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Mark 15:15b – After having Jesus beaten with whips, [Pilate] handed Jesus over to the soldiers to be crucified. (NCV)

In my mind and heart, I walked today where Jesus walked. He was moving up the crowded Via Dolorosa, the traditional route to Golgotha, with a heavy cross upon His back. He heard voices exclaim as He passed by, "What is happening? We don't understand. Isn't He the man who healed our sick?" Jesus felt eyes watching in disbelief, hearts breaking with every step He took, yet He determined to continue His march.

Others standing by were indifferent to the Man, ignoring His pain and turning their backs, stopping up the ears of their hearts.

I walked today where Jesus walked, feeling the pain in His body and His heart. I cried out to God, "Father, deliver Him!" I cannot fathom God's love or understand how He bore the pain, giving His life so that I could live.

Then I seemed to see what He saw, and my heart was stilled; my breath caught in my chest. As Jesus approached the hill, instead of seeing it as a place where He would die, He saw the faces of God's children, who would become His Bride, the Church. He did not see the suffering, but the joy of redemption for His people. I dropped to my knees.

I saw Jesus, His body torn and bleeding, hanging on the ugly cross which represents our sin, and He was asking God to forgive those who had put Him there. Then the cross faded out to be replaced by a "city on a hill", His Church. Through my tears, I saw people from all races and nations raising their hands and voices in praise and thanksgiving for His sacrifice on our behalf. I understood the victory over sin and death that happened on the cross. I am thankful beyond words!

I walked today where Jesus walked, rejoicing in His love, feeling His love for me, ready to tell others His story.

Isaiah 62:4b – You will be called the People God Loves, and your land will be called the Bride of God, because the Lord loves you. And your land will belong to him as a bride belongs to her husband. (NCV)

Prayer: Father in heaven, thank You, thank You, thank You! In Your holy name, we pray. Amen!

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