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Wednesday, September 24, 2014
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Some time ago, our local daily newspaper started publishing a number of pages about famous movie and television personalities. There are long articles and many pictures of the "beautiful people", as they are sometimes referred to. You can read about all the things that they have accomplished, who they married or not, and so on. We are led to believe that we should admire and perhaps envy these people. It is enough to make us ordinary people wonder what we are missing.

One Tuesday, I was leading the worship service at our local Long Term Care Centre, and just outside the French doors which lead to a grassy yard, there is a hanging bird feeder. As I was preaching, one of the ladies spoke up, pointed to the window, and mentioned all the sparrows at the feeder. Some were feeding, while others were trying to get onto the perches, fluttering around waiting their turn.

When we have a bird feeder, we like to see the bright-coloured birds, the cardinals, blue jays, purple finches, yellow finches, doves, or an odd indigo bunting perhaps in the spring. But mostly we see sparrows, and they seem to be everywhere.

The psalmist makes note of the sparrows when he tells us how anxious he is to go to the temple:

Psalm 84:1-3 – How lovely is your tabernacle, O Lord of hosts! My soul longs, yes, even faints for the courts of the Lord. My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God. Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may lay her young — even Your altars, O Lord of hosts, my King and my God. (NKJV)

It appears that he is envious of those sparrows. Although they are a drab brown colour and they don't sing, yet those birds were building their nests in the temple. They were able to come and go there, whereas the ordinary people of the time could go only occasionally, and even then, there were areas where they were not allowed to enter. Yet the sparrows just flew in and out at will.

Jesus talked about sparrows and how important they are to God:

Matthew 10:29 – Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father's will. (NKJV)

Even though they are just cheap, ordinary birds, they are all under God's care.

As I continued to lead the service, I looked at the people in the room — all of us just plain, ordinary people; nothing spectacular about us. There were no movie stars, no great achievers — just us ordinary folk together worshipping God, singing praises to His name and having a time of Christian fellowship together. It is so good to realize that we, too, are all in God's care.

Prayer: Our Father in heaven, it is so good to know that You care for us, and that in whatever situation we find ourselves, You will look after us. It is also so good to know that all through the ages, You have compassion for your creation — all of it. We ask that You will continue to bless us — all of us. We ask it in Jesus' name. Amen.

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About the author:

Joel Jongkind <austria67@bmts.com>
Meaford, Ontario, Canada

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1 Comment

  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    I love this!

    Such a good reminder Joel.

    Liked this sparrow thought a lot!!

    Dear Joel. Always appreciate your devotionals. Today, especially, it is so good to know that God loves a “nobody”. The Lord continue to bless you.

    “Beautiful people?” To me, the truly beautiful people are those who are wrinkled and silver-haired, and who can enjoy watching the sparrows. I doubt the famous and much-married television “beautiful people” have time to enjoy God’s little critters.

    Thank You for sharing with us, your readers.
    May FATHER continue to rain HIS blessings upon you.
    (Texas USA)

    Dear Joel,
    Thanks for the devotional.
    It reminded me of the hymn we used to sing: “God sees the little sparrow fall”
    Everyone is very, very significant in God’s sight.
    Keep writing and leading seniors and others in this meaningful worship. Your devotions are deep in spiritual meaning. Good food.

    Good Morning Joel.
    I read you writings, and wish to “pat you on the back, so to speak.” Many there are that wish for the “Pat On The Back” from others. But, currently I do not see this in you. I do see in you, the last verse in this portion that Paul wrote (Phil 2:13). And with that in mind, I pray for strength for you, in the coming times, while in our crooked and perverse nation!

    What a wonderful reminder that our Heavenly Father does, indeed, look after us well in all that we do! Society would have us believe that we are lacking what “the beautiful people” have yet the truth is, as God’s children we lack for nothing — all we need do is seek His help. The sparrows, cardinals, bluejays, etc. do not lack for what they need…nor do we.
    Do continue to write.
    God bless!

    What a beautiful, gentle, loving reassurance for all of us who often feel that we are so insignificant that the people around us don’t even notice our existence, so it’s hardly likely that God would notice. But what you say is written in His Word, we know it’s true, and yet it’s wonderful to be reminded, that HE LOVES US SO VERY MUCH! Also, when you think about it, He loves it when people remember Him, love Him, praise Him, follow and obey Him. In fact WE are the ones to be envied, just because we know the Saviour! I feel greatly encouraged by your words today Joel.

    Dear Joel: I look forward to begin my days by reading the thoughtful content of each Devotion. Each had a personal message directed to me.
    I do not recall having previously ‘wished’ the following comment, but here it is, “I wish your Devotion message of today could be heard from our pulpit.” because I have never though of comparing our precious human (Homo sapiens) beings with that of the common sparrow. I am certain it would make a worthwhile impression upon my fellow members some Sunday as they sit all around me. Thank you.

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