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Saturday, June 29, 2013
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He was passionate about his passions, and his dedication resulted in excellence.

Dad was devoted to his favourite hobby: woodworking. He could take a raw piece of wood and turn it into anything he wanted … eventually. Since he was a perfectionist in everything he did, he would never have made a profit selling his wares. Every inch was sanded to perfection, each nail or screw head disguised, every edge flush to point, and each piece varnished to a perfect shine. If there were a flaw, you'd never discover it.

Titus 2:12 – And we are instructed to turn from godless living and sinful pleasures. We should live in this evil world with self-control, right conduct, and devotion to God. (NLT)

Devotion to God may be an obvious part of the Christian walk, but it doesn't automatically occur. Spiritual living must be actively pursued the same way we normally chase other things that hold personal interest. Through the act of repentance, we renounce our sin and evil desires, but success in actually living apart from them takes concentrated effort on our part. Dad studied patterns, learned from others and by experience, and devoted enormous chunks of time to his hobby before he became an expert. I've learned that devotion to God requires the same.

Following Jesus' pattern of living, associating with others who will encourage us, and spending time in God's Word and prayer will sand off any rough spots in our commitment to God. Let God point you to any areas in your life that need a little time and attention so that your devotion level can shine. Famous pastor and theologian, Charles Spurgeon, once said, "So, as we grow in grace, other things sink and Jesus rises. They must decrease, but Christ must increase; until He alone fills the full horizon of your soul."

Prayer: Merciful Lord Jesus, may our devotion to You mirror the dedication You had to us by the giving of Your life for our sins. Amen.

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Martin Wiles <>
Greenwood, South Carolina, USA

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1 Comment

  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    I love the quote you used…true indeed!

    Dear Martin,
    Thanks so much for those challenging words.

    Martin, Thank you for a timely and effective reminder that following Christ takes ongoing practice and commitment.

    Hello Martin, it’s great to have you share again with us. I enjoyed what you shared. I’m sure your enjoying the blessings of God that we have been blessed with as I also am. May God continue to bless you and looking forward to the next time you share.

    Dear Martin,
    That’s a great analogy! Like your dad’s woodworking skills, a careful study of God’s Word can transform our lives to the glory of God!

    Martin, you always seem to put these important principles into words that make them possibilities instead of seeming overwhelming and impossible to attain. What a great teacher and encourager you are. We’re so blessed to have these gold nuggets to cherish and to help us change. Thank you so much. God bless.

    Dear Martin Wiles,
    Such a precious, all-encompassing devotional!
    Thank you for illustrating the detailed effort and dedication that leads to the end expressed in:
    Charles Spurgeon, once said, “So, as we grow in grace, other things sink and Jesus rises. They must decrease, but Christ must increase; until He alone fills the full horizon of your soul.”
    Thank you for the broad principle expressed in the teaching and prayer — to which I also say, “Amen.”
    Keep writing.

    Hi Martin,
    I read the first two paragraphs of your devotional to my wife whose eye grew wider with each syllable I read. “Who wrote that?” she asked “he’s talking about my father!” And so you might well have been because her farther was everything your words described and a craftsman of the finest stamp.
    And it is true, as you say, our Christian lives should be to us as was their craft to them… something to be practiced with the same care and devotion following the patterns and examples and lavishing attention on every detail, as did our Master.

    Hello Martin:
    I’ve just read your beautiful meditation. Thank you for blessing me with it this morning. I needed the reminder that you offer. My father was also a wood worker and carpenter – and, I might add, a perfectionist. He often used to let me do the light sanding on his projects because I am blind and could find any imperfection in the wood that he very rarely missed. Moreover, feeling the grain of the wood becomes more intense as the surface is sanded and polished. Needless to say, I’ve always loved the feel and smell of wood in all of its states.
    Currently, God has blessed me with a new man in my life after many years. He is a man of God and, co-incidentally, an accomplished carpenter. I’m looking forward to my walk with this man and, by way of this new connection, a much closer relationship with Our Saviour.
    My heart is full of joy this morning and I felt the need to share it with some one.
    Thank you.
    God bless.

    Indeed Martin,
    “Where could I go but to The Lord?”

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