Leviathan On A Fishhook

Saturday, August 17, 2013
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Job 41:1-5 – Can you pull in the leviathan with a fishhook or tie down his tongue with a rope? Can you put a cord through his nose or pierce his jaw with a hook? Will he keep begging you for mercy? Will he speak to you with gentle words? Will he make an agreement with you for you to take him as your slave for life? Can you make a pet of him like a bird or put him on a leash for your girls? (NIV)

The young adults in our church play an amusing game called "Honey, if you love me, will you please smile for me?" The group sits in a circle as each member takes a turn trying to make another person smile or laugh by making funny faces and/or performing a comical stunt. The person then answers by saying "Honey, I love you, but I just can't smile for you", at the same time, trying to keep a straight face. If he or she smiles, then that person becomes the next player. Otherwise, the same person moves on to the next party.

While contemplating the object of this game, I wondered if God might also have a sense of humour — at least, the last few chapters of the book of Job suggest that He does. Job is famously known for his patience and suffering; nevertheless, he repeatedly argued with God, boldly proclaiming his innocence. After listening to thirty-seven chapters of Job's constant whining, the Lord finally had His say, posing a series of questions that no human being can answer.

For example, in today's passage, the Lord questions Job about the powerful leviathan; I smile every time I read these verses. I think God uses humour to expose man's inability to completely understand His will and power. The mysterious leviathan was probably some kind of sea creature, now extinct — hardly the kind of animal that could be tamed; yet, its strength paled enormously under the command and authority of almighty God!

I just love the "tongue-in-cheek" manner in which the Lord responds to Job's complaints. It's light-hearted, yet profoundly deep; humorous, yet infinitely wise. However, God is not only speaking to Job, but also to all humanity. In one way or another, everyone can identify with Job's suffering; we may all be guilty of questioning the Lord's wisdom and purpose for our lives.

Thus, I believe a lot can be learned from Job's experience. When our joy has run out with burdens too heavy to bear, it might be helpful to read the full transcript of God's communication with Job. By meditating on His divine counsel, our hearts will be encouraged. Moreover, traces of God's humour are bound to put a smile on our face. Do not miss out on this delightful blessing.

Prayer: Almighty God, You are King of the universe and King of our lives. Open our hearts to receive Your wise counsel, and help us to see the bright side of every situation. In Jesus' holy name, we pray. Amen.

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Lori Ciccanti <dlalsina@mchsi.com>
Ocean View, Delaware, USA

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Good reading — good author!

    Your devotionals are always meaningful. Thank you. Hopefully your husband’s health is continuing to improve.

    Wow!!! This is conformation my friend and my heart is beating with excitement about our God and the work He is doing in us and through us. Keep up the great writing Lori!

    Good advice, Lori. I’m thinking of a verse in Proverbs 17:22 a – A merry heart does good, like medicine.
    I’m glad God has a sense of humor. Good devotional. May God continue to bless you.

    Thank you Lori for sharing this totally delightful devotional. I’ve often pictured God with a sense of humor that balances his thundering anger at sin. Thanks for this reminder. I loved the humor in the Job passage. Blessings.

    Thank you Lori,
    For your meaningful devotional.
    As I come out of grieving the loss of my wife, I identify with Job’s questioning of what God was doing in his life.
    I questioned why my wife had to suffer so much in her illness and the hard road of caring for her.
    But God is sovereign! I now have a beautiful woman of God in my life, who will be my wife and work together to minister to others. God is Good!

    I can’t believe it. My first day back on PCC and you’re the devotional writer.
    Our Lord works in strange and marvelous ways and after a very ill spring and early summer I THINK I know how Job might have felt. However, thank my dear Lord and the hands of a young surgeon I had, I am now back on the road to recovery.

    Sweet Lori, sister in Christ.
    Such a interesting story and ‘The Book of Job’ is one that has taught me much & I have used it probably more as one of my witness tools, than others.
    JOB indeed had tests, and I can relate.
    I hate it when FATHER is questioned why did HE allow this or that. FATHER provides for one’s needs and answers prayers.
    I know I am a sinner as all mortals are. I am thankful and can attest that my faith has served me well as it did Job. I have had my share of trials, But, with a big B, FATHER has always delivered me. For me, I am not to concern myself why something happened, but I am to learn from it, record it and call upon my past history to prevent it from happening again, if with in my control to prevent it.
    If you look at life as it is, the smallest piece of sand in the total volume of the sands of earth. Eternity is forever. My mind locks up like a old computer that is over taxed with running programs that needs memory freed up to continue when I try and fathom eternity.
    I know all my questions will be answered when I am called to go home by FATHER. I try and keep a grip and question my thought and actions so to be at the ready when I am called. Rest assured Lori, I fail grandly at being a Christian. but I keep keeping on.
    I know FATHER blesses you with positive thoughts to carry you through your day to provide you the tools to care for your family. I know your hubby is doing well and will do better. I thank FATHER along with you for HIS healing touch and blessings.
    I, as always look forward to your next devotional.
    Texas, USA)

    Another good one Lori.

    AMEN, Lori!
    Thank you for writing to us through PresbyCan Daily.
    You are Blessed and Loved.

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