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Sunday, February 2, 2014
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Acts 2:25b – For He is at my right hand, that I may not be shaken. (NKJV)

Snow and ice covered the roads as well as sidewalks. I chose to visit a friend, whom I had not seen for many months. There was a fair amount of ice on her driveway, which I managed to manoeuvre without any problem.

However, leaving sometime later proved to be more difficult, for as I stepped onto the driveway, my feet lost traction and down I went.

It felt like someone was holding my right arm with a vicelike grip. I tried to get up but could not.

My friend wanted to help me, but she was unable to lift me, as she'd had a biopsy that very morning. The clutching sensation in my right arm was not her holding on to me — I found out later that it was a complete break in my wrist, which had snapped and was now letting me know that there was damage needing medical attention.

I went to a clinic nearby and sought help. Needless to say, I now sport a cast. It will be my companion for four to six weeks.

It could have been worse.

Psalm 73:23 – Nevertheless, I am continually with You; You hold me by my right hand. (NKJV)

Have you ever felt as if someone were holding your hand, trying to keep you from proceeding in your own way? Have you ever experienced what feels like an unseen presence, telling you that you need help, yet you ignore it, hoping that it will go away?

Perhaps you are addicted to drugs, or alcohol, or other vices. An unseen source — felt in your spirit, not physically — tries to stop you doing more damage.

Chances are that it's God trying to get your attention. He's trying to guide you to relief, to lead you to a place of healing. You shrug the feeling off and continue destroying your body, mind, and spirit, even though you are desperate to change and be a better person.

I could have ignored the grasping sensation on my wrist, considering myself capable of recovering by my own methods, but wisely, I chose to get help.

Can you now be wise and allow God to mend your broken life? He can, but you have to ask Him to do it. Then you have to do as He directs.

True recovery will begin as soon as you decide to change and let help in, just as my wrist began to receive relief once the medical staff gave me much-needed support with a cast.

Be wise — sensible — strong. You can do it!

Prayer: Abba, hold on to us tightly and prevent our feet from slipping and leading us astray. Amen.

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About the author:

Patricia Day <patday174@gmail.com>
Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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1 Comment

  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    A great devotional Pat. Thank you.

    Thanks Patricia for the encouraging words.

    Pat, what an encouraging devotional and in the midst of your own pain too. Thank you.

    Thank you Pat for taking a misfortune and turning it into a lesson and blessing for us all. Praying continued healing for your wrist.

    Sorry about the break, but it doesn’t seem to be holding you back.
    God bless.

    Dear Pat:
    I did not immediately look for the name of the writer – but half way through reading your devotional I thought that sounds like Pat.
    Out of what could be a disaster came blessing!
    Thank you so much for your devotional.
    Every blessing for your day.

    I just read your devotional and with a little rewording it could apply to the grief a person feels at the lose of a loved one. Until I said to God that I needed the help and really meant it the pain from loosing my wife recently was horrendous. Not that it still doesn’t hurt but there is somewhere to turn to besides the bereavement group and my church family. They can’t always be there for me but God is ALWAYS THERE if I just let him in.
    Thanks for a great devotional.

    Dear Patricia,
    Thank you for a wrist-felt and heart-felt devotional. I pray that God will continue to bless you with on-going healing, and no more falls.
    I pray that God will call all who need help to depend upon Himself so they will get the very help they need for recovery from physical, mental, and social needs, including myself.
    I had surgery almost two years ago and it has not healed well.
    And I had a cataract recently and my eye has not cleared yet.
    I need God’s best.

    Dear Pat!
    So sorry about your broken wrist. On the other hand it turned into a devotional role to speak of misdirected notions of many not seeking God’s guidance to the brokenness in us.
    We can begin by reciting the Lord’s Prayer or use our own words.
    God’s Spirit guides us to truth, into all truth.
    Speedy recovery! God bless you!

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