Grace Needed, Not Patience!

Monday, September 10, 2012
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1 Thessalonians 5:14b – Be patient with everyone. (NIV)

Yesterday, I waited patiently for my husband to call me and say that he was ready to be picked up. Actually, I should correct that — and say that I waited impatiently!

I took him to hospital as he was suffering yet another bout of cellulitis. He is lately getting this condition every six to eight weeks. It is very painful, and when the attack is severe, he needs intravenous antibiotics to stop the spread of infection. He has been told there is no cure, so it is imperative to catch the infection in the early stages.

A sinful spirit can also cause much suffering. Often we, ourselves, are the victim, but many times, it is our loved ones, as they wait for our condition to change, or at least improve.

God's spiritual infilling is the fastest treatment. Just as intravenous antibiotics work thoroughly for our physical being, the Holy Spirit infiltrates our entire spiritual being, healing as He travels through us.

Treatment with antibiotics is awesome in the speed with which it aids recovery from physical illness, but it is still necessary, in each instance, to carefully monitor the condition and watch for a re-occurrence. Fortunately, no hospital visit is necessary for the spiritual method of treatment — all it takes is admitting that we are guilty of wrongdoing and asking God for forgiveness. Then, of course, we need to follow His directions carefully to maintain our recovery and avoid reinfection. The Bible is specific and easy to understand, and the results of following the advice can be miraculous and long-lasting if we stick to the rules. The Bible guides us through the necessary steps: how to live and treat others, how to behave, and how to love and receive love.

Returning to yesterday, of course, my husband did call — after enduring seven hours of waiting and testing and treatment. We praised and thanked God that it was cellulitis and nothing more. Secretly, I praised God for giving me wisdom to wait more gracefully than when I had begun my wait.

Thankfully, I even realized that I was glad that I was the one receiving spiritual treatment in my waiting and not the one needing the physical treatment — grace indeed!

Prayer: Father, You provide us with much-needed recovery, when we earnestly ask for healing and change in our lives. Grant us grace and wisdom as we strive to improve our hearts, minds, and spirits. Amen.

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