The Stretch

November 26, 2013
by Lynne Phipps   - Listen to this devotional

1 Thessalonians 5:17 – Pray continually. (NIV)

Remember, before cordless phones, how those old, curly phone cords could be stretched and stretched and stretched? In fact, I recall that when my kids were small, the four-foot phone cord in the kitchen eventually stretched to more than three times that length due to the fact that I was always stretching it to its limit. A friend would call, and during our conversation, that curly cord would stretch over to the sink as I washed dishes. It would follow me to the washer and dryer on laundry day, to the back door to let the dogs in or out, and over to the living room door to check on the kids in the play area.

All this stretching occurred because communication between stay-at-home moms was invaluable. Sorrows as well as joys were shared. Problems were discussed and worked through. Decisions were made. Friendships were forged, and relationships were strengthened, all because that old, curly phone cord had the ability to stretch and stretch and stretch.

Learning to pray continually is also a stretch. And yet, the forging of this discipline is invaluable when it comes to the results that continual prayer offers. When we stretch ourselves to include God in everything we think and say and do, sorrows are more easily borne; joy is multiplied; decisions are wiser and less stressful; problems are seen from new perspectives; and our relationship with Jesus Christ is strengthened as we discover that He is the best and greatest friend we will ever have the privilege of knowing.

Prayer: Father God, we thank You for the privilege of prayer: being able to speak with You at any time, under any circumstance, in any place. Bless us daily through the prompting of Your Holy Spirit to stretch our times of communication with You, more and more, until it becomes natural to pray continually. In Christ's name, we ask. Amen.

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Lynne Phipps <>
Atlin, British Columbia, Canada

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1 Comment

  • PresbyCan Feedback says:


    Thank you for these words. Quite precious.

    Been there done that Lynne. Good application.

    Dear Lynne: AMEN and thank you for your inspiration.

    Excellent. Get that message out to the public at Christmas time.

    Thank you Lynne for the devotional. I particularly was at one with you in your prayer.
    Keep writing,

    Thank you for today’s message. Your words describe my life as my family grew and how close one can get with God. Prayer never ceases to amaze me. God is near.

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family. Thanks for your writings. They have a lot of meaning to me.

    Dear Lynne, Just outstanding as always. Your devotionals have a message for all of us, no one is left out. Keep writing.

    Dear Lynne;
    Thank you for your wonderful devotional this morning; good analogy. My aim is to, as you say, to include God in everything I say, do and think. Have a wonderful day!

    Dear Lynne,
    Thank you for another illustration of how it is so wonderful to talk to God, continually. Then, it seems as though we are never out of touch. God bless you and yours as we approach a time of anticipation, hope and joy.

    Hi Lynne,
    My husband often forwards the devotionals on to a growing group of people. I love your thoughts! And today I wanted to stretch the cord to tell you that you have touched me over and over again with your images and connections. Thank you.

    Thanks Lynne. It is indeed a stretch to be praying continually, but this is wonderful advice and encouragement, since I sometimes think I’m somehow ‘lacking’ because I find it so challenging. It’s so easy to get caught up in our own ‘voice’ reviewing things we either like or dislike! May my ‘voice’ become less active and His voice more active in all my thoughts and words and deeds. God bless.

    Lynne – your devotional brought back similar memories. I’ve been thinking a lot about that Scripture lately – just two words but it means so much. I really appreciate your application.
    I’ve been busier than usual getting ready for the holidays.
    Pray all is well with you.
    Peace and Blessings.

    Dear Lynne,
    I really liked your devotional.
    It spoke to my heart. Thank you for writing it.

    Yes, another lovely devotional Lynne. Thank-you! Been there myself with the curly phone cord. Blessings.

    This is priceless Lynne! And so true, that we need reminding too! Thanks for your reflection.

    Dear Lynne,
    Thanks for the ecouragement on “stretching”.
    We have to PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens) and by so doing praying will become naturally.
    Thank You.

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