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Proverbs 31:28 – Her children stand and bless her. Her husband praises her. (NLT)

It was Christmas, and the family was gathering at mom's house. My younger brother and his children were visiting from Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA, and my wife and I were driving from the lower part of the state. With only two bedrooms, I wondered about sleeping arrangements. When I asked, mom said my brother would be sleeping in her bedroom, and we would sleep in the spare. I asked where she planned to sleep but received no answer.

We all arrived and took our designated places. Still no idea where mom would sleep. It was late when we arrived, and after unpacking, we retired to our designated spots. During the middle of the night, I made a visit to the bathroom and decided that I would check to see where mom was. I found her nestled quietly on the couch. That's what moms do.

As she approaches seventy, the telltale signs of age are beginning to show: repeating herself, slower movements, decreased energy level, and the ever-spreading gray hair. Life without her spouse continues to inflict emotional pain.

In today's Scripture, King Lemuel maintains that the children of a mother with noble character will praise her. Her husband will also. My father did this. Mom catered to his every need, and he adored her. She faithfully stood by his side as he served God's people. Even though we three boys laughingly tease her about her persnickety ways, we would not trade her, nor do we ever wish she were different than she is. She has and does fulfill all the traits of a noble mother.

Soon, we will visit her only as we do my father: in scrapbooks, by looking at a tombstone, or in our memory. So we relish her company now and are thankful for our godly mother.

Prayer: Thank You, Lord, for godly parents and others who have influenced our lives. Amen.

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