The Poison Of Dishonesty

Saturday, June 23, 2012
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Proverbs 20:10 – False weights and unequal measures — the Lord detests double standards of every kind. (NLT)

The weather was hot, I was broke, and the kids wanted a swimming pool. What's a body to do? The next best thing. Instead of installing an underground or above-ground pool, I visited WalMart for an inexpensive plastic model. I selected the prettiest one (in reality, they all looked the same), paid the cashier, and headed home for the accolades my children would surely lavish on me.

After arriving home and unpacking my treasure, I discovered that I had inadvertently picked up two pools. The kids should love this — one pool for each. Only one problem: I had paid for only one. What should I do? No one except the family would know. The kids were small and wouldn't remember this episode. For all they know, I bought them two. Look at the excitement in their eyes. Their own private pool. No sharing.

Then my conscience kicked into high gear. I wondered why God had created such a mechanism. After all, I was doing something wonderful. Couldn't He overlook this one little honest mistake? I didn't do it intentionally. Don't the ends sometimes justify the means? But my conscience reminded me that "Honesty is still the best policy." I returned the pool and didn't even receive a thank-you. But I felt good. I did the right thing.

Dishonest scales belong to dishonest merchants and are used to cheat those purchasing items from them. Weighted scales increase the profit margin.

Dishonesty is never just outward. It infects to the core, making us untrustworthy and ruining our testimony. Even a small amount of the dishonesty poison can damage our spiritual life. When honesty is the norm, our word or handshake is sufficient.

Prayer: God, help us to demonstrate honesty in all our relationships and business endeavours. Amen.

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