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Sunday, February 5, 2012
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Psalm 32:1 – Happy are those whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. (NRSV)

John 16:24 – Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be complete. (NRSV)

My walks take me by a skating rink, and I enjoy watching the young and old pleasure skating to music that swells from speakers.

A young one who barely walks is in good form with small skates and loving hands holding the toddler up: first steps taken on skates. Another child has fallen, and is crying for the failure. Hands reach to help, to pick up the fallen. Some one more experienced is sliding gracefully on the ice.

Grandparents on skates are holding a grandchild by hand on his first skates — a picture of beginnings and learning and skills.

I think how becoming a Christian might be like that, getting on spiritual skates to take off in a new direction to journey the road of faith.

Just learning to trust Jesus, we will likely fall. It's all part of becoming experienced. We might get up again and laugh at ourselves when we get it wrong. Or we might give up. We might not persevere.

But God perseveres. Once He has gotten us on the skates of faith, He will lift us up. He will support and guard us. When we fall on our spiritual skates, Jesus is ready and willing to help us up again. He will take us to the next step and lead us on to take the next leap in faith. We might circle around getting nowhere on our own, but He motivates us to try again.

Jesus is before us — we are not getting into anything that He has not already seen. Jesus says, "Follow me!"

With new skates on our feet, we should be anxious to go where Jesus wants us to go. His invitation has something deeply encouraging and purposeful. We will trust and obey! We will follow!

For each follower, Jesus has a plan for how to skate through the days. Each one is a part of His body — a foot or a hand to Him. Each one is fitted with a gift like no other. Each one is a unique tool in His hand. Even a small effort becomes huge when Jesus is in our heart.

"Jesus first" is our team song! Everything else will follow suit. Our family will follow if lost; our friends and neighbours will follow. Our prayers are asking God to make our lives count for His glory.

    Though darker, rougher, grows the way,
    And cares press harder day by day,
    With patience in His love I'll rest,
    And whisper that He knoweth best.
      – Pentecost

Prayer: Jesus! Thank You for our fellow believers who are in the arena of faith, the rink of believers far and wide with Your guidance, following You, trusting You, praising You, living and dying for You! We shall meet some day in the highest heaven. What a day that will be when we see You and each other face to face! Thank You, Jesus! Till then, our joy is full. Amen!

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