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Saturday, July 6, 2013
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Acts 18:10 – For I am with you, and no one is going to attack and harm you, because I have many people in this city. (NIV)

While I was growing up in a small town in the western part of Washington State, USA, walking was the rule; there was hardly a time when the car was removed from the garage. Even as a child, I walked on my own with confidence, not afraid of what might be lurking behind the bushes.

Shortly before my daddy passed away, he gave me a wonderful Collie/German Shepherd puppy. Her name was Peggy. Before long, we became inseparable. I always had the scruff of her neck clutched in my hand wherever we walked. Peggy was my faithful companion.

It was a sunny and warm afternoon for a girl and her dog to take a walk. After some distance, a man pulled up beside the sidewalk and asked where a particular street was located. Thinking nothing about his request, I told him how he could find the street. Shortly thereafter, he pulled up again, saying that he still could not find the street and asked me to go with him. I told him "No", and suggested that he go in the direction I had previously suggested or ask someone else.

In my young mind, I thought that that was the end. In no time at all, he was there again, and this time, he did not say a word. He opened his car door and started to get out. He had "kidnap" on his mind. Peggy was very aware and stepped in front of me, bared her teeth, and gave a very deep growl. Clearly, the man did not want to challenge my much-loved Peggy — she would have given her life for me. He got back in his car and left, never to be seen again.

Often, throughout the years, I have thought about this incident. I've come to realize that I had another, more powerful companion that day; even the growl of my faithful canine companion did His bidding. Many times since then, God has rescued me from physical danger. Even more importantly, it was for the purpose of rescuing us from spiritual danger that He sent His Son into the world.

I share this story so that you may believe and be encouraged that Jesus is our guardian and that He is with us wherever we go. I am reminded of these comforting hymn words: "Safe in the arms of Jesus, safe on His gentle breast."

In Matthew 28:20b, Jesus said, "I am with you always, to the very end of the age." (NIV)

Now look at a terrifying situation in your own life. How did our Saviour appear to you in that moment?

Prayer: Heavenly Father, grant us the grace to know that You will always be our guardian and protector. We thank You for Your Son, Jesus Christ, who promised that He would never leave us nor forsake us. Teach us to trust You more each day as we commend our lives into Your loving care. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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Ann McCurdy

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Thanks for your word. God bless you.

    Very encouraging Ann. Thanks for sharing. By the way, I’m your neighbor in the other Carolina state.

    Disaster averted! Wonderful to know we have an awesome protector. Thank you for a loving reminder, Ann. God Bless you.

    Thank you, Ann, for this devotional which is powerful.

    Thank you for sharing what must have been a scary incident. Isn’t it wonderful how God uses even our furry friends to help and protect us? Blessings.

    What a terrifying experience but yes, you had two watching over you. your dog and the Holy Spirit. A good reminder for all of us.
    Blessings, and keep writing.

    Thank God for Jesus – and for Peggy.
    Great heartfelt devotional Ann. Bless you for sharing.

    Ann – as always, your testimony is a blessing to my heart. Thank you for sharing this personal story of God’s presence and divine intervention in your life – may God use it to encourage many.
    Please keep writing!

    Dear Ann – what a beautiful story. I can relate in that I lived in an urban city while in high school. In the evening hours I used to walk down a dimly lit street to attend church which was a few blocks away. I didn’t have a dog, but I sure prayed very hard. Thanks for sharing.

    Hello Ann,
    What a wonderful story to share to remind readers that God is our ever-present, faithful companion throughout our lives. HE is always there to guide and protect us, even tho’ we cannot see him as we can our other companions in life, such as your wonderful dog, Peggy!
    Do continue to write and encourage devotional readers to remember that God IS always with us.

    Thank you for your article.
    Now look at a terrifying situation in your own life. How did our Savior appear to you in that moment?
    The following came to my mind.
    Several years ago we were in a terrible accident. Our travel trailer began to roll and eventually caught fire. We returned home, I by ambulance and husband by helicopter.
    After it finally stopped rolling, it seemed like a group of people were coming out of the “woodwork”. The front and the side of the pickup was surrounded with people.
    I was not upset at all. After the “real help” came the others backed up and the real people tried to get us out. I was telling my son about ALL the people around the pickup but he said NO other people were there!
    I then told him, then those other people, were angels.
    God bless you and have a good day. I really enjoy these articles.
    The verse that guided and helped me was Psalm 25:4-5.

    Hi Ann,
    In answer to your question I can relate a number of incidents the Lord had sent His angel to deliver me from almost certain death.
    The first one, to my recollection, was when I was young and went to the railroad crossing and wanted to ‘go for a ride’ on the large wheels of steam engine. I knew better than to stand on the track because the engine would hit me. So I stood on the edge of the track.
    Suddenly I was grabbed. The next thing I knew, a crowd of people who had been waiting in their cars for the wigwags to stop blinking, were all around me talking all at once.
    Then suddenly, I was grabbed again. This time it was by my mother who had arrived breathlessly on the scene. Where was the stranger who had saved me? She wanted to thank him. No-one in the crowd had seen him. He had simply disappeared. But I had seen him. “Maybe he was an angel,” I said innocently. And maybe he was.

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