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Saturday, September 13, 2014
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One time when I was working in the Middle East, on my way back from Muscat to the camp where we lived and worked, I picked up six young Omani boys and gave them a ride in the back of my Land Rover. They sat in the back, three on each side, and they sang songs. When we came to the road where the village was that they wanted to go to, I stopped and let them off. They thanked me, waved goodbye, and headed down the desert road to their village, and I returned to the office. When I got there, I noticed that one of them had left a camel stick in my vehicle. I did not know where they were headed, so I kept the stick, and I still have it. It is a very light bamboo stick, three feet long, with a crook at the end.

Camel drivers use these sticks to guide their camels. They tap them on the side of their head if they want them to go this way or that, under the chin if they want them to rise, on top of their head if they want them to kneel so that they can get off, and on their rears if they want them to go faster. The sticks are used as a friendly persuasion to control their camels.

We have noticed the apostle Paul's methods of friendly persuasion at the Bible discussion that I lead at our local Long Term Care Centre. We have been looking at the Book of Acts, and most recently, we looked at the story of Paul pleading his case before King Agrippa. Paul had told him and those with him that he had at first persecuted "the People of the Way", but that, after meeting Christ on the road to Damascus, he had become a Christian as well, and that all he and the others did was tell people about Jesus. He reiterated that they had always done this in the open and not hidden in a corner.

Acts 26:28 – Then Agrippa said to Paul, "You almost persuade me to become a Christian." (NKJV)

Sometimes, we meet people who want to know more about our faith in Jesus and what that means to us. As one fellow told me, "Don't preach to them; just talk." I had a discussion with a gentleman on the street one day and I asked him if he had a religion other than Christian. He said he did not; he was a "nothing", he said. I talked with him for a while but as far as I know he has not changed his mind. Successful witnessing is simply sharing Jesus in the power of the Spirit and leaving the results to God.

In my Bible class's study of the book of Acts, we learned that the early apostles never forced their new faith on the people. They did not "hit people over their heads with the Bible" as we sometimes say. No, they talked with people they met, and they used friendly persuasion. And thousands were added to their numbers. What an example for us!

Prayer: Our Father in heaven, there are so many people who need to be persuaded that faith in You gives us the ability to cope during the difficult times in our lives. We ask that we, too, will have the ability to persuade people to come to faith in You as Saviour and Lord. We offer this prayer in Jesus' name. Amen.

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Joel Jongkind <>
Meaford, Ontario, Canada

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Good thoughts Joel.

    I would like to use this study for the devotion at our meeting. I will acknowledge where this comes from and you as the author.
    Many thanks.

    I pray that God will cause us to be mighty and powerful in using friendly and God-guided and Word-filled friendly persuasion that will reach the depths of the souls of those we talk with and write for.
    For Jesus sake.
    Keep writing.

    Thank you Joel. I agree, success in allowing someone the choice to learn about God is in simply sharing and leaving the rest to Him.
    With reference to your story, it wasn’t mentioned, so I am wondering if camel owners/riders ever actually touch the animal, talk soothingly to them or is everything always done with a stick?
    Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    Or… we ask that the Spirit persuade them as we share our life and our story.

    So appreciate this message!

    Thanks. I was reading the devotional. It was my devotional reading ‎this morning and I appreciated your words.

    Beautiful, great tap on my ear to correct my course.
    Thank you.

    Thanks for forwarding these Joel. I don’t subscribe to these devotions so would have missed it – please keep them coming!
    It is wonderful to see you using your spiritual gifts in this way! Keep up the great witnessing!

    Dear Joel:
    As soon as I began reading today’s devotional I guessed that it was written by you.
    My friend John has spoken of being hit over the head with the Bible when he was young.
    That method doesn’t really work. Friendly persuasion often does.
    God bless.

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