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A Sacred Moment

October 6, 2013
by Iris Ford   —   Audio controls are below the devotional to listen to this devotional or to hymn music while you read

John 15:5 – I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. (NIV 2011)

How often do we experience this "abiding" that Jesus referred to in today's Scripture? Surely at some time, we would have felt that we and the Lord God were in close fellowship — a wonderful, sacred moment. We believe that the Lord set up a special meal with bread and wine for His followers to experience such closeness "in remembrance of Him". So it is possible for us to experience Jesus' presence in such a wonderful holy moment. Do you know what I am talking about — a personal time apart with Christ? Some people call it the Eucharist, communion, the Divine Liturgy, or the Lord's Supper.

On July 20, 1969, there was such a sacred moment on the moon! Buzz Aldrin, one of the two astronauts on board, had a communion set with him, a gift from his minister, and he celebrated communion on landing on the moon. Wow! Bread and wine was the first food eaten on the moon, and it was done in remembrance of Jesus Christ and what He had suffered when on earth.

What does communion mean to you and me? We all celebrate it differently with many deep feelings, thinking of all that Jesus did for us — His teachings, His crucifixion, and His resurrection power. It has all had a tremendous effect on us, and it has affected thousands over the centuries ever since His resurrection. We are participating with great humility in a holy act that stretches back over thousands of years. We feel Jesus' presence in many ways as we commune with Him now today.

All acts of communion with Jesus remind us of the wonderful, spiritual connection we have with Jesus when we abide in Him. "I am the vine, you are the branches. Whoever abides in me will bring forth much fruit." This is a very close connection with Jesus, a connection as close as a branch on the vine, and it is a connection that results in much fruit.

If we are feeling empty and useless today, let's go back in our mind and soul to the last time we felt near to the Lord, and ask Jesus to fill us with His presence now, for He never leaves those who receive Him. Every day, He helps us to live for Him, sharing His love.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, forgive us when we have failed You, or feel alone, empty, and worthless. Fill our hearts today with Your Spirit, that we may realize Your closeness in our souls as we open up to You. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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About the author:

Iris Ford
Parksville, British Columbia, Canada

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1 Comment

  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Thanks Iris for sharing this beautiful reminder.

    Thank you Iris, for this meaningful devotion on this day.

    Iris, Bless you for sharing these thoughts with us. May we always remain connected to the Vine, Jesus Christ. Blessings.

    Wonderful devotion this morning Iris before I go to my church and help with serving communion. Really good words and again, just a perfect reminder of why we do this. May God continue to bless you and thank you for these excellent words this morning.

    Really enjoyed your devotion. Never heard about the astronauts having communion on the moon. Sad that media did not highlight that. Thank you for your devotion.

    This was very beautiful, and appreciated very especially, as we had a Communion Service in our Church today. Your reminder for those who are not feeling the closeness of the Lord Jesus, to think back to the last time they did was very good. I will remember that when talking to people in my circle, who seem to have drifted away. I have heard it said, it is good to even go back to the geographical location, whether it be a home you used to live in or a Church you attended. Thank you for the reminder.

    Good Morning Iris:
    Always a thought provoking and beautiful message from Iris. One that reminds us Jesus in indeed the bread of life and because of His precious shed blood, on our behalf, we have the glorious assurance that we will live forever and enjoy the wonderful blessings He has gone to prepare for us.
    Communion, for me, is a time of soul searching, I truly feel the hand of God touch me and know “He is the vine, and I am one of His small branches” and sincerely pray I will not disappoint but bring forth fruit, in His name, as He guides my path through life.
    All acts of communion with Jesus remind us of His wonderful, spiritual connection with us, how thankful we should be He did not leave us without providig this glorious connection with Him.
    Have a blessed week and once again, thank you for your fine message.

    Hello Iris,
    Thanks for your devotion today.
    The other night I watched a movie on tv called, Dish, which told about the dish in Australia that tracked the rocket to the moon during the Apollo 11 mission while the rocket was in the southern hemisphere. The dish was also used to receive the video signals from the moon upon landing.
    In the film they showed the historical moments of first stepping out on the moon and jumping around but they didn’t show the Communion on the moon nor have the audio played of the astronauts quoting Genesis 1. I was disappointed not to have heard it. It seems that N. America used to have a fear of the Lord even in secular movies and events than it does now.
    But I’m glad that the Lord doesn’t change with the times and still keeps close to those who keep close to Him and draws those to Himself who are open to be drawn to Him.

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