Wednesday, April 18, 2012
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Several times a day, I reach for a pair of reading glasses. I keep five pairs handy in different places where I am likely to want to thread a needle or read fine print. The lenses in my reading glasses bring small objects and fine print into focus. Corrective lenses of any kind are a blessing.

One day, while I was reading the first chapter of Romans, a sentence seemed to jump off the page as a helpful lens to bring life into focus:

Romans 1:21a – Because when they knew and recognized Him as God, they did not honour and glorify Him as God or give Him thanks. (AMP)

That sentence is part of a seventeen-verse passage beginning with verse 16 where Paul explains the gospel results of God's power working unto salvation in faithful, righteous believers. Also in the passage, Paul states the results of unbelief.

The phrase that jumped out at me was to "honour and glorify Him as God or give Him thanks". When I use that like a lens to examine a question-provoking event in life, I can quickly see what I want to do about it.

If I see evidence of glory and honour for God and thanksgiving, I ask the Lord to strengthen the people in their faith. Where I may, I encourage worship and thanksgiving for God with personal action or communication.

If I see the results of ignorance of the gospel as described by Paul in Romans' first chapter, I know to ask for God's blessing and make intercessory prayer about the situation.

Also, I have come to connect the action of using reading glasses with my desire to honour, glorify, and thank God. The process of looking for, finding, and putting on glasses has become a precious time of worship that happens several times in a day. Often my reading glasses help me to examine Scriptures — another opportunity for praise and thanksgiving!

If this devotional has caused you to consider such mundane behaviour as peering through eye glasses or the use of your vision as a possible reminder to give glory and thanksgiving to God, I have succeeded in encouraging you in faith. Thanks! If you have increased in alertness to what the gospel does for you and what it could do for others, I am also appreciative.

Prayer: Father, Abba-daddy in heaven! Thanks! Your merciful love provided in Christ has restored us to fellowship with You! In the name of Jesus, we ask that may we "see", honour, and glorify You and give You thanks. Help us to do Your will. May we become lenses that focus Your love and make it plain to all who need You. Amen.

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