage to speak up about it. Keep up the good work. God bless you.

    Hi, Larry,
    I have been praying similar words over the last few months in talking with the Lord about conditions in Western society. The Church has defaulted in its mission. The prayer needed to change things has been so lacking. I resolved a while ago that I would do my part daily before the throne of God. So much to pray about.
    May the Lord give you favor in everything you do.

    Your devotional sounded great! Nice job!

    I listened to your devotional! It sounded really good! So true too. Its definitely food for thought and I’m sure many Christians today will be thinking about the content of your devotional. Good work!!

    Great job! That’s awesome, it sounds so good. My favorite line is “Satan has deceived you and you have accepted it”…that sums it all up. Hopefully this reaches some hearts and I think it will.

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