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Say To This Mountain

February 28, 2011

Most of us can recall a time when we passed by a school that we attended earlier in life or a house that used to be our home, but is no longer. I have come to think of some of … (read more)

Giants Or Grasshoppers?

February 27, 2011

As our reconciled family was moving on in the knowledge and love of our Lord, we found ourselves failing to maintain godly peace in our home, which resulted in devastating, ugly, harmful, warring disharmony. Mercifully, God's all-powerful revelation truth did … (read more)

Relationship With Our Father

February 26, 2011

We are creatures of habit. We get up at the same time every day. We go through the routine of washing, brushing our teeth, getting dressed, eating breakfast. We go to work at the same time, come home for supper … (read more)

Reading The Riot Act

February 25, 2011

The Riot Act was passed in England in 1715, to be read to mobs to encourage them to disperse. Since then, the saying "reading the Riot Act" has come to mean "to command to stop doing something regarded as wrong … (read more)

Alaskan Hummingbirds

February 24, 2011

I recently watched an amazing wildlife video on the Internet. A man was feeding hummingbirds from his hand in Alaska. Now, first of all, I didn't realize that hummingbirds went to Alaska. I thought it would be too far north … (read more)

Go Ahead, Dad

February 23, 2011

Winter had already come to the mountains of South Carolina. What we didn't know would hurt us. My brother, son, daughter, and I planned an overnight camping excursion near Oconee State Park. As we turned onto the partially paved road, … (read more)


February 22, 2011

Woke up this morning — the sun is shining … the sky is blue with puffy white clouds … nice temperature … the soybeans and corn are growing … the flowers are blooming. Rejoice! Woke up this morning — the … (read more)

Children In the Marketplace

February 21, 2011

During my mother's illness in the months preceding her death, we spent many enjoyable occasions playing her favourite board game, Parcheesi. I was amazed that she still had the spunk to play, and more often than not, she even managed … (read more)

Relational Faith

February 20, 2011

What kind of faith do you have? Is it personal, kept to yourself as private, or is it relational, shared with others? This is a very good question, for therein lies a great burden on my heart. As we keep … (read more)

Stand Here Awhile

February 19, 2011

In 1989, we began building our dream home on our six-acre property. At the lock-up stage of construction, unusually heavy rains caused a massive landslide below our house that left it standing a few feet from the edge of a … (read more)

After The Get Up

February 18, 2011

When Ron broke a bone in his back, he couldn't manage the stairs. In fact, even the couch offered no comfort, so he spent his days on a borrowed sponge mat on our living room floor. Thankfully, surgery brought both … (read more)

The Blind Man

February 17, 2011

Once I worked in a technical school where there was a vocational rehabilitation refreshment stand operated to provide jobs for the blind and handicapped. The man who operated the cash register was legally blind, but had enough vision to operate … (read more)

Prayer Power

February 16, 2011

My family lives about two hours from our city, and I take the back roads through small towns when I go to visit them. The scenery is beautiful, and this route keeps me off the six-lane freeways. One night, however, … (read more)

Always Be Ready

February 15, 2011

Not again! How many times is this going to happen? I asked myself as I discovered my empty lunch plate. Kate, our Labrador retriever, had made the most of her opportunity once again. No amount of scolding or discipline was … (read more)

The Invisible Lover

February 14, 2011

Have you ever fallen in love with a person you have never seen? I had this wonderful experience with a man who was in the Navy during World War II. A friend connected us when he entered the Bible School … (read more)

Storm Unseen

February 13, 2011

After two weeks in Florida, USA, away from the winter, with our only concern being how we were going to spend our sunny days, it was time to think about the journey home. Knowing that the drive would take us … (read more)

God's Watchful Eye

February 12, 2011

During worship on Sundays, Zo

As Many As The Shells On A Beach

February 11, 2011

Throughout my forty-six years in Australia, I have continuously frequented the various parts of the ninety-mile beach along our Victorian coastline. The gold and cream-to-white sand, the blue-green sea with its fragrant foamy spray, the breezes and winds are to … (read more)


February 10, 2011

One summer, I decided that I would read through the book of Romans. I'm a detailed, orderly, organized person, so I thought that if I could read two chapters a day, that would take eight days to complete. That would … (read more)

The Touch Of The Master's Hand

February 9, 2011

Early in January, we were blessed by an uplifting and marvellous devotional describing how a plain and ordinary painting the writer was working on soon became so much more vivid and beautiful when touched by the professional hand … (read more)

Answering The Cry

February 8, 2011

It was Tuesday night. My wife and I were eating at a local fast-food restaurant. I noticed him when we first entered. He seemed to meander around in no particular direction. Later, I noticed him at a nearby booth choking … (read more)

When The Tree Is Green

February 7, 2011

During the spring, summer, and fall seasons, I love to sit on the back patio and enjoy the beautiful landscape my husband has designed in our yard. Beside the evergreens, the fig tree is one of my favourites, especially for … (read more)


February 6, 2011

When Peyton Manning first won the Super Bowl in 2007 for the Indianapolis Colts, he proved all of his critics wrong. Over the years, Peyton had taken a pounding from sports commentators because they believed that he couldn't make a … (read more)

The Magnificent Mystery

February 5, 2011

Having grown up in Bermuda, I delighted daily in watching the clouds dance in the sunshine and the stars gaze down upon us in the cool of a summer evening. You can tell I am missing those evenings, dwelling here … (read more)

The Break

February 4, 2011

It was a Wednesday evening, and I had just returned home from my friend's house. It was almost eleven o'clock, so I decided to turn the television on to watch the evening news. My mother, who lives downstairs, had just … (read more)

Diabetes And Me

February 3, 2011

When my husband Ron developed diabetes, I knew he would be in for some lifestyle changes, but I didn't realize just how much his disease would affect me. All of a sudden, the Dairy Queen was no longer our best … (read more)

Spiritual Dysfunction

February 2, 2011

I had a problem with my ice maker. The repairman responded quickly to my call. He performed the procedure that he thought necessary to get the water flowing. It did not work. He came again and decided my icemaker needed … (read more)

A Life Of Service

February 1, 2011

It's been a year since the earthquake in Haiti, taking with it all the sub-standard concrete buildings that litter Port-au-Prince, and taking with it over 316,000 Haitian lives. A month after the earthquake, a small number from our church arrived … (read more)


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