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Isaiah 30:15b – In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength. (KJV)

When I lay abed this morning thinking, this particular Scripture came to mind. It has been a favourite of mine, but I haven't thought about it for a while.

Anxiety has been a challenge in members of my family for at least three generations of which I am aware. I remember my mother saying such things as, "I'm worried about Gordon." I remember seeing worried expressions on her face.

I, too, took up the mantle of worry and anxiety as I became an adult. While I cannot say that I have completely overcome the habit, I have learned some ways of coping and reducing its impact on my life.

When we are anxious about things, our mind is not quiet. There is a kind of hubbub going on in our thinking. Worry stirs up and activates our thoughts and emotions in a fashion that causes us inner hurt. We may find it hard to let go of whatever has captured our attention at this particular time.

Today's Scripture from Isaiah reminds us to be quiet in our thoughts — to let quietness and confidence reign and hold sway over the turmoil and agitation that worry promotes.

As we quietly repeat the verse, over and over, quietness can begin to calm our inner turmoil. In the quietness of mind, confidence in God (and in others, too) can take hold and worry is calmed. God will help us through whatever the day holds. God will give strength and power to deal with the matters at hand.

May God bless each of us today with increasing calmness of spirit. May our trust in God hold us fast and give us strength to do those things we need to do in the coming hours, for, as God says, "in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength."

Prayer: God of grace, thank You that Your Holy Spirit is always present with each of us, ready to reassure us of Your love and help. Open our understanding and our hearts today to receive the blessing of the serenity and strength You offer in our times of need. Amen.

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