Friday, October 24, 2014
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Proverbs 15:24 – The path of life leads upward for the wise to keep him from going down to the grave. (NIV)

As the fall draws along, road construction is also in high gear to get roads completed before the winter season. For the past few weeks, on the road that I travel twice a day when I'm working, the paving company has been busy putting down layers of asphalt. What was once a two-lane road is being transformed into five lanes. Pylons, flag people, and large pieces of equipment are in abundance.

It was still dark today as I travelled, and it was just me and the pylons — and the five cars behind me. As I was navigating the five rows of pylons before me, I had to make decisions. If I made a mistake, I could find myself in the oncoming lane of traffic, and worse, the five cars behind me would also be in the wrong lane.

I found this a very stressful drive for the three or four minutes, as pylons had been knocked over, and an error could easily have occurred. I believe that seeing the cars in my rear view mirror and knowing that my decisions would also affect them added to my stress. I thought to myself, Oh, how I wish I were following and not leading the way.

As I was sharing about my drive with another co-worker, I realized that I am a follower: my focus for following is in Christ. I am also a leader: showing other people the way to Jesus. Even though this drive didn't have a direct impact on the other drivers, I was able to say a prayer on their behalf later on in the day. I did this in blessed assurance that my prayer was heard and, more importantly, acted upon by Jesus in His timing.

1 Timothy 2:1 – I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone. (NIV)

What an impactful realization it is that He is in all we say and do, even before we come before Him. What if we prayed and spoke blessings in all that we do, or as in this case, prayed for the people in five random cars as we go about our day. We know the power of prayer, and I'm sure that many of us have experienced answers to prayer. Who knows? My prayer may have brought comfort to someone on this day as they travelled.

Are we aware, as we drive among the pylons of life, that other people are watching our lifestyle and are deciding whether they will follow us to Jesus?

Prayer: Dear Lord, continue to open up the well of knowledge into our lives. Thank You for the answers to all the prayers that are made in Your name. Help us to pray and walk with You in all that we say and do. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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Julie Bowles <>
Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Good reminder Julie.

    Thank you Julie that is a keeper. What a good comparison.

    Julie, Thank you for writing on prayer today.
    God bless.

    I know the feeling!! Of the pylons set along the roads and the feeling of being hemmed in for fear of hitting one! Thank God for His help. Blessing to you, Julie.

    Dear Julie,
    Thank you for your devotional.
    I was in the midst of preparations to lead a class on Romans 1:16 t0 32 when I took a break to read today’s devotional.
    It’s amazing how Proverbs 15:24 fits the passage, Romans 1:18-32.
    Keep writing.

    Wonderful devotional Julie. I can totally relate to your drive. Whenever I’ve found myself in a similar situation my thoughts have been similar.
    I love reading other’s interpretations of the Bible and of hearing their daily situations too. I hate being the lead car in a road work area, so your message really hit home.
    Thank you.

    Julie: What a wonderful theme for today’s Devotion. Thank you. I and my wife have reached the ‘Winter’ of our lives, she having travelled far along the road of Alzheimer’s dementia. Visiting her daily I some times begin to feel I need encouragement of purpose to make my declining years of the late 80s worthwhile. Yet, I am so thankful I’ve had the health offered by God and thus given the privilege to have known my ‘gal’ for so many years as I try to reassure her I’ll be there for her always.
    I’ve navigated through my ‘pylons’ with the prayer, “I hope I haven’t knock over too many.” I wish to compliment and encourage you Julie. You are a blessed person.

    Good morning, Julie
    It’s funny — when we find ourselves in the lead position in some situations, we are fine; in others (often traffic-related), we are not! I am sure most readers will nod in silent agreement as they read today’s devotional as they’ve either had to “lead” through construction pylons, or, they have had to “lead” through bad weather (winter snowstorms have been more often when I’ve found myself in your position!).
    But, when we remember that we have the best co-pilot we could ever have — our Heavenly Father — it helps to calm our stresses.
    Please do continue to write.
    God bless and continued safe driving!

    Dear Julie,
    You always have such special, helpful devotionals! Thank you.

    Good devotional Julie,
    Many of us, when in the middle of stressful situations, oftentimes forget what you have stated. I’m glad you brought Jesus to light during your trials.
    It was a thoughtful reminder.

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